Little Snowflake (A 1D Special Series fanfic)

This is what music does to people. You would desperately go to this place called UK. For a much wanted and awaited concert. Unfortunately, you missed it. You had yourself wasted out of disappointment. You didn't know what happened next. The only thing you remembered was waking up one day on a bunk bed, inside a tour bus and finally meeting your favorite boy band all of a sudden.


1. Note from the author ...

Dear Readers & Little Snowflake,

                This story, I would like to dedicate to a girl that adored a boyband so much to the point that she wanted to meet them in flesh so badly. But unfortunately, it's impossible. Not only because she lives too far from them but also because they're demi gods while she thinks that she's an ugly duckling. She never once loved a boy band before because she's known as one of the boys; even her was shocked herself that she was actually falling for some pop stars. But you see, One Direction is just wow. They're very different from all the artists she have ever idolized. They've captured her attention. They've managed to stole her heart. Her fragile little heart, and just like directioners says, "Once you've entered the One Direction fandom, you'll never be able to know your way out", so unlucky, she would always grunt. She wanted to leave the fandom but fate won't allow her. I feel sorry for her. How pathetic she is. And so, I decided to cast her in this story to make every impossible things happen for her. All young or old enough directioners out there, this was all for you.

Little Snowflake, this is for you.


Much love,
Birdie xx

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