BlakeWood Academy

A strange and socially awkward boy is transferred to a new school where he meets people just as "strange" as him.


1. ~James~

Nothing  seemed real to me as my parents sat me down and told me we were moving. It felt like a dream. They kept telling me that it wasn't my fault, that everything would be okay. But I could only stare blankly at their worried faces. Something bad happened but I couldn't remember what. And when I tried to remember I got a spitting headache. But something happened, that much I knew, something bad, really bad. I tried to remember again and my head began to hurt worse but this time I got a flicker of images. Images of a girl whose face I almost recognized and a car. I remember getting very angry, but what about? I frowned to myself, something wasn't right. Its not like me to forget something, normally I had a very good memory.

Suddenly the expression on my parent's face changed from worried to alarmed. Yeah, something was definitely wrong. "Mom, dad, did I do something...bad? I..I feel like I did." I murmured as I rubbed my temple, still trying to remember. 

"Wrong? Oh no no no son, you did nothing wrong." My dad said placing his hand on my shoulder, "You're just in shock."

"Why would I be in shock?" I asked, suddenly feeling a bit better. My parents exchanged worried glances before answering me.

"Well sweetheart, there was an accident today. On your way home from school a car almost hit you, the paramedics said it was normal for you to be in shock for a while." My mom said as she gently smoothed my hair out of my eyes. All at once, my head didn't hurt anymore and I couldn't remember why it had been hurting in the first place. But I did vaguely  remember walking home and something about a car.

"Oh. Did anyone get hurt?" 

"Um, the driver got pretty banged up but he's going to heal up just fine." My mom said with a slightly strained smile. "Now, our plane leaves in a couple of hours so you need to go and finish packing all of your things alright? Your father and I have already packed most of your things." Feeling a bit confused I stood and went upstairs to finish packing. A strange tingling feeling tugged at my conscience but I managed to shrug it of.

As I was putting the last of my books and trophies in boxes, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. After looking at the caller ID I answered it. "Brock, what's up man?"

"Dude are you okay? I heard about the wreck." He said quickly.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said as I sat down on my bed "I'm just a little shaken up I guess."

"I can see why, did you see that car? Dude that wreck was brutal."

"Nah, I don't really remember that much. It happened so fast, you know."

"Yeah man, I know what you mean." His voice suddenly lost its usually loud and cheery tone and was now soft and sullen, "Listen James, I'm really sorry about Krissy. I know you loved her and she loved you. She'd be happy to know that you're safe." Silence passed between us. What was he talking about and who was Krissy? Had there been someone with me, no, it couldn't have been. My parent's would have told me if someone else was with me...wouldn't they?

"Brock I don't thin-" I started but he cut me off.

"Look, I'm sorry but I'm suppose to be getting ready for baseball practice. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Talk to you tomorrow?" He asked.

"Uh, actually Brock, I'm moving." I said, my mind still buzzing about the girl he mentioned.

"You're what?! James its the middle of the school year, you can't just move!" Brock exclaimed loudly.

"Well I don't really have a choice man, you know I don't wanna move. Don't worry, we'll keep in contact." I reassured him.

"Yeah, we better. You know you're like a little brother to me. So where are yall movin' to anyway?" 

"Uh, not really sure about the town but it's in Maryland." I said looking out my window.

"Alright man, well I really gotta go, coach is gonna kill me for being late. Just call me when yall get settled in alright? And James," He paused, his tone now serious, "watch yourself out there man, not everyone is a nice as us Kentucky boys."

"Yeah man I hear ya." I murmured not taking my eyes of the kids next door playing with their dog. "Talk to you later." I hung up and tossed the phone on the pillow beside me as something across the room caught my attention. There was a framed picture of my best friend Brock and I at the lake sitting on my now empty desk. Didn't I put that up already? Frowning, I stood and walked across the room, something about that picture was setting off small alarms in my head. But I didn't know why, that was one of the happiest nights of my life. I picked up the picture frame and looked closer at it, something wasn't right but I just couldn't put my finger on what it was.

With a tilt of my head, I opened the back of the frame and removed the picture. It wasn't until then that I realized that someone had folded the photo so that it only showed Brock and I. I slowly unfolded the picture and was surprised to see a girl standing on the other side of me, holding my hand. Her face looked very familiar, but where had I seen her? Was that the girl that Brock was talking about? My head began to hurt as I tried to remember. I don't know how much time went by while I stared at the picture, trying to make sense of the nagging feeling that I was forgetting something kept tugging at my brain.

Without realizing what I was doing, I folded the picture up and stuck it in one of my many poetry books. I had just put the book away when I heard a knock on my door. "Come in." I called.

"James, honey, are you packed?" My mom asked, sticking her head in the door. 

"Yeah I'm packed. Hey, mom, so what's the name of the town we are moving to?"

"Blakewood, its a small cozy little town in Maryland. I'm sure you'll like it there." She said with a smile. 

"Mom? Can I ask you something else?" I asked, my mind going back to the picture.

"Sure love, what is it?"

"Have you ever felt like you were forgetting something? Something important." I rubbed my head slightly as I spoke and watched as my mom walked across the room to stand in front of me. She had her hand out stretched as if she were going to touch me. 

Don't let her touch you. Whispered a voice in the back of my mind. I assumed it was my conscience and something about my mom touching me did make me feel uneasy. Just before she was in reaching distance, I quickly sidestepped her and headed out my bedroom door. 

"You know mom, I think I left my skateboards in the basement. I can't forget them." I called over my shoulder as I hurried down the stairs. When I got to the basement I just stood there for a moment trying to calm my racing heartbeat. Why didn't I want my mom to touch me? Who was that girl in the picture? And why did it seem like this has all happened before? I groaned softly as the questions buzzed angrily around in my head. Something was going on and I was going to find out what it was, even if it killed me.




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