1. Leaving

2010, Oakville, England [Sunday]

Outside, the sky faded from a misty gray-blue to a dull shade of black. There was no moon that shone brightly, only the whispy grey clouds that covered it - almost every night of every year. And on the rare occasion that they didn't, no one expected a glowing, cystal white moon with a silver lining. Everyone was too hopeless to expect anything at all.

The only thing that kept Oakville city alive at night was it's thousousands of lights dotted in every square metre you could possibly find. Streams of white and yellow spread all over this dull city, illuminating it with that little bit of life still left in it. Space had no need for stars in the sky when you had Oakville.

Emily pressed her nose against the window, staring out into the vast city that lay before her. Every night, she would collapse into her favorite chair placed ajacent to her computer, and gaze out of the window in awe, just waiting. She was always waiting for something exciting to happen. Her hazel eyes darted back and forth as if she was watching a ping pong match, but the city did nothing in return. Did she every give up and stop waiting?

No. Not ever.

She yawned lazily as her gaze drifted over to her computer screen, filled with endless facebook statuses and annoying game requests. No notifications, no messages, but somehow, dozens of friend requests from people she had never even met. Most of them read 100 mutal friends beneath them, some with no mutal friends. How whould they how found me? she wondered every time she saw it. Like most problems she had, she clicked off the icon and ingnored it, hoping they would just go away.

In seconds, her eyes - which were staring idly into space - drifted to the bottom-right corner of the screen once again, to see that her friend Tassha was finally online. She moved her mouse and hovered it over her profile picture.

Emily wasn't sure if she had used photoshop or her eyes were really the prettily greenish shade of turquiose on the photo. She was supposedly wearing light blusher, and her perfectly shaped lips were curved into an impressive smile, clearly displaying a row of even, pearl white teeth. Unlike Emily's hair which was what she called "an auburn mess with curls that can't be tamed," Tassha's locks of golden hair was a doddle to controll. Emily would do anything to look like her.

She was just about to type a greeting message to her when she bet her to it. It read: "Emily!! Please say you're online, got amazing news!" As soon as she had read the message, her hands were typing furriously away, her index finger pressing firmly on the enter button.

"Yes I'm online!:) What's the big news?" She replied.

"Oh, I can't tell you, you have to guess.;)" Guess? What, you skydived out of a plane and fell into Morrisons?

"Come on," she answered, "Just tell me, I can't be bothered guessing."

"Fine. Well, you know how mum always wanted a home in Tennerife?" Yes, Emily must have remembered the many times she had told her. Was she renting a house in Tennerife? Was she going to stay there a while? She was too busy thinking what this was leading up to to answer the usual unneseccary 'yes?'.

"Well, I wasn't suppose to tell you, but we're moving there! In three days! Isn't that the coolest thing ever?"

Was she having a joke? Emily thought angrily as she replied a simple 'oh' and shut down the computer. Arms crossed firmly in front of her chest, she leaned aginst the window and narrowed her eyes at the bare, dust-covered walls. Tassha had seemed so happy that she was moving. Of course she would be happy, but did she even bother to say a simple 'I'll miss you' or 'wish you could come.'

There were so many many questions zooming through Emily's head. Why was it so out of the blue? Why couldn't she tell me before? Was she happy she was leaving? The more she asked, the harder it was to answer them.

All of the memories, endless text messages, contless group projects, were gone. Everything that mattered to her suddenly meant nothing. Tassha would be gone in three days, and with that thought, a horrible phrase - which had only lasted about a millisecond - entered Emily's mind. Good ridence.

Did she mean it? No, of course not. She was just a little mad, that's all. On monday, she thought, I will wish her a lovely trip, a safe arrival and a happy new life. Without me.

Tears stung at the back of her eyes. If Tassha had just shown a little sympthy for her, then she wouldn't have been so upset. She'd remembered, last week, when she 'wasn't allowed' to go in Tassha's house because they were having a clear out. Was that some sort of unnoticed sign?

A loud, demanding shout came from downstars. "Supper!" Instead of dragging her half-functioning body down the stairs, she decided to put a smile on her face and forget about the whole thing. It's only a holiday, she kept telling herself. She'll be back next week and everything will be back to normal.

Except the thing is, nothing ever will be anymore.

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