annie's terrible life

Annie has had a bad life since she was 6. Her dad started getting drunk all the time and hurting people. She is now 12 and her dad hurt her with a knife putting it on her elbow and killing her mother. she escapes her old town starting a new life some were different all on her own. What will happen?


3. the hospital

"Wake up wake up," the nurse said as she shook me.

I woke up stretching my arms touching what was next to me. I saw the nurse in front of me.

"Oh your awake. You have been in a coma two hours. We have the test results back. You were stabbed in the arm but you fainted because you had low sugar levels from your diabetes. You can leave when your sugar levels are back to normal and we have patched up your arm. I'll get you a chocolate bar and a drink. I'll be back in a minute," said the nurse.

I looked to see if my mum was next to me. She wasn't. I saw a sign and when I saw her name it said dead-stabbed. My heart filled with sorrow and gave me deep pain. My dad killed her for no reason. I thought about forgetting it for now. I saw this girl next to me. She looked about my age. She turned to me.

"Your in hospital to. Let me guess low sugar levels as well. I could tell from the nurse rushing off. I should introduce myself. I am Amy. What is your name?" said Amy.

"I am Annie," I answered.

The nurse came back with my chocolate and a drink.

"After you have eaten that we will stich up your arm. It should only be an hour," said the nurse.

The girl next me started talking to me, "So your going soon that's lucky. I am staying here another day."

"Well I hope you are ok," I said.

"Don't worry I'll be fine," she said

1 hour later they had finished stiching my arm. Then I was thinking where should I go...

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