Little Snowflake (A 1D Special Series fanfic)

This is what music does to people. You would desperately go to this place called UK. For a much wanted and awaited concert. Unfortunately, you missed it. You had yourself wasted out of disappointment. You didn't know what happened next. The only thing you remembered was waking up one day on a bunk bed, inside a tour bus and finally meeting your favorite boy band all of a sudden.


3. Chapter 1: Little Flight ♡

© 2012, BirdieOfficial


Chapter 1: Little Flight ♡


Three days ago ...



"HURRY UP, MAN!" My best friend, Kirsty exclaimed, struggling on carrying her duffel bag.

I groaned, "Alright alright. Chill out, man," I said, rolling my eyes. I tied my hair up in a high messy bun. I love doing my hair up in a messy bun; my trademark. I picked my stroller up together with my handbag. I dusted my shirt up, fixing my hair a little, "Let's go?" I asked looking at my two best friends.

"Let's!" they both exclaimed in unison.

"Bye mum!" I called from the front door.

"Bye, sweetie! Take care of yourselves, you cheeky girls, okay?" Mum reprimanded, fixing my blouse.

"Of course, mum.." I said, chuckling. I'm feeling ecstatic. This was all so new to me. The feeling was just so overwhelming!

"Alright, go ahead, girls. You might miss your flight!" she said. We nodded, making our way out of my house.

We are on our way to United Kingdom for our short once in a lifetime vacation. We have managed to win three golden tickets for a One Direction concert at Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool, UK in V channel's event. Adrie luckily won the tickets, since me and Kirsty were her very own best friends that happened to love One Direction, she decided to share her blessings to us. Well, as for me though, I just really love their songs. Their angelic voices; not their actual self - I mean, Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn..okay, I'll admit, I must like them. They're all so good looking. Let us now all be honest here. But then again, I love music very much more, you see. I just really wanted to see them perform live. And having a once in a blue moon opportunity, chance rather, like this was massive! So, I counted myself in right away without hesitating.

"Oh my goodness! I'm so excited, guys!" Adrie squealed, fanning herself. Kirsty chuckled.

I playfully rolled my eyes at my best friend, "Calm down now, babe," I told her, helping her out with her luggage for she was slightly stumbling from being so anxious.

As we reached the highway, Kirsty raised her hand, indicating on calling us a cab. A white taxi came in view and stopped short in front of us. The three of us piled inside after we put down our luggage at the back storage of the cab, "Where to?" the driver asked once we were all settled on our seats.

"To the airport please," Kirsty answered. The driver nodded then we took off.

- - -

"Flight 39 to UK, Liverpool is now boarding passengers ... Flight 39 to UK, Liverpool is now boarding passengers."

"Guys, I think that's our plane," Adrie stated the obvious.

"Come on, let's go," I said. We stood up from the bench then made our way to the securing area. One by one, we placed our luggage to the rotating machinery for security purposes.

"Ma'am, could you remove your earrings and watch?" the security guard asked politely at Kirsty. She obeyed immediately, taking off her earrings first.

Passing the securing area, we strolled our way through the huge place to go out then to the jet. Windy weather greeted us as we walk our way towards the plane. We waited patiently for our turn to climb inside the plane. Once we got in, we made our way to the economy side of the plane.

"I call window seat!" I announced.

Kirsty grunted, "Boomer.. I wanted the window seat.." she muttered, taking her seat next to me.

I chuckled, "First come, first serve!" I beamed, sticking my tongue out at her. She huffed.

"Attention passengers! We're about to take off within 5 minutes, please check your luggage whether they're complete and that you aren't missing stuffs. Thank you!"

I sunk on my seat, feeling cozy already with my position. I took out my phone then turned it into 'Airplane mode', I wore my earphones then I went to my music player. I tapped "Pixie Lott playlist' then had it on shuffle, then Perfect started playing. I shut my eyes as I enjoy my music.

I felt someone nudging me. I pried my eyes open to see Kirsty talking to me, "What?" I asked, taking the right earphone off my right ear.

"We're taking off, buckle up dude," she informed. I nodded. I buckled up right away.

- - -

"Wake up, Lexi.."


I woke up to Kirsty shaking my right arm, my music was paused already, "What..?" I croaked out, rubbing my eyes. I just love the feeling of rubbing my eyes if it's itchy from waking up.

"Food," she simply said.

I grinned, "Where?" I asked, looking around the plane. 'Till my eyes landed on the lady steward strolling a cart with food on it our way. Before Kirsty could respond to me, I covered her mouth already, "Say no more!" I beamed, "Thanks for waking me up," I smirked at her.

She slapped my hand off her mouth, "I love ya that much," she said, chuckling. Adrie laughed along.

I loved eating so much. The girls were fully aware that I adore food. They knows me too well. Me and Kirsty have been best friends since we were 4. We are neighbours after all. Adrie on the other hand was my high school buddy. We've became really close after a week of chatting about random things. Adrie loved drawing which was coincidentally one of my hobbies so we got along just well. I loved drawing anime while she was really awesome at doodling. One day, she visited me at home and right there and then I decided to introduce her to Kirsty. They liked being friends with each other in a matter of hour that day. And now..well, we're inseparables. I love these two so much. So much.

My name is Alexis Fortalejo. 18 years of age and I live in the country were people says that was always sunny - Philippines. I have a brunette hair that stopped on my below my shoulders but you wouldn't notice that because I'm always tying it up in a high messy bun, I'm skinny - I never get fat - and I have a fair skin. My best friend, Kirstina Sanchez, also known as Kirsty, she's 17 and she's really pretty. She's tall and tanned. She has long silky black hair with some brown high lights. And lastly, Adriana Lopez, also known as Adrie. She's 18 as well, same batch as mine. She has fair skin, black straight hair, and was a bit chubby.Strange though, cause she doesn't eat that much.

"Hi," the lady steward approached our row. It's about time! "Here's your food," she said, smiling at us. Placing a sandwich with each of our convertible desks. Then some orange juice pouch.

"Thanks!" Adrie chirped.

"You're welcome!" the lady said, then she proceeded to the other passengers.

I started to eat my sandwich. It's a tuna sandwich. Not that much but, I like any kind of food so..hurray for moi!

"This was actually good" Adrie mused, munching on her sandwich. I nodded her way, agreeing. Then I looked at Kirsty who was browsing on some teenager's magazine. I nudged her, "Yes?" she asked, not tearing her eyes away from the magazine.

"You gonna eat that?"

She looked up from her magazine and cocked an eyebrow at me, "Really? After I woke you up for food, you're gonna take mine?" she said, mocking offended.

I pouted, giving her a puppy look. I have finished my food already and I wanted more ...

She rolled her eyes, "Here," she said, tossing the sandwich my way. I tackled her, hugging her sides. She chuckled, "Get off me!" she hissed, laughing slightly. I parted then I started on eating.

"Attention passengers! Please seat back and buckle up, we're about to land.."

"Oh God.. here's the worst part.." Kirsty muttered, clinging on the armchair. Adrie did the same action while I carried on eating. I don't really mind. I love the feeling of getting chills by crazy rides. I love riding roller coasters. My favorite ride was in fact 'Surfdance'. You were seated inside a huge boat. It will like literally throw you in the air while all you had was the metal that is securing your lap. Yep, no seat belt. Love it! So thrilling.

"Oh, man.. I think I'm gonna throw up.." Kirsty muttered. I gave her hand a squeeze which she returned with a smile.

Then the plane have finally landed.

"You may now unbuckle and gather your luggage. Good day and welcome to UK!"

"Finally!" I beamed. I am so excited now! For the first time, I am about to land my feet on one of my wanted countries! I wanna jump in joy! I'm so gonna roam around this country if I get the chance. I stood up from my seat, shoving my phone on the inside of my bra. I do that often. It's like a habit. I don't shove it inside my pockets. I prefer my bra.

I reached for my luggage that was placed on the shelves above. Adrie and Kirsty did the same with their own luggage; then we're off.

We were greeted almost immediately by the cold wind. It slammed on my face, making my cheeks freeze. I felt my body shiver as I clung on my stroller, "Let's go," I told Kirsty and Adrie.

As we made our way inside the building. We saw random busy British and non British people lurking around, minding their own business.

"Oh my God," I choked out. The girls looked at me, "We were actually here already, guys.." I soft-squealed.

Adrie grinned, "You said it!"

"Girls?" someone with a strong British accent spoke. We turned to look at that person, "Adriana Lopez?" the man who seemed to be on his late 30's, asked.

"That's me!" Adrie beamed.

"Welcome to the UK, lass. My name is Kirk Sykes. I'm from the V company," he informed us. Ah..our tour guide, "Come along, please. I'll take you to your temporary HQ."

We followed him as we clung to our dear luggage. Once we made it out the building, a white van stopped in front of us. We all climbed inside.

Then we're off to our flat. I am so feeling anxious right now..

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