BlakeWood Academy

A strange and socially awkward boy is transferred to a new school where he meets people just as "strange" as him.


2. ~Angelique~


 The day was unusually chilly and an icy wind nipped at my nose as it passed me. Unfazed by the cold weather, I trudged onward to school. I was dressed in a simple, but comfortable, maroon colored sweater dress with black leggings underneath and heeled, ankle high, black boots. My fiery red hair was pulled into its usual ponytail since I hated it when my hair got in my face. I began to hum a soft tune as I squinted my misty green eyes against the bright morning sunlight.

As I came around the corner of my favorite bookstore I saw my best friend Tyler standing in the shade under the awning. He didn't say a word as I approached him but gave me a small nod of acknowledgment. He wore a long black duster and held a large black umbrella over his head to protect his sensitive skin from the sunlight. Underneath the duster, he wore black sKinny jeans, a black dress shirt with a bright red tie and black converses. He tapped his foot impatiently against the sidewalk as he chewed on his bottom lip almost aggressively. He looked to be a bit anxious and on edge but it wasn't until then that I notice the dark lines that seemed to branch out from her dark brown, nearly black, eyes.

"You didn't feed this morning." I stated still looking at his eyes. He merely shook his head. I knew how Tyler got when he didn't feed. He got moody and aggressive and I hated seeing my friend that way. "Are you going to feed when you get to the academy?" I asked, reminding myself to keep my tone soft and sweet. He looked down at me from the corner of his eye for a long moment before finally speaking.

"Volt is bringing me a bottle from the hospital after he picks Chris up. I didn't know that the sun was going to be out today so I was running late." He grimaced backing up further into the shadows.

"You're such a pessimist, you know that? It's gorgeous out today. You know, considering the fact that we don't get sunshine very often." I said looking at the sweet smelling moon lilies growing in the window box of the bookstore. I could not help but smile when he turned and gave me a bewildered look.

"Beautiful?!" He almost shouted, "You think this is beautiful? Ha! If you want to see beautiful, try going out to the forest and seeing the stars come out; and watch as they seem to dance around a full moon. That, is beautiful. This sun and its hideous light are noting but a nuisance!" His sharp pearl white fangs stood out in striking contrast with his mocha skin tone as he ranted.

"Ty, you're a nuisance." I smirked as I stepped into the warm sunlight. I had grown cold standing in the shade and I didn't like to be cold. No pyro did. "Unlike you, Mr. Darkness, some people need the sun's warmth to survive."

"Yes that is right, you are a pyrokinetic aren't you? Well I wouldn't want you to die from severe hypothermia. You are one of the very few people that I have thought about killing." He said with a sharp tooth grin. I rolled my eyes and opened my mouth to say something but was cut off by the sound of a car being honked behind me. I turned to see Volt leaning out the driver's window of his black and lime green Mercedes.

"Yo! Let's get moving Ty, class starts in twenty minuets. Sup little red, you wanna ride?"

"You're talking about the car...right?" I asked raising a slim brow. 

"Yeah, if that's what you wanna call it." He said as he flashed a mischievous grin. I chuckled softly as I made my way to the car. 

"Volt you're such a perv." I said climbing into the back seat.

"Yeah I know but you gotta love me. Hey! Ty what are you waiting for man?" He called over to Tyler, who remained standing in his spot under the awing his face set into its usual deep frown. 

"I want to see it before I step into that death ray you call light." He said. Volt groaned before grabbing one of the two bottles filled with dark red liquid and shook it at him.

"See? Now get in." Tyler watched the thick substance slosh around in the bottle and licked his lips before making his way to the car. He quickly yanked open the door and slid gracefully inside, swiftly closing and tucking the umbrella under his arm as he did so. As soon as Tyler was settled in his seat, Volt revved the engine and sped off down the street.

"Volt! Slow down!" Chris yelped from the front as he clung to his seat for dear life. "We will have more than enough time to get to 1st period if you just obey the speed limit!"

"Slow down? Nah, that's not my style kid. I like fore my driving to be fast and unpredictable." Chris turned towards the back seat and shot Tyler and I a frightened look. After taking a long swig from on of the bottles that Volt had given him, Tyler leaned forward and gave Volt a flick hard enough to leave a large welt on the nape of his neck.

"Ease up before you give my boyfriend a heart attack." Tyler and I were use to Volt's manic driving but Chris, being the newest in our group, was having a trouble adjusting to Volt's fast and furious lifestyle. Tyler leaned back with a satisfied smug when Volt finally slowed down

"Thanks love." Chris blushed a bit as he looked over his shoulder at Tyler, who only smiled and gave a seductive wink. They locked eyes for a moment and after a while there seemed to be a constant ripple of energy in the air that surrounded us. Suddenly feeling a bit uncomfortable with the amount of vamp testosterone steadily building in the car, I quickly changed the subject.

"So Chris, how is the homecoming dance coming along?" I inquired, knowing that the since Chris was in charge of putting the dance together he would be just dying to dish out all the details.

"Angelique, honey, I am so glade you asked! Well where do I start, hmm? Oh, at first we were going to go with the stylish Victorian kinda thing but we thought that was a bit too flashy. So we just decided to go with a more modern theme and leave the Victorian theme for our prom. Don't you just think that would be just fang-tastic?" As he talked the atmosphere in the car calmed dramatically and I was able to calmly rest my head against the back of my seat. I could tell that the vamp pheromones had affected Volt as well, seeing that he loosened his grip on the wheel and his shoulders relaxed out of their tense position. 

Chris didn't seemed to notice the change of the atmosphere, but Tyler sure did. I saw his cheeks turn a rosy shade of red as he realized that he had let his emotions slip. Vampire testosterone was very strong, it's part of the reason they seem so irresistible to humans. But it is also a very potent aphrodisiac that is why they must keep a tight lid on their emotions. If they didn't they could sent off a mating frenzy. Tyler was usually very good at staying in control but ever since he started dating Chris, it's like he's losing his edge and becoming more...human.

It saddened me to see the ashamed look on my friend's face. Instinctively I reached over and grabbed one of his hands, giving it a gentle squeeze. He jumped a bit at my touch and quickly looked down at my hand then at my face. I tried to portray a look of understanding but judging how the look on his face went from ashamed to horrified that I knew what happened, I don't believe it helped any. He turned his head away and directed his gaze out the window. 

I sighed softly to myself, I was not good at being the comforting friend, it just wasn't me. I tried and tried to be there for my friends but I always fell short on the comforting scale. I just about to pull my hand away when he wrapped his ice cold fingers around mine and gave them a small squeeze, as if to say "Thanks for trying." At that moment I knew he was going to be okay and he knew that I would tell no one of the incident (and neither would Volt). Well, maybe I wasn't that bad at comforting after all.

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