Little Snowflake (A 1D Special Series fanfic)

This is what music does to people. You would desperately go to this place called UK. For a much wanted and awaited concert. Unfortunately, you missed it. You had yourself wasted out of disappointment. You didn't know what happened next. The only thing you remembered was waking up one day on a bunk bed, inside a tour bus and finally meeting your favorite boy band all of a sudden.


2. Prologue: Little Snowflake ♡

© 2012, BirdieOfficial







Prologue: Little Snowflake ♡




I shifted for the fifth time. Guess, I've been trying to spot a much better cozy position while I slumber off. Nope. Still not satisfied. So, I shifted once more. I felt the cold wall touch my forehead. I scrunched up my nose, not getting pleased by the coldness of the wall. Then it hit me, I'm in the UK, walls were bound to be cold so I let it pass; I didn't open my eyes. I stayed in that position--sleeping, facing the wall--my forehead pressed flatly on the cold wall.

Then it moved. The wall moved.

I quickly shot my eyes open, my heart beating rapidly, my panic senses being alerted, "EARTHQUAKE?!" I squeaked, sitting up from bed, only for my head to be met by the ceiling with loud thud, "Ouch.." I winced, rubbing my head in pain. I lowered my head as I look at my surroundings, surroundings that isn't familiar..

"Where am I..?" I breathed out.

I heard some muffled sound of people talking from somewhere; ignoring it, I took my attention back to the moving walls. I held and roamed my palm to it only to realize that it was moving because..I'm inside a vehicle.

A vehicle?! With bed?! With other people?! Oh my carrot..what is this place?

Cautiously, I purposely landed my foot on the ground. I roamed my eyes to the sight before me. Bunk beds, narrow hallway, navy blue furry carpet. That only meant one thing; I'm inside a tour bus. But the real question is..of whom?

I stood up from the bunk bed that I have slept at. So it's a bunk bed, no wonder I'm not comfortable with every position I made. I rolled my eyes as I straighten my short up. I reached for my hair and winced to the way it feels on my skin. Frizzy. I sighed. I pulled it up in a high messy bun immediately.

I walked slowly; not wanting to make a noise for I don't wanna startle the other people that I heard talking just now. I found a door at the left side of the narrow hallway then peeked through it. But to no avail. I'm too short. I can't see a thing. So, change of plans. I pressed my ear to the door, trying to eavesdrop.

"Why me?!" I heard a boy with strong British accent shout-of course he'd be British, I'm in England.

"Because you're the oldest!" Another one shouted.

I scratched my head in frustration. What are they arguing about?

I heard some feet shuffling, music coming from some video game and fridge being slammed shut. Huh?

"Magic word?"

"You are the most amazing lad," some guy mumbled.


"You're Superman.."


"So? Go on! Do it!"

"Fine! But only because I'm Superman!"

Then there was silence. The video game has been paused, I assume. I pressed my ear even further on the door, resting my palm on it only to have myself disappointed-I can't hear a thing.

Then the door swung open as I heard gasps.

My eyes widened while my heart beat-ed madly from my chest. My palms met the ground as it fell flatly on it along with my butt. My eyes were fixed on the shoes of some guys. Two guys to be exact. I shut my eyes tight then I did the most lame thing ever; I screamed.

"Calm down, lady!"

"Sshh! We didn't do anything!"

"Look at what you did, Liam! This is all your fault!"

"My fault?! It was your fault! You're the one who opened the door!"

I heard them argue to one another. I gathered my legs close to my body as I hug them with my arms. My eyes still shut, "Please don't hurt me!" I yelled, my voice trembling. I was scared. Because, first of all, I don't know where I am. I don't know these people. I'm not familiar in places here in England. Most of all, I'm lost. The girls must be worried sick looking for me right now..

"Stop bickering, mates! Allow me," I heard someone say. My eyes were still shut. Silence took over the place. I could sense that someone's kneeling down in front of me.

"Hey..," It said, placing a hand on my right shoulder which I hastily shrugged away. It sighed, "Can you please open your eyes?"

I pried my eyes open.

My heart skipped a beat as I lock eyes with a pair of deep emerald orbs. He had this warm smile on his face which made the butterflies inside my stomach flutter, "Ahoy there, little snowflake," he greeted.

I knew exactly who he is.

"H-Harry S-Styles?" I stammered. My cheeks, heating up.




A/N: This is just the beginning of this story. Leave some comments. Should I continue posting this one? - Birdie

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