hey i just meet you & this is crazy!!<3

this story is all about taylor and she meets the band! But she is finding it really hard to choose which one she really has the most feelings for harry? niall? liam? zayn? or louis? which one is going to make the best impression? xx


3. cinema - with becky <3

finally got to the cinema with a one hour car journey!..


We got into the cinema payed for out tickets and got our sweet popcorn,we had already eaten like half of the bag of popcorn by the time we had finally found our seats! their was people sat in our seats so we had to say these are our seats and they got a little angry and moved to the other side of the cinema & kept giving us evils and we just looked at them like we did'nt care if they were looking at us...


The movie started and the new song kiss you started to play and everyone was singing in the cinema - the music was so loud!! but still it was really good we both loved i just felt like standing up and dancing around like i do at home<3!! (to all of thier music)

THE MOVIE: one direction sytle, they started of with when they were children and what they like singing ...i mean they were all good at singign but like i think harry was the best he was just so sweet how he smiled all the time and was always really nice to everyone!<3


half way through the movie it was so good i could watch it agian and agian it was so good1 well i dont know if becky liked it, she was fast asleep! i counld'nt believe it she was the one how even said to her mum if we could go together and get the tickets and pay for them! She cant even stay awake to watch the BEST film in the world with ONE DIRECTION in!!<3 

So its nearly the end of the movie its really good its all about thier lifes and what they have done over the years...untill becky wakes and gets her phone out and checks if she has any calls or messages.She has one new message from her mum it says...

A/N hope you like my cliffhanger read my new chapter and see what happens and what the text says?..<3 hope you like it so far and you are enjoying it comment below for any changes or things you want in later chapters!:) thank you for reading it!!<3

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