*By Caroline*
So i'm obsessed with The Walking Dead so yeah.

You know that moment when you lost hope, don't know what to do, everything is gone, and you're alone in a cruel world with no one left? That's how it is now. All I have is him they all leave us, it wasn't there fault but it happened so quickly. It all just went by. The army died out one by one, the survivors are alone. But I have hope in a place that may have a cure I know they can't leave us or we will just have to start over and kill every one of them to live again in the dead earth.


2. Taken Away

-Jade's POV-

I woke up and started down stairs. I've realized how things can change so fast. I can take one wrong move and i'm screwed. This life is going to be hard. When I got downstairs my parents were up and so was Harry. "Good morning." Harry smiled, he's so cheeky, it's cute though. "Morning" I smiled back. "So any news?" I asked my parents. "Well everybody is going to Miami, but you watched that show everybody is going to go there and end up like ...dead." Mom told me, I laughed. She knows me well. 

Soon everybody was up. "So everybody gets two eggs okay?" My dad said, keeping it safe. "Yes sir." Every one said. We all ate and had our little conversations. I looked out the window, it was true everybody was leaving. "Turn on the news." I said. Liam grabbed the remote and changed it to channel 30.

"This is it everybody is going to a certain city in each state for more safety, there are gunners, food, shelter. I better get myself down there." The lady on T.V. said. "ha that's goinng to last long, we're the smart ones."Niall said. "Look there's a zombie behind her." Louis laughed almost. "Louis that's not funny." Jessie said. "Well I guess somebody heard it since she just stabbed it with a knife." I said. "Yeahh so a lot of people are going to die fast..." Liam said slowly. We all were silent. 

"So we have to get some things from a store we'll be back." My parents said. "Take a gun and be very careful." I really don't want to loose them. 

Once they left I figured they'd be gone long. "So what should we all do?" "I don't know there really isn't anything to do." Zayn said. "We could play a game." Niall said. "Or tell secrets, since we may die tomorrow or who knows today." Harry said.... weird. "Wow someones

excited" Louis said. We actually all agreed on that but in a game form, like 20 questions. 

"Okay Zayn go first." Jessie said. "Liam do you still like Jade." He smiled evilly oh yaye. Liam just smiled. "Aw he does, doesn't he." Niall said. "OK guys." Liam said. We laughed. "Okay give Jessie one." Zayn said  "Okay so in this room if you had to who would you date?" Louis said, this isn't much of a truth thing anymore. "Really that question, fine uh Lou I would date you." Louis blushed, things be going on. "AW, sorry." I see where this is going, I think.

"What about you Harry?" "Oh I would choose Jade." "Ohhh snapp." Niall said. I blushed knowing two boys here, I think, like me. 

We all went around and around doing the most stupid things. Talking about everything from little bugs to the boys giant farts.

I finally heard a car pull up. "I tried sweetie I really did." My dad was crying, right then I knew my mom was taken. I started bawling. "How?" I cry out. "I was on one isle and she was on another and next thing i know is i only hear screaming. I tried to save her. she's just gone." He was crying. I was too. Everybody grabbed me, hugging me, knowing how much my mom meant to me, I couldn't handle it.

I just went up to my room and locked the door and just sat down to think. Everything can flash right before your eyes. You never know when you can loose your best thing in life, at that moment.

Soon it was dark and I let everybody in to sleep. It was a depressing evening. Once I was asleep I felt away, nothing was happening, everything was normal and life was precious. Not any more.




-Hay hay couldn't make this long i promise i'll make it better next time i just had history fair crap so...hope you like it byeebye (:   -  

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