My life would suck without you

18 year old Kenzie Ross is the daughter of One Direction manager Carl Ross he keeps Kenzie from see in the boys because she is a huge fan and she would freak out if she meet them but one day her life changes her dad finally agrees to let he meet them.


1. The Big Arguement

"Kenzie that is enough you are not seeing the boys. That Was the awnser I always got I just wish my dad would understand me and pay attention to me but ever since those boys came in his life he's been so mean I just dont understand I'm his daughter and he acts like I'm a little girl that's gets in the way of everything.

"Dad" I screamd"

What is it now Kenzie if its about the boys then were not going to talk about it"

Dad I feel like you don't love me and you just love the boys"

Well Kenzie I think that you should stop talking about the boys they don't even know who you are they have no interest in you so stop talking and get out of my office!
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