hey i just meet you & this is crazy!!<3

this story is all about taylor and she meets the band! But she is finding it really hard to choose which one she really has the most feelings for harry? niall? liam? zayn? or louis? which one is going to make the best impression? xx


1. trying to persaude mum...<3

omg one direction are on tour and i really love them!! asked mum loads of times please can i get tickets to see them and maybe go backstage?.."NO" said taylors mum "but mum its not that expensive to go..well i dont thing so anyway?" said taylor "urm taylor money does'nt grow on trees you do know!" "mum look i will save some money and put it towards the tickets and them we could pay halfs! and i promise i will pay you.." said taylor with her figers crossed behind her back.


   ******************* 1 hour later *******************


taylor her mum and also her dad are all sitting on the sofa together watching television.whist they were all watcing tellie Taylor said about what she wanted to do for her birthday and whether she was alowed to do it? she wanted to go and see one direction with her friend becky and then have V.I.P tickets so she could see them back stage and meet them all.. she said she would be really happy if she could do this! "TAYLOR I HAVE ALREADY SAID THAT I WILL THINK ABOUT IT AND WE DISCUSSED THIS"!! "sorry mum i just thought because it will be my 13th birthday we were going to make it special and what a way than meeting one direction with my best friend for my birthday, i will be a teenager aswell!!" "like i said taylor i will think about it and me and your father will talk about it now go and do your homework.." said her mum in a annoyed voice!..


A/N hi everyone thank you for reading my new story!<3 more chapters coming soon...!! hope you like the first chapter..<3 xxx



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