hey i just meet you & this is crazy!!<3

this story is all about taylor and she meets the band! But she is finding it really hard to choose which one she really has the most feelings for harry? niall? liam? zayn? or louis? which one is going to make the best impression? xx


2. morning surprise<3

Well its 11am in the morning and i can hear knocking at the door,i run down and open it i shout at the door like ok ok i am coming!! then i pull open the door oh its becky "hey why aare you here?" i said "oh its nice to see you too!" as becky walks through the door. My mum was sat on the sofa reading a magazine like she always does in the morning i only like the elle magazine i thinks its really good anyway my mum always says "its too expensive!" or "you wont read it!"...


I start so get ready because beckys mum had brought us both tickets to see the new one direction movie in 3D it looks amazing!! when she told me i was so pleased because i really want to see it but my said i would have to earn the money to go, i am going now so know need to worry "OMG BECKY I AM SO EXITED!!" screaming into beckys ear!! as she shouts at me "DO YOU HAVE TO ALWAYS SHOUT INTO MY EAR?" (she gets annoyed easily).We are still best friends anyway!!! <3

As my mum calls out to both of us "girls time to go now we dont want to be late!" i was thinking mum are you coming with us but se was'nt coming it was just me and becky...

We got into the car and we are driving at a high speed until we see somebody in the car and me and becky look at eachother and say "IIITTT'SSS HHAARRRRYY!!!" but my mum said he has gone to londen on tour remember and i was thinking to myself how does my mother know where one direction are on tour? Unless she has been looking at tickets for me..who knows? CANT WAIT FOR MY BIRTHDAY NOW!<3


Nearly at the cinema now and the traffic is getting bigger and bigger and the time is ticking.. we need to be there soon becky is away with the fairys jaming out to her music! i was looking at her she turned around and said "what was i looking at?"with a scrushed up face.. all i said was "you looked like you was having a good time listening to her music!"

The traffic is really bad but we are nearly there so cant wait... :)


A/N hope you like this chapter sorry if there is any spelling mistakes or incorrect terms but hope you enjoy my story so far and there will be more chapters DONT WORRY! comment below what you think and like for more chapters<3 xx thank you :)  

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