One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagine request's I have gotten.
Alright, I have given up on writing sexual ones, I'm sorry that I'm a wimp XD I tried to write one then chickened out. So now any that said they want dirty or sweet they're going to be sweet now. If anyone could ask with Louis that would be nice, he's being left out here people! lol enough nagging.


1. Dev and Harry

I was laying in my new bed thinking about how my new life is going to be. I had just moved to London and the only person I knew was my best friend Harry. Yeah I met him when I was in a exchange program for school that one year. We kept in touch over skype and stuff. But that was a few years ago. The more and more we talked to each other I started to grow more feelings for him. He had asked me to move to London a few weeks ago, he said since I was old enough to move out now that I should move to London. I said yes of course and started to pack the day after he had asked me. It took some time but I had finally finished, Harry met me at the air port back in London, my things would be here in a few days. I didn't mind, but it was kind of awkward onlt having a certain amount of clothes to wear. Anyway, it was just after 12:00PM and I was waiting for Harry to come over to help me pick out paint colors for my room. It was just a plain room and not my style, so we decided to go out to the store and look around to find a nice shade of purple for my room.  
~A Few Hours Later~
Harry came over a few hours later to pick me up.  
We were driving to the closest store we could find which wasn't easy with all the traffic. Good thing Harry is a calm driver...
The newest song by Rihanna 'Diamonds' started to play, when ever she said "Shine Bright like a Diamond" Harry would copy her but in a funny voice which caused me to giggle and for him to smile each time I did. I don't know what it was but today Harry looked and seemed different to me. Maybe it's just my head I don't know.
~At The Store~
We've been here for a few hours now, it hasn't bothered me at all cause Harry kept making me laugh with almost anything he picked up. We decided to finally go to look at the paint
"Which one do you like (y/n)?" Harry asked me holding up the card with different colour shades on it. I looked at the card and chose my colour
"Now to go find it.." I said and started too look. It felt like Harry's eyes were on me so I turned around around and saw him staring at me "what?" I asked giggling a little. His face turned bright red and shook his head "n-nothing" I nodded skeptically.
A few minutes later I found the paint colour. I picked it up and showed Harry "that's it?" He asked me "all we need now is some paintbrushes and we'll be good to go." He nodded and went to get the paintbrushes.
Once we were all finished with what we needed we started to go home. I don't know why but something about Harry seemed off now, ever sense what happened in the store he seemed to be lost in his train of thought or something. When we got back to my place we started to set things up to get ready to paint. I started to open the can of paint when Harry put his hand on mine, I looked up at him confused and that's when I felt his warm lips against mine. I turned red but kissed him back, he pulled back and smiled softly "You honestly have no idea how long I have been wanting to do that for.." he trailed off turning red. I smiled gently and put a hand on his cheek "I'm glad you did. Because... I-I.." I looked down trying to find the words to say. "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" Harry blurted out. I must've turned bright red cause I could feel my cheeks flush and feel myself start to get warm. I nodded and grinned widely and kissed me again gently. That's when I kissed him back and figured I made the right choice to move to London.

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