Gotta Be You

Bella isn't the biggest One Direction fan, but her best friend Kendall is one of the biggest fans of all time. When Bella and Kendall go to Irealand to vist Bella's grandmothers for the summer, the girls get into a really big fight and Bella runs from her problem and meets a special boy. Will she end up liking one of the One Direction boys? Please read. This is my first movellas. Enjoy!;)


1. Blah blah blah sleep over

Bella's P.O.V
Tomorrow me and Kendall are going to go to Irealand to vist my grandmother for the whole summer. This is so exciting! *KNOCK* *KNOCK*
"Who is it?"
"Umm... It's your best friend. Duh!" When I opened the door my bestfriend Kendall jumped on me.
"Get off of me! Please your heavy!" I said giggling.
Kendall was my bestfriend since kindergarten. As soon as the teacher put me and Kendall as partners we instantly became friends. Also because when we met Kendall asked me 'you wanna be bestfriends forever?' Of corse I said sure. And that's how she became my bestfriend.
Kendall was going to spend the night because tomorrow we had to leave to the airport at like five o'clock in the morning.
"Okay, okay I'm off. Guess what? Guess guess guess?" Kendall said really enthusiastically.
"Umm… wait. Hold on, I got this. Okay. I give up." I said.
"Guess who live in Irealand. He's like one of the hottest Irish guy that has ever lived. C'mon. I talk about him and his other four HOTT friends all the time. He's in a band." she said.
"I dunno. Sorry." I said. I acculy did know who she was talking about this brittish boy band that she was in love with. I think the band is called One Direction.
"Really? Seriously? I'm talking about a band member from… FROM ONE DIRECTION! She said. She Screamed the last part. She really does like One Direction. "Well anyways NIALL FREAKIN JAMES HORAN live in Irealand. Ahhh! I'm going to faint. While we are in Irealand, do you think that we'll aculy get to see him when we're there. " Kendall was fan-girling already.
"Blah, blah, blah! Please don't talk about him. I just want to sit back and relax because we have like a sixteen hour plane ride. It's going to be an exhausting day." I said annoyed.
"Fine. What do you want to do?" Kendall asked.
I started to walk up stairs to get my guitar and laptop and them I went my kitchen to get two carrots and do whip cream.
"Let's do a crazy video or a we could do sing and put those on videos on YouTube. Or we could just sit down and watch TV eat these carrots with the whip cream." either way it doesn't mater to me." I said. We ended up doing the crazy video about us eating carrots with whip cream while trying to sing. Its was so crazy, but funny. We had a good time. When we liked at the time it was already 11:09. "You know what we should do now before we got to sleep?" I said. "We should make a wish at 11:11. I always do this. "
"Okay sure. It's 11:11 now. Let's make our wish!" she said.
"I wish to have a good time in Ireland" I said
"I wish I will get to meet Niall and the rest of One Direction while we are in Ireland." Kendall said.
Oh my god I thought. We went up stair to my too
And went to my room. I layed out blankets on the floor for her to sleep on and I got into my room. As soon as I put my head on my pillow I instantly fell asleep. I really do hope tomorrow and the whole summer goes good while we are in Ireland.
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