annie's terrible life

Annie has had a bad life since she was 6. Her dad started getting drunk all the time and hurting people. She is now 12 and her dad hurt her with a knife putting it on her elbow and killing her mother. she escapes her old town starting a new life some were different all on her own. What will happen?


1. it started

I was walking to my living room to ask my mum a question for my home work. When I got in I saw my dad. He was drunk as normal. This has happened since I was 6 years old. I saw he had a object in his hand. It looked quite sharp. He then held it up higher and I saw what it was. It was a knife! I saw what he was doing to it. He put it up to my mums neck.

"Don't kill my mother. She means everything to me," I screamed as the knife went to my mums neck.

He went up to me with the knife in his hand I tried to back away but he was to fast for me. The last thing I remember at that moment was the knife going into my arm and me fainting on the floor.

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