Wild Rose

Charlotte was abondoned by her mother when she started showing abnormal behavior at the age of three. The reason being: She's a shinigami.

Authors note: I recommend that you watch/Read the kuroshitsuji series (more commonly known as Black Butler) If you don't, I don't think you will understand much of this, as it is a fanfic after all. And for future reference, Shinigami means reaper (grim reaper) in japanese. I am using this term because it corresponds with the actual anime/manga. Oh, and Anime is the stuff you watch, Manga is the comic version.


3. Another Round

Ciel's POV


As the book fluttered out of Charlotte's hands, she just stood there dazed I picked up the book and looked at the page. I wasn't surprised that she was part of the Greene family, as I knew they had abandoned their only daughter years ago, but I was at the little note that had resided in it's pages.

"Sebastian, I want you to see if you can find the locations of all the girls on this list besides Lizzie and Charlotte." I told Sebastian as I walked out the room, beckoning for Charlotte to follow, which she did.

"I'm sorry." she said hastily as I told her to sit down.

"What for? You didn't do anything wrong." I pointed out to her as I sat down myself. "Listen, I know what you really are, as Sebastian told me, so please, tell me the real reson your mother abandoned you, and not just that she was tired of your presence."

"Well, every shinigami has it's own weapon of choice, size and shape. The most commonly seen are Scythes, as most shinigami don't bother to change it -unlike one shinigami I know- a future looking model may cause harm to the regular citizens of the world. In most cases, shinigami are born to shinigami, and humans to humans. But occaisionally, shinigami birth humans, and humans birth shinigami. but that only ever happens rarely. Shingami usually stop aging physically at the age of twenty five, but some still contine developing so they look older than that, around the age of twenty-seven to twenty-nine. Right now i'm thirteen, but I am fairly advanced for someone my age. I know how the cinematic record works, how to test whether somebody deserves to die or not, or the worst one, reaping the souls on the to-die list. I am also mentally enhanced, but I save the powers I do have for when i'm in a tough situation. Basically, my mental powers started showing at the age of three, my parents were frightened of it, and dumped me on the streets to die. By then my weapon of choice had already shown up. As did a letter saying I was requested in the shinigami world. Did I also tell you that shingami aren't really ever helpless? We're smarter than most humans, and by the age of nine we usually have already started full time jobs. You're never really a kid when you're a shinigami. The same applies to me, even though I was raised in the human world. My weapon of choice was a bow and arrow, the arrow able to go through anything. Just like all the other weapons." She explained it all to me, and I watched as she summoned her bow and arrow. She let me hold it for a while. but then took it back. I watched it transform into a needle, and my eyes widened.

"I thought you said it was a bow?" I asked her, curious. "Why did it turn into a needle?"

"Because I can wield a changer. In short, I can turn my weapon into anything I like. But I prefer to use a bow and arrow, as I'm not that good with close combat." she explained bored. "would you like to se my cinematic record?" she asked me.

"Why not?" I stated blandly. She muttered something under her breath, something regarding Grell, but then she pricked her finger with the needle, wincing as it peirced her skin. A film slowly rose from the wound. and started playing.

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