*By Caroline*
So i'm obsessed with The Walking Dead so yeah.

You know that moment when you lost hope, don't know what to do, everything is gone, and you're alone in a cruel world with no one left? That's how it is now. All I have is him they all leave us, it wasn't there fault but it happened so quickly. It all just went by. The army died out one by one, the survivors are alone. But I have hope in a place that may have a cure I know they can't leave us or we will just have to start over and kill every one of them to live again in the dead earth.


1. It starts out

-So this is my second fanfic yaye hope whoever sees this read Clue too (:  but I just haven't made my cover hopefully i'll get it done tonight.-



-Jades POV-

Sirens everywhere I didn't know what was happening when I woke up. I ran downstairs, "Mom, dad what's happening?" "Oh it's just this terrible flu." My dad said. "Oh I thought we were getting attacked." "No, no sweetie. Now get ready for school."  My mom told me. I started to walk back up stairs letting my light brown wavy hair bounce with my footsteps. I put on my pink shirt and mint pants and grabbed my vans. 'Looks fine, I guess.' I said to myself while looking at my hair. 

"K, bye love you guys." I went up and kissed my parents cheeks. Ya i'm not so normal I don't eat breakfast on school days. I walk to school since mine is around the block. I have my little groupie and my boyfriend? Don't have one. Liam Payne from One Direction broke up with me two months ago, I still love him though. The worst thing is, is that he's in my group. 

I started my way into the cafeteria. "Um where is everybody?" I ask Liam since he's the only other person he with his buds. "Uh I guess they have that flu thing." He patted the seat next to him. I awkwardly sat next to him, I immediately got chills. "So how long is this flu going to last."I started off stupidly. "I don't know, I just don't want it." We had a little laugh. 

The sirens went off again. "Every body in the school please exit the buildings." The intercom said. "oh my god what is happening." I screeched. "Now i'm getting scared." Liam grabs my hand. Perfect. "C'mon guys let's get out." Niall said.

"Where do we go?" I  ask. "What if it's not safe and we should just stay together." I don't want to walk home alone who knows what's happening. "Yeah good idea." Zayn said. "Everybody is leaving." Louis said. "I'm not liking this, ok we need to stay together, promise." Harry said, thank god he did. "Promise." We all said. Me and the boys stopped by my best friends Jessie's house. She was there, yes. 

"So what are we doing?" Jessie asks. "Were going to Jade's house." Liam told her. "Okay okay." I walk up to my house and walk inside, "Mom, dad!" "Yes honey." I heard them. They run downstairs. 'What's happening?" We all ask. "This flu has already killed people it only got to one person and, the thing is, she came back killed the nurse. Two hours later the nurse came back." My dad said. What is this a joke? This isn't real ... A Zombie Apocalypse is happening. "Oh my god." Liam said. "We have to get a lot of gas things are gunna happen." My mom said, yeah I don't have my drivers license so what. 

Liam, Zayn and I go get as many cans as we can. and fill them up at a gas station. People are staying inside until something happens. While now er go to an abandon store get as many guns and amo as we can, watching 3 seasons of the walking dead helps. 

I start to drive back home, get more gas and more and more then put it in the back. We head home and empty all our things. Now Harry, Jessie, and Niall are going to get wood and tons of food, plus two more cars, with more gas. Yup we're loaded.

This all I hope will help us out I don't want to die I Love how it is now, well before. 

-Liam's POV- 

Now that this is all real, I can't let her go I don't even know what I was thinking when I broke up with her. I'm to babyish not to tell anyone. I'll protect her and everyone here. I may love my parents but they're strong they'll find a way here. 

If this world gets totally filled with zombies, they'll either just all get killed, or we'll find a cure. I know we will survive, I have a vibe.

-Jade's POV-

Liam is so handsome I can't help starring. We finally get all the gas and guns inside. Then our next little group come by with a R.V. and another van, we already have a jeep and B.M.W. "Niall you brought the whole store." Piles of food fell out of all the cars. "Hey were gonna need it." "Yeah and we can't eat a lot we have to savior it." Louis said.

We all started hammering doors with blocks of wood covering windows inside and out. This house won't back down. The good thing is, is that we have a silent generator, just incase all the power goes out. 

"First day and we have a good amount of stuff." Zayn says. "Yeahh, so my parents are going to sleep down here with a mattress so they can keep watch. If you want we can shove more mattresses in my room so we'll be close if anything happens." I suggest, please say yes. "That's a good idea, this is all freaky." Liam says. Everyone agrees, yaye. 

We head back upstairs and fix everything. We're all in our places and I fall asleep thinking how this is good and bad.



-So first chapter yaye (: I'll post another chapter Wednesday. Tomorrow i'll post more on clue I hope yall like it :) I spend a long time on these and I have a exam tomorrow..... yeah aha well byebye c:   -


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