Is it wrong

A boy who falls in love with his best friend but knows it's wrong.


1. Is it wrong

Is it wrong,

to fall in love.

Never felt it before.


Is it wrong,

that I want to kiss you.

I want to love you!


Is it wrong,

That I'm afraid.

You won't love me,

if you knew.


Is it wrong,

That I can't stay away,

from you.

My heart yearning,

for you,

Whenever I look into,

your eyes,

My Heart pounds rapidly.


Is it wrong,

that I know.

Our Love can never be.

Though I know,

I want it to be.


Is it wrong,

that I know you love me too,



Is it wrong,

That whenever you kiss your. 


I feel like you've slapped me.


Is it wrong,

I can see,

What we could of been?


Is it wrong,

That I know it you will be,

my only love.


Is it Wrong,

That I love you.

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