hey i just meet you & this is crazy!!<3

this story is all about taylor and she meets the band! But she is finding it really hard to choose which one she really has the most feelings for harry? niall? liam? zayn? or louis? which one is going to make the best impression? xx


4. good news!!<3

As becky reads the text message she screams and everybody looks at her like what is she screaming at?... she just looked at them and stopped but then  she just started agian... The text says...


"hi becky how are you? mail has just come through the letter box i have won backstage tickets for the one direction concert, would you like to go?" beckys mum said


"ok i will sendvthe forms back and get the tickets and me and you can go!" said beckys mum.

"mum really you dont even like one direction..do you?" becky said.

"well i dont really like them but i will just stand there with you and make sure your ok." she replied

"mum seriously you dont like them what a waste of such an amazing ticket cant taylor come with me?"

"but your only 15 i cant let you go on your own.."

"mum i am 15 and nearly 16 so just let me and taylor go!..please?"

"uhh i...ok but you promise to call me every single hour and make sure you stay together!"

"mum its not tonight or like this week because if it is..well i know theres something thats happening this week but i really cant remeber!!"

"well its on friday well that is what is says on the sheet so tell taylor about it and then i will can her mum ok so be careful and i will see you later! have fun pick you up at 10pm! xx"

"okay see you later and i am so exited i will tell taylor right away!!! bye xx"

becky showed me the text i was so happy to see this! but whe i saw the text that it was on friday i was thinking that is my birthday and that is what i have always wanted to do and my mum doesnt have to pay!<3

the film ended and my mum came and collected us and we went back to my house and i got in through the door and before my mum had even sat down i had told her she already new and beckys mum was lying to her she said she was going to ring my mum about it.

So me and becky has been thinking about this our birthdays are really close hers is like a week after mine so i am a little older than her, we think our mums actaully planned this and made it all up?....

we will have to wait and see what happens!! :)

A/N hope you enjoyed this net chpter soon comment for chapter names or what shoud happen<3 hope you liked it!!!!xoo


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