annie's terrible life

Annie has had a bad life since she was 6. Her dad started getting drunk all the time and hurting people. She is now 12 and her dad hurt her with a knife putting it on her elbow and killing her mother. she escapes her old town starting a new life some were different all on her own. What will happen?


2. the dream

When I was a sleep I had a weird dream. I was standing in my house in my room looking at my posters. I heard a noise from the ceiling. Then I saw my mum appear out of know where. She was a beautiful angel with gorgeous wings and a halo. She came up to me.

"Annie don't worry about your dad. I love you Annie. I need you to know you aren't that hurt and are ok," said my mum.

"Then why am I in a coma?" I asked.

"I don't know why. All I can say is come with me and I'll show you something you didn't see," she replyed.

She took me to the clouds and I saw a scene from my house. My dad was in our house looking at us on the floor. The emergency services came to our house. They found a video of my dad stabbing us. The hospital took him away to the mental health department. The took us to hospital to examine us.

my mum said, "Now darling you see everything is fine so wake up wake up..."

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