Wild Rose

Charlotte was abondoned by her mother when she started showing abnormal behavior at the age of three. The reason being: She's a shinigami.

Authors note: I recommend that you watch/Read the kuroshitsuji series (more commonly known as Black Butler) If you don't, I don't think you will understand much of this, as it is a fanfic after all. And for future reference, Shinigami means reaper (grim reaper) in japanese. I am using this term because it corresponds with the actual anime/manga. Oh, and Anime is the stuff you watch, Manga is the comic version.


5. Crushed

Charlotte's POV


"Don't worry about him, he's okay." Ciel stated behind me as I ran down the stairs. I stooped, ran up and looked out the window, Finny was still unconsious.

"No he's not!" I said as I bolted down the stairs.

"CHARLOTTE!!" I stopped as Ciel shouted at me. "HE IS JUST A SERVANT!!!" I felt my anger rise as I turned around.

"HE IS NOT 'JUST A SERVANT' HE IS MY BEST FRIEND!! DON"T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!" I screamed at him, then resuming my run. As I got outside I ran up to his unconsious form

"Finny, please wake up!" I said, shaking him. I looked over at the flower I had fixed years ago. It was undamaged. When I had put the soul in, I had actually just linked the flower's dying plant soul with Finny's healthy soul. It was my way of establishing he was well. I put my head on his chest and started to cry. I felt his hand reach up to rest on my back. I looked up towards his face. He was smiling. I kept crying in shock.

"Well... I guess you do feel the same way?" He said to me, weakly.

"I guess I do too." I replied smiling as he sat up. He looked at the flower that I had been inspecting before. 

"There's something weird about that flower, it never died." he whispered to me as I hugged him.

"Maybe it's still alive because you want it to be?" I inquired. He looked down at me, smiling. He picked me up and held me in the air like I was a kid. "Finny!" I squealed, making us both laugh. My best friend. But more than that.. The person I loved the most.

"Finnian. Let go of her at once." I heard a stern voice behind us. It was Ciel of course. Finny put me down and I turned around glaring at Ciel. I watch him walk up to me, then he raised his hand as if he was going to slap me.

"Do it then, earl. Why don't you stoop so low as to slap me?" I provoked him angrily. 'Of course, you wouldn't want that happening in front of anybody else would you?" I stated and walked away. Only to be grabbed back forcefully and kissed by...




Hello ;) i decided to leave it on a cliff hanger! Guess who it is? Won't be anyone you expect it to be!

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