In the outer corners of London, in a small poor village year 1902, lives the boy called Louis Tomlinson, he got a secret greater than anyone. He has special powers. The ability to turn himself invisible, fly up in the air and lift stuff. He basically has superpowers no one knows of. At a time Louis meets someone, a very strange guy, he always stays out of trouble and usually keeps for himself, but Louis is curious to find out who this boy is. Will this boy change his life and who is he?
A/N: So i started a new one. Maybe a little to unnatural but im a geek i know haha. But anyway, the Trailer and cover is made my Christina and i love her to bits! Trailer link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvV_kh53sKg


1. The start


A/N: new fanfic, yay. Dont forget to check out the trailer.


In a little poor village just outside north London, in year 1902, lived a boy. He wasn’t one of the regular boys in this village, he did go to school and play with his friends, acting like he was normal, he had always been like that. But a day he had found out something was different about him. One day he had wanted a boy’s toy, and it had flown right into his hands to both himself and the boy’s surprise. After many years of confusion this boy found out at an age of 15, he got superpowers.

He got the ability to fly up in the air. He could lift all kind up things with his mind as well as hold animals If he wanted to. Last but not least he could turn himself invisible, only for people vision, if someone bumped into him he wasn’t that hidden anymore, but he was working on it, for people just to be able to walk through him without noticing.

This guy then whole city knew as Louis Tomlinson, the cheeky and funny guy. A person who puts up banters, with everyone. His two partners in crime were his best friend Nick and Zayn, a new coming to the little village.

No one lived on the street in this village, everyone was family and everyone was welcome. Louis lived with his mum, four sisters and his best friend with his own mum. Because no one was left out. This boy had walked into the small village, catching Louis’ curiosity and one of Louis better friends had welcomed him by letting him live with their family.

Most of the family's or people in this village didn't mind the lack of money, everyone helped each other out and that's what maked life in his village yet so lovely.

Louis wandered down the small streets of the village. The ground was muddy from the nights rain, the air was fresh and filled with the smell of wet grass. It was a hot summer day, which maked the air a little heavier and thicker than usual.

Louis’ head was down and his hands was hidden, buried deep into his pockets of the dirty trousers he was wearing. No shirt hanging over his chest, revealed a bare chest and a small six pack. Louis eyes scanned the little street, spotting someone who caught his interest. The new boy in town, no one knew who he exactly was, only that he seemed to disappear in the end every month for about a week.

His name, no one knew of. He was a bizarre kid, but that was the reason he seemed catch Louis’ interest in a huge amount.

Green eyes meet blue, and a small cheeky smile played on Louis small thin lips. Louis raise his hand a little and waved at the boy with his fingers. The boys right side of his lip turned upward just slightly, into a small smile, and his hand bowed up, waving lightly back.

Louis raised an eyebrow, a small smirk found its way to his lips. Louis passed him slowly, their eyes broke apart. Louis found himself resist the lust to look back at this strange boy. Heads of both boys turned around and green meet blue. They eyes had broken apart when Louis tripped and felt toward the ground.

Louis felt a pair of strong hands grabbing his hips, pulling him up. “ups” Louis giggled and looked up, meeting the green again.

“you don’t say” the guys voice was deep and raspy, his low chuckled was just as raspy.

Louis got to his feet again. “I could have gotten rather dirty right there” Louis smiled.

“We can’t have that pretty face of yours getting all dirty can we?” The boy winked and removed some mud from Louis’ cheek, before Louis could react on what the boy had said to him, he had turned on his heels and walked away.

Louis laid a hand on his cheek where the boys thumb had been.

Louis smiled widely and ran home. “NICK” he screamed out in the small household. The little house was nothing special, made of brown wood and a dirty roof. The inside was not big enough to hold as many people as they were.

Four small rooms, a living room connected with the kitchen and last a small bathroom. The inside was home for all of them. Louis lived together with nick. Their mums together. Louis twin sisters Phoebe and Daisy. Louis oldest sisters Lottie and Fizzy together in a room.

The rooms were simple, with two beds and a night stand in between. A little cupboard in the corner behind the door and a bookshelf on the wall, with very little books on. The bathroom wasn’t designed for two to be able to stand in there, the toilet was in the end of the long bathroom, the sink just in front and a shower head hanging on the wall rarely used.

In the living room was a small worn couch, which once where red. But now it was more pink of a colour. Tea stains and food marks was clearly seen on it. Beside it stood an old leather chair, but the leather where you sat was in the fact gone. A fireplace in the wall in front of it stood four small cozy chairs for the girls, Louis and Nick had crafted from a junkyard.

The kitchen was white with a small counter following the wall, and a little old oven in the middle of it all. The heating place was a little fire place with a pot hanging over it, for tea. A little table from there with six chairs around it in different colours after the twins wish. Louis had to their surprise painted a princess on their chairs.

This little house hold wasn’t big, yet it was home for six people who loved and adorable this home.

Louis ran down the small hallway, with paintings handing on the walls and a left over night stand with flowers on it. Louis entered the room. They white walls of theirs wasn’t quite white anymore, it had gotten filled with draws and painting from both boys.

Louis dropped down beside nick on the small bed pushed together with his own.

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