Gotta Be You

Bella isn't the biggest One Direction fan, but her best friend Kendall is one of the biggest fans of all time. When Bella and Kendall go to Irealand to vist Bella's grandmothers for the summer, the girls get into a really big fight and Bella runs from her problem and meets a special boy. Will she end up liking one of the One Direction boys? Please read. This is my first movellas. Enjoy!;)


2. Getting ready

*Kendalls alarm* [Lets go crazy crazy 'till we see the sun]
Really? Kendall even has One Direction as her alarm.
"Kendall." I said whispering a little.
"Vas Happin" she said. Every chance she had, she'd say that.
"It's time to get up and get dressed. We have to leave in an hour."
"NO! Let me sleep!" she said closing her eyes.
"Okay. Sure. Whatever you want." I said to her and left the room. I herd her say thank you. When I left my room I got I tea pitcher full of ice cold water with ice in it and went back up to my room. I've always wanted to wake someone up by poring water all over them. And today happened to be my chance to do that. I thought I was kinda mean so I poured the water out my window and I tried to wake her up again. This time she slapped me. Kendall get grumpy when you try to wake her up from her sleep. So I decided to get the tea pitcher with warm water to wake her up. I didnt war to do the freezing water this time.
"Kendall, wake up! Or else." I said.
"or else's what?" she said. I felt a smirk across my face.
"Or else this." I poured the water all over her and said nicely "We have to get ready darling. Oh and sorry about the water. I didn't know how to wake you up any other way." I laughed at this. I thought she would of been mad, but she wasn't. All she said was 'thanks. Now I don't have to take a shower' and laughed. Now we only had fourty five minutes intill we have to leave.

Kendall's P.O.V
Bella poured water on me to wake me up! Haha! I thought it was funny because now I don't have to take a shower anymore. I went to the washroom and blow dried my hair and put my hair in a messy bun. Then I put make up on. After that I change into so clothes. I put on some sweets and a big shirt that with some Uggs. After I was done I went downstairs and watched some tv.
*PHONE RINGS* [Tell tell me how to turn your love on… so tell me girl everytime we touch… if you don't wanna take it slow and take me home… I just wanna show you off to all of my friend, makein them drool outta their chinney, chin… and if you want me too lets make a moovve... Baby say yeah yeah… and let me kiss you.] oh gosh. That scared me. My phone only plays that ringtone plays when Andrew texts or calls.
Andrew is Bella's ex-boyfriend. I don't understand why he would text me. We haven't talked since Bella and him broke up. Andrew was my best guy friend. Since Bella was my best best friend I set them up together. They clicked and went out. After they went out for like three week we found him making out with another girl. He cheated on my best friend. Ever since then Bella and I haven't talked to Andrew.
From: Andrew- Hey we need to talk. I need to tell you something.
To: Andrew '2 bad jerk. Don't you ever talk to me!
From: Andrew. 'plzz it's important '
To:Andrew 'even if I wanted to I can't
From: Andrew 'y?'
To: Andrew 'me and bells are going to Ireland. Bye gtg'
I hung up on him because I saw Bella come in the living room
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