Wild Rose

Charlotte was abondoned by her mother when she started showing abnormal behavior at the age of three. The reason being: She's a shinigami.

Authors note: I recommend that you watch/Read the kuroshitsuji series (more commonly known as Black Butler) If you don't, I don't think you will understand much of this, as it is a fanfic after all. And for future reference, Shinigami means reaper (grim reaper) in japanese. I am using this term because it corresponds with the actual anime/manga. Oh, and Anime is the stuff you watch, Manga is the comic version.


6. Damn him

Charlotte's POV.


I pushed the person who was kissing me backwards. I glared at the person that faced me, a smirk on their face.

"Damn you Sebastian." I hissed, as Ciel and Finny looked with surprise at the butler. Grell ran out with an angered expression on his face.

"How dare you!" He yelled at Sebastian, and slapped him. "How dare you touch my daughter!"

"Daughter?" Finnian asked, as he stood behind me.

"Adopted." I said with a hint of finality in my voice, and Finny understood immediately. I watched Sebastian slap Grell back. Grell punched him, and Finny, Ciel, Madame Red (She had come out by then) and I watched Sebastian and Grell fight. I saw Grell grit his teeth. I knew he was trying to hold back from using his scythe, and it had lessened his ability in close combat. I was having a hard time myself restraining my weapon as I watched Sebastian punch Grell, for the fourth time in a row. Instead of a bow, I summoned my needle and while finny wasn't watching I threw it with deadly accuracy at the butlers neck. He clutched his neck and gasped in pain as I willed the needle to be poison tipped. I smirked when Grell took the opportunity to puch the demon in the face.

"ENOUGH!" I heard Ciel Shout, and both butlers stopped fighting immediatly, Sebastian, forced to act human, was still clutching his neck, faking pain. Finny - for the first time in his life - was glaring at Sebastian. "Sebastain! I order you to apologize to Charlotte, then continue with your work." Ciel ordered sebastian.

"I'm sorry miss Charlotte, that was very innapropriate of me." He briskly bowed then hurried towards the mansion, a look of annoyance on his face.

"Grell, can I talk to you for a minute?" I whispered to the shinigami, and walked away from the group. I told him to sit down and inspected his face, which had a few cuts and bruises on it. "You can't be hurt tonight, you're going to a ball with Madame Red tonight remember?" I whispered to him, and I looked over to the main group. Finny was staring and I smiled at him, reassured, he turned back to gardening. I towed Grell back towards the house and asked Ciel if we could borrow a room.

"Don't worry, I'm only going to clean him up a bit!" I laughed as Ciel turned pale.

"Oh, alright then!" He said as he blushed embarrassed. I towed Grell towards a spare room, and grabbed a cloth and started wiping away blood from his hairline. I took his wig off, and his long red hair fell out. I looked into his hair, examining his head for the cut from where the blood was coming from. I saw it and started to clean it istantly. I felt Grell wince as the cloth touched the cut. I finished cleaning it and gave him a hug. He may have been my adoptive father, but he was one of my best friends, and i hated it when a frriend got hurt.

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