A Soldiers Diary

Do you know what its like to be in the war? Yeah I dont either...But you probably wouldn't want to find out anyways :C Got Bless All the SOLDIERS! A diary written in year 5


1. Dear Diary...

A solders diary

12/6/400 BC

Dear Diary,

                    Today has been an exhausting day of following orders and being told what to do. So far I have made a fool of myself, the food was unbearable the beer was thick and tasteless the cheese was moldy and the bread was hard and out of date. I refused to eat such filthy food as a result I spilt my beer and complained, that didn't get me very far at all. I was sent to the Centurion to be punished.  I stood there in dreadful pain as the chains pinched my skin, why couldn't I have just kept my mouth shut! The Centurion and other fully trained members of the army came to a decision I was to be executed in the morning for being ungrateful. I begged them as hard a I could I explained to them I have two sons and baby girl and I couldn't let them down, they discussed about my recent behavior and gave me a warning. I was excused.

 First bit of training was marching for 15 miles, it was extremely difficult. I couldn't keep up I was tired after about 6 miles I couldn't keep up with the pace and my line. Sweat was dipping from all over me I have blisters all over my feet my legs are tensed up making it hard to move. I accidentally got someone beaten because I tripped them up, I was ashamed of myself. Sword practice was my best and favorite skill, I got praise and a lot of attention on this part of the training. I defeated all of my Century's I was called 'Black Knight' I was so brilliant at sword fighting I got extra dinner, in fact I got extra dinner for everyone in my Century! Which got me off the hook for tripping my mate up.

                                                                                     John Patel

Written in year 5

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