Little Snowflake (A 1D Special Series fanfic)

This is what music does to people. You would desperately go to this place called UK. For a much wanted and awaited concert. Unfortunately, you missed it. You had yourself wasted out of disappointment. You didn't know what happened next. The only thing you remembered was waking up one day on a bunk bed, inside a tour bus and finally meeting your favorite boy band all of a sudden.


4. Chapter 2: Little Drunk ♡

© 2012, BirdieOfficial


Chapter 2: Little Drunk ♡





I woke up to the screaming and squealing voices of my crazy best buddies. I groaned in irritation, burying my head underneath the massive pillows.

"Come on, Lexi! Wake up!"

"Shoo!" I growled. I really hate it when I am being woken up from my wonderful sleep. Sleeping is one of my hobby aside from eating.

"Get your lazy ass up, dude!"

"Go away, guys..." I groaned, covering my ears with the cushions.

Knowing my best friends; I braced myself..They started to jump wildly on my bed.
I sighed exasperatedly, giving up. I sat up, shooting the both of them my deathly glare, "Oh come on, Lexi. Today's the day! Remember?" Adrie said, smiling sheepishly.

"What time is it?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. Feeling blissful about it.

"3 something in the afternoon," Kirsty answered, walking out the room.

I rolled my eyes as I shot up from bed. I made my way straight to the bathroom to wash up.

"Lunch is served!" Kirsty called from the dining area. I usually wake up late in the afternoon. Yes, I'm very tardy.

So, our temporary HQ had turned out to be a pretty much fancy hotel. Today is the much awaited slash anticipated concert of One Direction. The V company offered us a ride to the concert venue but we will be arriving by our own though; only because we insisted.

I made my way to the dining area and settled on one of the seats. My eyes almost bulged out from its sockets at the sight before me, "WOW!" I said in outburst. The table was filled with mouthwatering edible stuffs! Hash browns. Chicken wings. French fries - my favorite. Ice cream gallons. Burgers. Salads.

Adrie laughed at my enthusiasm, "You owe me 5 pounds, lady," she told Kirsty whose got a scowling face, shoving her hands inside both her short's pocket.

"You should've shouted 'Oh my God', you know.." she muttered angrily, handing some cash to Adrie, who was smirking at me.

"What I do?!" I exclaimed, pretending not to know their ruckus. On the other hand though, I really didn't know that they started a betting game regarding my reaction once I saw the food, "Where did you guys get all these?" I asked, shoving some on my mouth already. The both of them finally joined me.

"Room service," Kirsty replied, shoving mouthfuls in her mouth.

"Who paid?"

"V company."


- - -

The afternoon lasted with the three of us just watching some chick flick and Kirsty's long bathe - about 2 and a half hour. So, as for me and Adrie, we rushed taking our bathes. So much for letting Kirsty have her bathe first before us..

"Seriously now, guys?" Kirsty came inside my room. She's already dressed up in her denim blue shorts, a black tank top and a lavender cardigan over it. She is wearing a light blue Vans.

"What do you want?" I playfully snapped at her while I work on putting my hair up in a bun. I decided to wear my blue green sweat shirt - blue green is my favorite colour, a faded denim shorts, skinned tone colored long socks and my beige collar. As for my bare foot, I think I'll go for my high sandals.

"It's about time, girl! Let's go!" she said, practically squealing.

I walked to the mirror to check myself out, "This is your fault that we're running out of time you know.." I muttered, fixing my hair up, "Go check on Adrie."

And as if on cue, Adrie appeared on my door, "I'm done!" she beamed excitedly. She's wearing a pink blouse as her top, a faded blue jeans, a white converse and her white beanie. Then her round-shaped yellow glasses over her eyes. She's got poor eye sight.

"Alright, let's get going then!" I announced as soon as I finished. I shoved my phone inside my front pocket and my wallet on the other front pocket. I decided not to bring any bag for it would be a chaotic crowd later. I might lose something.


We made our way out our hotel room then to lift, "You guys know how to go to the concert venue?" I asked, pressing the 'down' button.

Kirsty shrugged.

"We'll take the cab," Adrie said. I nodded.

We came inside the lift then we're off.

- - -

"Guys! We've been here for the mere 20 minutes now!" Kirsty said exasperatedly. I sighed.

We were outside the venue and the massive crowd were just making it hard for us. We can't walk through it. We would be either gaining a glare from some fan-girls or irritating scoffs from them. We were at the back. Great. Only if we went here earlier. But, seriously though, I never thought that it'd be this crazy. There was like a thousand screaming fan-girls here! We're lucky it isn't hot in here or we would be bathing on our own sweat right now.

"Let's be patient, guys.. let us have faith," Adrie said in a calm voice.

I sighed, "We wouldn't make it.." I said, giving up.

"No! We got tickets! Don't lose hope! We'll make it!" Kirsty practically screamed out of anger. I rolled my eyes. I swear I would never go to concerts ever again.

I turned my pace when I found a bench resting by the sidewalk, "Where are you going, Lexi?" Adrie asked, holding my arms.

"Relax, I just needed to get out of these sandals. My feet's aching," I said, wincing a little, "I'll take a seat on that bench," I said, pointing to the bench I saw just now. She nodded and loosen her grip on me.

I made my way to the bench when I heard that the concert finally started. I could hear the lads talking from their microphones, greeting the crowd. I felt my stomach churn. This is it. We missed the concert. So much for our once in a life time opportunity... I sat on the bench then started to take off my sandals, "Ah yes.." I moaned in bliss, massaging my ankles, "This feels much better than attending some concert.." I muttered to myself as I shut my eyes in enjoyment.


"Huh?" I hastily opened my eyes for I became startled.


I looked over the girls who was almost in the middle of the massive wave of crowd. Adrie was raising an arm, indicating that I should go to them quick. I struggled on wearing my sandals once again. When I'm done, I looked over the crowd once again but I cannot see Adrie and Kirsty anymore!

"Oh my carrot..." I muttered. I don't get panic that much. "Adrie?! Kirsty?!" I called.

No respond. Oh geez..

I noticed that the crowd was slowly dispersing. What's happening?

Are they...

Are they going in?! Whoa whoa whoa, this is the best time to panic now!

"Adrie?! Kirsty?! Where are you guys?!" I yelled through the crowd. Still no answer. Shit!

- - -

I kicked away the stray pebble that was getting on my way. I hate my life. I just wanna go home. But I don't know my way home - I mean to the hotel. I know I may take the cab but I don't have the keys to our room. Kirsty does.

Kisrty and Adrie made it inside the arena. Without me.

Stupid feet. I shouldn't have sat on that bench. Stupid bench.

I was walking on the sidewalk, though I really don't know where to go from here.

"Good evening, ma'am! Please come in and try our new liquors! We also come up with some good music!" A tall guy in his uniform that says 'Merry-Go-Round Bar' approached me cheerfully, breaking me from my trance.

"Uh, did you just say liquor?" I asked, blinking a few times. God, I needed alcohol right now. I'm beyond depressed! I mean, how would you feel if your two best friends were having their fun time now, listening to their favorite boy band, while you were out, all alone in a cold country that you aren't that much familiar with? Come to think of it.

"Why yes, madam! Come in, please!" he beamed. "You're not a minor no more, yes?" he asked once we got inside the bar.

"I'm turning 19 next year, mister," I answered truthfully. He nodded.

He lead me to the bar counter and there stood a bartender, "Hello!" he greeted, "What can I get you, miss?"

"I..." I looked at the guy who led me in for help. I don't know what to order.

"Try cherry vodka," he said. I nodded.

"Cherry vodka, please," I told the bartender, "Make it five shots."

I spent the rest of the night at Merry-Go-Round Bar just making myself drunk all the way. Their music was actually good. I like party songs and me being slightly drunk is just making  me feel dizzy with much pleasure. I loved the feeling of being numb because of the alcohol. Yeah..heaven.

"Another shot please," I said. My voice slurring.

"Miss, we're about to close our bar now. It's already 4 in the morning," The bartender said, taking the shot glass off my grasp.

"H-hey! That's mine!" I protested, wobbling from my high stool.

"Sorry, ma'am, you must leave now," he told me.

I sighed exasperatedly, searching for my wallet to pay, once I got it I slammed my wallet his way. Then I hopped off the stool. I made my way out of the bar. I really don't know where to go now. I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

So, I walked. My body was feeling so damn heavy now and I just really need to lay down and I mean it.

"4 am in the morning," I scoffed, "Now what?" I said, talking to myself. Everything around me wasn't familiar no more.

As I walk my way in nowhere in particular, I found myself bumping onto something.

A massive vehicle. What the..

I thought I heard some people talking about beds.. BEDS! I found myself immediately climbing up inside the vehicle without hesitating, I roamed around and there it is! Beds! Just what I needed.

I slumped on one of the beds and my heavy eyelids took over me right away from dozing off.

Before I completely lost my senses, I thought I heard someone gasp upon seeing me. This must be their bed but I just really can't get my tired ass up anymore to let them have this heavenly comfy bed..

- - -

I shifted for the fifth time. Guess, I've been trying to spot a much better cozy position while I slumber off. Nope, still not satisfied, I shifted once more. I felt the cold wall touch my forehead. I scrunched up my nose not getting pleased by the coldness of the wall. Then it hit me, I'm in UK, walls were bound to be cold so I let it pass; I didn't open my eyes. I stayed in that position--sleeping, facing the wall--my forehead pressed flatly on the cold wall.

Then it moved. The wall moved.

I quickly shot my eyes open, my heart beating rapidly, my panic senses being alerted, "EARTHQUAKE?!" I squeaked, sitting up from bed, only for my head to be met by the ceiling with loud thud, "Ouch.." I winced, rubbing my head in pain. I lowered my head as I look at my surroundings, surroundings that isn't familiar..

"Where am I..?" I breathed out.

I heard some muffled sound of people talking from somewhere; ignoring it, I took my attention back to the moving walls. I held and roamed my palm to it only to realize that it was moving because..I'm inside a vehicle.

A vehicle?! With bed?! With other people?! Oh my carrot..what is this place?

Cautiously, I purposely landed my foot on the ground. I roamed my eyes to the sight before me. Bunk beds, narrow hallway, navy blue furry carpet. That only meant one thing; I'm inside a tour bus. But the real question is..of whom?

I stood up from the bunk bed that I have slept at. So it's a bunk bed, no wonder I'm not comfortable with every position I made. I rolled my eyes as I straighten my short up. I reached for my hair and winced to the way it feels on my skin. Frizzy. I sighed. I pulled it up in a high messy bun immediately.

I walked slowly; not wanting to make a noise for I don't wanna startle the other people that I heard talking just now. I found a door at the left side of the narrow hallway then peeked through it. But to no vail. I'm too short. I can't see a thing. So, change of plans. I pressed my ear to the door, trying to eavesdrop.

"Why me?!" I heard a boy with strong British accent shout-of course he'd be British, I'm in England.

"Because you're the oldest!" Another one shouted.

I scratched my head in frustration. What are they arguing about?

I heard some feet shuffling, music coming from some video game and fridge being slammed shut. Huh?

"Magic word?"

"You are the most amazing lad," some guy mumbled.


"You're Superman.."


"So? Go on! Do it!"

"Fine! But only because I'm Superman!"

Then there was silence. The video game has been paused, I assume. I pressed my ear even further on the door, resting my palm on it only to have myself disappointed--I can't hear a thing.

Then the door swung open as I heard gasps.

My eyes widened while my heart beat madly from my chest. My palms met the ground as it fell flatly on it along with my butt. My eyes were fixed on the shoes of some guys. Two guys to be exact. I shut my eyes tight then I did the most lame thing ever; I screamed.

"Calm down, lady!"

"Sshh! We didn't do anything!"

"Look at what you did, Liam! This is all your fault!"

"My fault?! It was your fault! You're the one who opened the door!"

I heard them argue to one another. I gathered my legs close to my body as I hug them with my arms. My eyes still shut, "Please don't hurt me!" I yelled, my voice trembling. I was scared. Because, first of all, I don't know where I am. I don't know these people. I'm not familiar in places here in England. Most of all, I'm lost. The girls must be worried sick looking for me right now..

"Stop bickering, mates! Allow me," I heard someone say. My eyes were still shut. Silence took over the place. I could sense that someone's kneeling down in front of me.

"Hey..," It said, placing a hand on my right shoulder which I hastily shrugged away. It sighed, "Can you please open your eyes?"

I pried my eyes open.

My heart skip a beat as I locked eyes on a pair of deep emerald orbs. He had this warm smile on his face which made the butterflies inside my stomach flutter, "Ahoy there, little snowflake," he greeted.

I knew exactly who he is.

"H-Harry S-Styles?" I stammered. My cheeks, heating up.

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