Gotta Be You

Bella isn't the biggest One Direction fan, but her best friend Kendall is one of the biggest fans of all time. When Bella and Kendall go to Irealand to vist Bella's grandmothers for the summer, the girls get into a really big fight and Bella runs from her problem and meets a special boy. Will she end up liking one of the One Direction boys? Please read. This is my first movellas. Enjoy!;)


3. Hmm… interesting Plane ride

Bella's P.O.V
As soon as I walk I'm the living room I see Kendall put her phone away quickly. I didn't know what she was up to but… a part of me wants to know and the other part of me doesn't want to know.
"Kendall are you ready to go to the airport?" I asked. Se nodded in agreement and got her bags and put them outside the front door. I got my called a cab and in less than five minutes it was here. We put our bags in the cab and headed to the airport. I could tell something was up with Kendall.
When we arrived at the airport I finnally asked Kendall what was wrong with her.
"What's wron-" I was cut off by the announcer. "Plane Ireland is now boarding."
Kendall and I went to go and board the plane. When I took my seat I noticed that I was nowhere near Kendall. I got mad at this. I wanted to be by my bestfriend for sixteen hours, not some stupid stranger. When I thought this I might have mumbled this because the guy I was sitting next asked me "Are you okay, love?" This guy had a deep British accent.
I nodded my head and got out a book called Love Aculy. I had just started reading when the guy next to me said "Have you seen that movie?" When this guys said this I aculy noticed how handsome he was. He had the most amazing green eyes and had very curly hair. When he asked me that he smiled revealing his cute dimples.
"No." I smiled back.
"You really should. I was just wondering… yeah, umm… errr... do you like One Direction?" he scratched his head. As soon as he said this I thought to my self, 'crap crap a guy that likes One Direction. I hope he isn't like Kendall.'
"Umm.…depends. Are you going to hate me if I say that I think that they are okay?"
"No." he laughed.
" I mean I don't even know thier names, or what they look like. And the only song I know by them is LWWY. Wait… the only one I know is called Louis Tominson, and that's because my friend talks about him all the time."
"Oh… so ermm.… so you don't know who I am?"
"Oh crap your from the band, aren't you?" I said. I crossed my fingers hoping he wasn't. He slowly nodded his head and smiled a small smile
"I'm sorry. You know what? How about you tell me about yourself. Oh and by the way my name is Bella."
"Okay. My name is Harry. Last name is Styles. I-" I had cut him off because I laughed a little bit at his last name. I said sorry and he continued."I love cats and my favorite color is orange. My favorite movie is called Love Aculy. I was on x-factor and put into a group called One Direction, and I like to sing. Plus I'm dating Taylor Swift.
"Cool. So where are you heading off to Mr. Styles?" When I herd that he was dating Taylor Swift, I thought 'wow! Really? Kendall hates her guts because Taylor had once said Fuck off Directioners.
"Well I'm going to see my mates. They are also in the band."
"Well… umm let me think of anymore questions. What are you doing in America?"
"I was here to vist Taylor." he said. "Can I ask you some questions?" I nodded my head. "Whenever I said I was dating Taylor you had that look on your face that said 'oh, that's your girlfriend' do you not like her?"
"No it's not me that doesn't like her. I like her music."
"Where are you headed?"
"I'm headed to my grandmothers. I haven't seen her in ages."
"For how long?"
"The whole summer." I said. He smiled and I smiled back. "So Harry, why aren't you I
First class airline?"
"Something told me not to." he smiled at me. I think he was flirting with me. We talked forever. Then I told him I had to go to the restroom. As I was coming out of the restroom I ran into Kendall.
"Kendall are you okay? I think that you wa-" she cut me off.
"I need to tell you something. Please don't get mad." I nodded. "Andrew texted this morning." as soon as she said that I think I felt tears in my eyes. I haven't talked to Andrew since we broke up. I can't believe it.
Kendall's P.O.V
I couldn't keep it in anymore. I had to tell Bella. As soon as I told her that Andrew texted me I knew that she was hurt. I saw the tears build up in her eyes. I think that her heart dropped like mine did when he texted me.
"Well what did… what did Andrew say?" she asked. I saw a tear go down her face.
"He just wanted to talk. That's it. I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I just didnt want to hurt or ruin your day, but I couldn't keep it in anymore."
"You know what? I'm going to cry over that fag. When ever I hear his name I can't cry anymore. We both need to be happy." When Bella said this she put on a brave smile.
"Whenever I saw you, what did you want to tell me?"
Bella's P.O.V
I didn't want to tell her that I met one of the guys she obsessed with. So I lied. I don't know why, but I did.
"Oh... Yeah. The airplane has amazing peanuts and the guy that I'm sitting with is really cute." I lied. Kendall smiled and laughed a little. I laughed too and we said bye to each other. I went back to my seat trying to whipe the tears away and make it look like I didn't cry.
Harry's P.O.V
I met Bella, and I immediately fell in love, but that's wrong because I'm in love with Taylor. I don't know what to do. Bella has been in the loo for a long time. I wonder what was going on. Oh here she comes. Her eyes look puffy and red. I wonder what's wrong. When Bella took her seat right next to me I asked her, "Whats wrong love?"
"Nothin. I don't want to dump all my problems on you, plus its a long story." she said.
"It's fine. Plus we still have like fourteen hours." she smiled and I smiled then she began.
"Umm... Okay. We'll my ex texted my friend this morning that he wanted to talk." years were beginning to fill Her eyes. "Umm he is the guy that was my first love. He was the first guy to break my heart. My bestfriend and him were good friends and she set me up with him. Everything was great at first intill he asked for thinks that I wasn't ready for like sex, he didn't like my answer so he cheated. My friends told me that he was cheating on me but I didn't listen to them. Then one day I was going to the washroom and I saw my boyfriend and this slut making out and doing it in an open stall." Now she was sobbing. I could believe this heartless guy did this to her. "The only good think about it was that he ended up getting the girl pregnet." she said this with a slight smile.
"Well he's a big heart less jerk then to do that to a beautiful, smart, funny girl." I whipped her tears with my thumb.
"I really like you Styles." she said with a laugh.
"I like you too. Do you wanna officially be friends? Airplane buddies?"
"I would like that. Airplane buddy." she said with a smile. Her smile is so adorable. I wish we could be more than friends but I'm dating Taylor and I don't think that she likes me that way.
Bella's P.O.V
Harry asked me to be his official friend. I wish he would have asked me to be more than that because I was falling hard for him. I know I barely know him but Im in love with him, but I know that won't ever happen because he is going out with Taylor. Harry is so lovely. We finally stop talking. Harry got out his iPhone 5 and went to his music. He gave me one ear bud and he had the other. We listened to some songs. The first song he played was a song called 'Kiss You.
"This song is by my band. One Directin." he said. He even pointed out his solo. He had a very good voice. I fell asleep listening to his music.
*4 hours later*
I woke up to a snoring Harry. My head was on his shoulder and his head was on my head. All his beatifull curls were on my face. He smelt so good. I decided to try and go back to sleep.
I really can't wait to get off this plane but at the same time I didn't want to leave because then I would never get to see Harry again.
Harry's P.O.V
I woke up because felt Bella move. I wonder what she was thinking about. "Love, do you mind if I go throught you. I need to go to the loo." she smiled and let me pass through. I really like that she wasn't another one of those screaming fans. I find it unatractive when a girl squeals in front of me.
When I was was walking out of the loo, I ran into this girl. I think she must be a fan because she squealed when she saw me. All she could say was "Harry Harry Harry"
Kendall's P.O.V
OMG! I just ran into Harry Freakin Styles. OMG? I made a full of my self though. All I said was his name.
"Your Harry Styles!
"Hello, love." he smiled and that revealed his dimples.
"Hi. I'm Kendall. I love you and the rest of One Direction. I love your music so much. I've always wanted to meet you."
"it's nice to me you Kendall, and thank you so much. It's out fans that got to where we are now. Hey umm I just wanted to ask you if you like Taylor Swift?"
Oh crap I hated her because of what she said to all the directioners. I tried to avoid his question. "I'm soo sorry Harry, I gotts to go." and I left him there wondering what just happened.
Harry's P.O.V
I asked this his girl called Kendall if she like Taylor because of what Bella said, and Kendall just walked away from me. What was that? I guess that that Kendall doesn't really like Taylor for some reason. I don't understand this.
Kendall's P.O.V
Harry Styles asked me is I liked Taylor Swift. Truly I hate her guts, but if I told Harry I hated his girlfriend, he would probably hate me and I don't want that. So instead of answering him, said I had to go and ran off. I made a fool of myself.
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