*By Caroline*
So i'm obsessed with The Walking Dead so yeah.

You know that moment when you lost hope, don't know what to do, everything is gone, and you're alone in a cruel world with no one left? That's how it is now. All I have is him they all leave us, it wasn't there fault but it happened so quickly. It all just went by. The army died out one by one, the survivors are alone. But I have hope in a place that may have a cure I know they can't leave us or we will just have to start over and kill every one of them to live again in the dead earth.



Okayy well im sorry but i thought this would be easier to write one fanfic one day and switched but i cant so im pausing this one until i finish the other soo its just all my school work last week was crowded i had a d in two classes...one was almost a f so i had to bring it up..and now to make it worse my cutter teacher isnt coming back and she is nice. she got fired and our sub sucks. to make it worse my favorite teacher got arrested too because he had a handgun and drugs. If you want to read about go to jacksonville.com and his name is mr.richburg...ms.raver the other teacher that got arrested is also on there.

but yeah soooo i will post when i finish the other fanfic kk :( buttt at least im not stopping it forevr (: byebyebyebye noww ......read Clue since this one is done for now 

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