In the outer corners of London, in a small poor village year 1902, lives the boy called Louis Tomlinson, he got a secret greater than anyone. He has special powers. The ability to turn himself invisible, fly up in the air and lift stuff. He basically has superpowers no one knows of. At a time Louis meets someone, a very strange guy, he always stays out of trouble and usually keeps for himself, but Louis is curious to find out who this boy is. Will this boy change his life and who is he?
A/N: So i started a new one. Maybe a little to unnatural but im a geek i know haha. But anyway, the Trailer and cover is made my Christina and i love her to bits! Trailer link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvV_kh53sKg


3. Jealous


Louis hovered in the air for several of hours, looking at the stars. But when he heard nick calling his name, his voice filled with worry he decided now was the time to go home, before the whole village would be looking for him. 


He went down and landed behind nick, making himself visible again. "I'm here" louis said and laid his hand on nicks back.


"Where the hell have you been louis" nick groaned, his eyes red and big. He had been crying. "The last I see of you, are you following that curly haired guy away, I thought he had killed you or something. It's 3am" 


Louis sighed and pulled him in for a hug. "Don't worry nick I've been on my own, Harry didn't have time. I was simply watching the stars" he smiled and pulled away, cupping his best friends cheeks. His thumb brushing over them lightly. "I'm alright okay" he whispered.


This was their thing, a comfort zone for both of the best friends. They acted like a couple most of the time, without the kisses and sexual stuff. They just both liked to cuddle and be around each other, like brothers. Or well one of the two thought of the other in a slightly higher way.


"I was just worried " nick sighed, snaking his arms around his best friend again and gave him a tight hug once again.


"I know and I'm sorry, I forgot time"


"You tend to do that a lot at the moment, are you sure you're alright?


"I'm sure" louis nodded and pulled away, taking nicks hand and walked down the muddy streets to their house.


"Is it the curly haired boy?"


"No- what- no way" louis protested a little to quickly, causing nick to raise a eyebrow. "Maybe a little" he mumbled.


"Aww Lou is in love" nick teased with a laugh.


"Shut up. As well as I'm the only one knowing it name" louis smirked, knowing nick was that person in this town who would want to know the most.


"What no way" nick burst out, his eyes wide.


"Yes way" louis grinned "he whispered it to me, that's why I followed him" louis nodded 


"Tell me!"


"No I promised not to tell a soul" louis winked.


"I hate you" nick pouted.


Louis chuckled low. Yes he did have a minor crush on this Harry boy, he was fit okay. Louis always found himself watching Harry, in the distance. But Harry always seemed to notice and their eyes would meet. Which would make louis blush deeply, and give Harry a cheeky grin on his face. 


But there was something weird over the boy, which louis couldn't seem to figure out. Sometimes when people around him would tease him, or disturb what he was doing his eyes would turn yellow instead of his normal green colour. A thing louis didn't understand.


By having studied the boy almost everyday since he had moved to the village. Louis had noticed that Harry seemed to keep his hands in fits most of the time, specially when other people were around. Like he had a anger issue he couldn't seem to control.


But everytime Harry noticed louis, his eyes would turn normal and his fits release. Like he didn't want louis to see it. But there was a lot more in this, than louis didn't know about.


Harry wasn't regular, god no he wasn't. But his secret was laid deep inside himself, and only very few people knew about this. Harry felt cursed but there was nothing to do about it, the person that had done this to him was already dead and he was stuck like this, forever.


Louis and nick passed Harry the next day, causing louis to blush slightly when Harry gave him a little wink and a cheeky smile. Nick took louis hand, walking of with the smaller boy. Louis kept throwing small looks over his should to see Harry again, to see if he looked and he did. "Do you think i'll have a chance?"


"What? With Harry. No way " nick laughed.


”wait why not?” Louis frowned, not liking the tone in nicks voice.


“He Is just, you know Lou, maybe he a little to good for you?” Nick said carefully. “I doubt there is anyone out there who will be good enough for him. He is that kind of person with his nose high in the sky, and you shouldn’t date a person like that”

“Really?” Louis sighed, his eyes falling to the muddy ground


“Im sorry lou” Nick said, sliding an arm around Louis’ shoulders, while pressing a kiss his cheek. He looked back at harry, and gave him an angry look, before pulling Louis closer to him.


“Yeah I guess- I guess we’ll just have to be friends then” Louis mumbled.


“Yeah, that would probably be better love” Nick smirked to himself.


But it didn’t stop Louis, he kept watching harry on a distance of course. Sometimes their eyes would meet, for brief moments, but enough for Louis’ cheek to turn into a bright red. Which would make Nick slightly jealous, he would then sit down beside Louis and start to play with Louis’ hand while staring angry at harry.


This was enough for Harry to stay away from the smaller boy, because he was slightly treaten by nick. As well as he didn’t want to ruin anything between the two friends, he couldn’t quite figure out what they had, but to harry it seemed like a relationship, in some sort


Louis sighed low, and looked love struck at harry. His head resting in his hands. “He is so beautiful” Louis whispered to himself, harry had heard and looked over at Louis. He gave him a small wave and a wink.  “Ohh gosh he is looking at me” Louis mumbled, his cheeks growling darker and hotter.


Harry walked slowly toward the boy, until nick came in between then, disturbing the moment. Harry sighed, and left the other way. It was soon full moon and he’d have to leave, he just knew one thing he wanted to before he was gone for a week. He had to talk to Louis, at least giving the boy a peck on the cheek.


Or the lips. 

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