Little Snowflake (A 1D Special Series fanfic)

This is what music does to people. You would desperately go to this place called UK. For a much wanted and awaited concert. Unfortunately, you missed it. You had yourself wasted out of disappointment. You didn't know what happened next. The only thing you remembered was waking up one day on a bunk bed, inside a tour bus and finally meeting your favorite boy band all of a sudden.


5. Chapter 3: Little Lads ♡

© 2012, BirdieOfficial







Chapter 3: Little Lads ♡





Am I really face to face with the Harry Styles right now?

Or am I dreaming?

Well, I got to find out!

"Hey, guy that looks like freaking Harry Styles, pinch me will you?" I asked as I stammer a little, shutting my eyes, bracing myself.


"Go on, pinch her, Haz," I heard someone say. Yeah, go on pinch me.


"Anywhere!" I hissed.

Then he did it; he pinched my nose.

"Ouch.." I winced, rubbing my nose.

"Sorry.." Harry apologized, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Here she goes.. she will scream any second now.." I heard Louis whisper to Liam.

"Shut up, mate.. she might hear you.." Liam hissed.

I looked around and saw 5 confused and uneasy looking boys. Harry was still in front of me, knelt on the floor. I was still seated on the floor, my legs touching the carpeted ground. I felt my temple do a slight throbbing. I winced, "Oh God.. my head hurts.." I mumbled.

"Who are you, may I ask?" Harry asked, helping me up. Wow, Harry is just so freaking tall.. a head taller than me. So, as Liam.

I dusted myself off before I speak, "I.. I'm Lou," I lied.

"Hey! Same name as yours, Lou!" Niall exclaimed, walking towards the fridge. I felt a blush crept on my face. I didn't expect Niall to be so cute in person! And his accent. Just cute..

"Well, hi there Lou! I'm Lou!" Louis said, offering a hand. I took it then we shook, "So, I'm assuming you are not a fan, yes?" he asked once we parted.

I shook my head, "I am a fan. But, I don't do the screaming thing," I said as a mater-of-factly.


I felt the bus move, "Oh geez, is the bus moving?" I asked frantically. This is bad. Where are they going?

"Well, yes," Harry answered, "And, by the way, I'm Harry," he said, offering a hand. I took it as well then we shook.

"Uhm, I know all of you, guys. No need for introductions, really," I said chuckling after we shook hands.

Louis slung an arm on Harry's shoulder, "What a bummer, Haz," he said, shaking his head in disbelief. Harry rolled his eyes.

"How did you get here?" Zayn spoke for the first time, shoving his phone back to his pocket, paying attention to us.

Then it hit me!

I gasped, "Oh my goodness! I need to get home!"

"Where is your house? Maybe we could drive you there," Liam said suggestively.

Wait. Do I really want to go home already? I mean, come on. I'm inside One Direction's tour bus. This is my chance to be friends with them..

"I.. really don't know.. you see, I'm a foreigner to your country.." I said, half hearted.

Zayn stood up from the couch then pondered, ", what should we do with her, lads?" he asked, turning to the lads, "Liam?"

Liam winced, "I don't know, mate.. don't ask me," he said, pacing back and fort, "Louis, any suggestive idea?"

Louis snapped his finger, "Come here, lads," he said, gesturing for the boys to gather around him, "Lou Lou, excuse us," he added, indicating my presence.

I raised an eyebrow, "Okay..." I said. The tone of my voice came out sounding unsure.

I watched them as they huddled up in a circle, like they were some kind of a team, talking about a game plan; and yeah, Louis' the captain. I saw Harry peeked, looking towards me, his eyes twinkling with mischief. I wonder what they were discussing.. I saw that Harry was still looking. I bit my lip as I lower my head to avoid an eye contact with him, restraining myself from blushing. He's so adorable.

They parted from the circle then they all looked at my direction. I frowned, feeling shy. One Direction was in front of me!!!!! - I wanted to squeal, though I'm not a squealer, but then again, I chose not to. And I would never.

"So!" Louis started, "We've made a very rare decision.. in fact, this was a first time that this happened to us.." he said. Then he looked to Liam.

Liam sighed, giving me a weak smile, "You may stay here and join us on our tour until your parents or relatives started to look for you.." he said. My heart beat quicken at the mention of 'parents'. Note to self; call mum and tell her I'm on tour with One Direction. Cliche I know, but I know mum would understand.

"I.. but.." I found myself saying. This was just all so new to me. I must be dreaming!

" you have any friend here in UK that you could contact?" Zayn asked, taking a seat on the couch.

"Yes, actually," I answered truthfully.

"There. Contact them then," Niall said, flopping down to the couch as well next to Zayn who was tapping away on his phone.

I nodded. I took out my phone then started dialing Kirsty's number. I put the receiver over my ear then waited for the ringing sound. I nibbled on my finger while anticipating. I looked over to the boys. Louis was burying his head on the fridge, while Liam and Harry was looking intently at me. Harry is just so damn cute... tsk.

"It wasn't ringing," I mumbled, staring at my phone, "That's strange.."

Liam sighed. He walked towards me and snatched my phone from my grasp. My heart did a flip at his action, "Why was it not ringing?" he muttered, studying my phone. My eyes widened in realization. I hastily took my phone off his grasp. He might see their pictures at my gallery; I won't let that happen!

"I don't know either.." I said sheepishly. Then I smacked my forehead, "I remembered! My sim aren't suitable to your country.."

"Oh....!" Liam's mouth did an 'O' shape.

"So.. I guess you'll be staying here for a while, yes?" Harry said, smirking at me.

I shrugged, "If that's okay with all of you.." I softly said, blushing, "Or.. should I just deal with my own problem and go?" I said, already making my way to the door. Somehow, I felt the need to go home. Kirsty and Adrie might be worrying by now..

Harry grabbed my arm, sending chills on my skin, "Don't. You can't do that, Little snowflake!" he gushed. I looked at him, then to his hand that was holding my arm. He saw my stare which caused him to let go hastily.

"Why not..?" I asked curiously, facing him. Wow. He's just so tall..okay, I can't seem to get over that one fact.

"I.. because media might find out that One Direction had just let a young lady go by herself let alone a foreign one. One that doesn't know her way home.." he explained, then he turned to Louis, "Right boo?"

Louis held his chin up, thinking.

"You know what, Haz.. you're actually right..," Zayn piped in, standing up from the couch, looking at me which made my heart quicken its beats. Zayn is very attractive, heck he was. He may be attractive on his pictures, but he is much more attractive in flesh.

Louis came near me, he lowered his head down to my height, making our nose brush. I heard gasps from the lads, "You .. stay .. alright?" he said. His breath tickling my lips. My cheeks heating up at how near he is.

I nodded vigorously. My eyes wide in shock.

"You got long eyelashes," I heard him muttered once he walked pass me, going inside the part of the bus full of bunk beds; leaving me confused.

Niall cleared his throat which caused all of us to look his way, "So.. uh.. who's up for Nando's?"

- - -

Niall insisted on going out for some take aways from Nando's; he and Zayn went out. Nando's was familiar to me. As I recall, Kirsty once mentioned Nando's but I didn't know that Niall was the one who's obsessed with it.. well now I know.

Niall shoved another bare chicken wings inside his mouth, hungrily biting on its meaty side, "Whash are yew lewking astch?" he managed to say through mouthfuls.

I maybe shy and stuff being around them but I just can't help but let out a giggle at his action.

"Aww, you're making her giggle, Nialler," Louis teased, pinching Niall on his cheek as he leaned across the table.

Niall hung his head low while he resumed on eating. Was he..shy?

Harry, who was seated next to me cleared his throat, "So.. you're from where exactly?" he asked, looking at me. I can tell that he is; I can feel his gaze.

"I.. uh.. I'm from Philippines.." I said shyly. Gosh, I still can't get over the fact that I am actually with the five of five of One Direction..

"Philippines," Liam repeated. He was looking at me like as if I'm fooling around with them.

"Yeah.. Philippines.. why?" I asked, simply dumbfounded.

"Er.. you look like a.." Zayn trailed off, snapping his finger; as if trying to point out what he was about to say.

"A Korean," Harry said. His voice slow, as if making sure he is right with what he said.

Zayn smacked his head in realizing, "Right! Or.. maybe a Japanese.."

I chuckled, "Many has been mistaken from my nationality. Often times," I said, forking some chicken. These was really good. I love eating but eating with One Direction makes me feel uneasy..

I saw Louis staring at me. He was studying my face, "More like a Taiwanese for me.." he mumbled, narrowing his eyes at me.

I stiffen, holding my breath for he was leaning really close, "Uh..." I managed, looking at his blue eyes. I feel myself blush; stupid cheeks.

Harry placed a hand on Louis' whole face, pushing him away from me; Harry sure got a large pair of hands..

Suddenly a phone went off, indicating a call or text. Then Liam stood up, "Lads, excuse me, I'll take this call," he said, making his way to the TV area.

"So, how old are you?" Zayn asked, not tearing his eyes away his phone.

"I'm turning 19 next year..uh, specifically on March.." I answered, still carrying on munching. I never want to stop eating, no.

"Really...," Harry mused, "Same age as mine.. I'm turning 19 on February next year.."

"Cool," I beamed lightly, smiling at him.

Harry blushed.

Harry..blushed? What?

"So, uh, quick question," Harry stammered, "Why did you request for me to pinch you earlier?" he asked curiously.

I let out an awkward laugh, "About that.. I just.. can I not.. answer that?" I asked, squinting.

Niall wiggled his index finger at me, "You should answer that."

"I..." OH GOD.

"Go on, Little snowflake," Harry urged.

"You keep calling me Little snowflake," I pointed out; trying to change the subject.

"Sshh. Don't change the topic," Louis scolded lightly. Zayn just kept his silent self, listening intently, placing his phone on the table in front of him.

I winced as I feel a blush creeping its way on my cheeks, "Fine.. because, I was overwhelmed. I thought I was..dreaming.. that's why I needed a proof that I am not," I admitted, mumbling at the last part. This is pricking embarrassing, dude..

Louis chuckled, "That's cute," he commented. I had the urge to roll my eyes. Niall laughed, not bothering to wipe his stained mouth from the chicken gravy.

"It's quite amusing, actually," Harry piped in, putting a finger on his chin, his elbow pressed on the table, his eyes locked with mine, "Why would you think that it's just a dream?"

I shrugged, breaking eye contact with him, "Every girl would think that, you know..," I said as a matter-of-factly, "I mean, me, a simple plain Jane like me, inside the tour bus of One Direction? That's just... every girl's dream, right?" I said, quite unsure.

Just then, before anyone could answer my question, Liam came back to the dining area, "Lads, we're having an interview in a while," he said, taking a seat.

"What time?" Zayn asked, taking his phone and shoving it inside his pocket.

"George is already driving us there," Liam answered smoothly.

As I look at Liam's features, I could tell that he's sad about something. I knew about his break up with Danielle. Being a slight gossip girl, I really want to ask him about it..but..

"Why are you staring..?" Liam asked, making me jump in shock.

I hastily shook my head as my eyes widened, ashamed due to my creepy stare. I looked down at my feet in embarrassment.

He just chuckled.

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