Is it wrong

A boy who falls in love with his best friend but knows it's wrong.


2. Is

I walk to the school slowly my bag weighing me down on my shoulder.

"Gay Boy" Tom yelled at me. I ignore him, walking faster. Then I feel someone grab my shoulder. I turn around to see Tom he glares at me. Tom chucks my bag on the floor, my bag falls out all my things scattered on the floor.

"Didn't you hear me,Gay Boy" Tom shouted at my face.

"I  am not Gay Boy" I said looking at me.

"Gay Boy look he's checking me out, ewe" Tom laughed out, his friends right behind him.

"Just leave me alone" I mumbled quietly. Tom held my shirt, I guess not quiet enough.

"Gay Boy" Tom whispered happily. 

"Hey, what your doing to him?" My best friend Kyle asked. Tom looked at me then Kyle.

"Bye Gay Boy" Tom sneered running out, his cronies right behind him. I took my bag from the floor, throwing in all my homework inside. Why did they have to be horrible to me? calling me Gay Boy again and again repeated every day, even though I wasn't. I stood up and smiled to Kyle. He ran to me and gave me a high five.

"Hey Man" Kyle mumbled, high fiving me. When my hand touched I felt a spark, my heart pounded rapidly. I took my hand away from his, my cheeks blushed bright pink.

"So what were they doing?" Kyle enquired.

"Calling me Gay Boy" I retorted.

"Those brats, don't worry. I know your not" reassured Kyle giving me a hug. I smiled reassuring, I felt safe, so loved. That's when I realised I loved Kyle? I shook my head it couldn't be happening. Oh no, what was I going to do? Kyle was straight and he wasn't going to love me.

"Kyle, I think I" I began to say.

Suddenly Kyle girlfriend Olivia ran in, she kissed Kyle then she looked at me.

"Hey baby" Kyle whispered tucking in a strand of her hair. I felt a pang of pain in my heart.

"Hey Kyle, Hey James" Olivia exclaimed.

"Hi" I mumbled in envy. She could be with Kyle forever, I could not. She could feel his love, and I knew he loved her with all his hearts.

"So what were you going to say?" Kyle asked.

"Nothing" I lied.

"Come on we've got school, bye angel" Kyle said before kissing Olivia cheek then looking at me. I walked to school fast. I had to get away from here.

"Wait up" I heard Kyle shout. I ignored him and ran fast. I couldn't face him now.

Gay Boy I heard.

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