In the outer corners of London, in a small poor village year 1902, lives the boy called Louis Tomlinson, he got a secret greater than anyone. He has special powers. The ability to turn himself invisible, fly up in the air and lift stuff. He basically has superpowers no one knows of. At a time Louis meets someone, a very strange guy, he always stays out of trouble and usually keeps for himself, but Louis is curious to find out who this boy is. Will this boy change his life and who is he?
A/N: So i started a new one. Maybe a little to unnatural but im a geek i know haha. But anyway, the Trailer and cover is made my Christina and i love her to bits! Trailer link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvV_kh53sKg


2. Harry


A/N: For whoever reads this or decides to start, im awfully sorry. Its rubbish.

 Louis lay on his back, his head resting on nicks thigh. His eyes was laid on the old wooden room, with small holes in it, from when Louis and Nick had been to violent with a ball or something. Small wooden pieces had been sat up over them. But new ones had formed, this time because the ceiling where old, and they didn’t have money to get it fixed.

Louis and Nick could easily fix the roof, if they had the materials, that were the only problem. The two boys didn’t see it necessary to put their own room first. When their mums and Louis’ sisters needed it more, or well after the boys mind they did.

Louis was telling nick about what the strange guy had done today. Nick listened, yet while doing something else. Louis arms moved around in the air as he told what had happened, maybe he twisted the story a little, with telling nick that the boy had kissed Louis just shortly.

“Wait I don’t believe that” Nick laughed at what Louis had said.

Louis just shrugged and continued talking about how it had felt. Nick eventually pushed Louis of the bed laughing. “you’re so filled with bullshit”

“Well half of it is true…” Louis added and looked up at nick with a cheeky grin.

“I don’t believe the kissing part, or that he called you pretty face”

“One of them is true, I’m not telling which” Louis smirked; he got up from the floor and walked out of the room. He scooped Darcy and Phoebe up in his arms as they came running to him. He gave them a spin before putting them down again. He loved his sisters more than anything.

“Will you take us to the mock fire tonight?” Phoebes little fine voice asked, both of the twins had blond bobbed hair, thin noses and the same blue eyes as Louis’. They were quite small, but they were only 5 as well.

“of course lovelies” Louis smiled. He always adored how the twins saw him like the best big brother in the world. The twins giggled and ran of again.

Later, when the sun had gone down, it gave the sky a beautiful glow of orange and a little pink. Louis walked toward the middle area of the village. Phoebe sitting on his shoulder and Darcy in his arms. The mysterious stood lent against a wall on the other side of the fire watching Louis come with his sister.

Louis meet his eyes over the fire and flashed him a smile. “run of girls, I have to talk to someone” Louis said and sat both of them on the ground.

Louis walked toward the boy and stood beside him.

“adorable sisters you got there” The boys said with a smile.

“I know” Louis said with a nod and a proud smile. “what’s your name?

“you really want to know?”

“actually yes” Louis nodded with a small chuckle.

“Well you see pretty face, I don’t really give my name out to strangers, and anyway im not going to be here for much longer. So what would the meaning of me telling you it?”

“Well because I’m curious and I want to know” Louis answered simple.

“If you figure out how I really am, like with my family” The boy shrugged and started to walk away.

Louis got confused. “what?” he whispered to himself. He walked to the fire deep in thought.

The orange reddish flames danced in the air, coming from the thick pieces of wood, making them black. Louis eyes were laid on the fire, his face getting warm of the heat filling the air from the fire. His eyelids shut close. His mind was spinning with the words the boy had said to him. He was confused out of his mind.

Louis jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder, sending shivers down his spine and a warm feeling going through his body, as he knew who this hand were. He could feel a hot breath again his ear, making his own breath just slightly shaky and deeper

. “You know that wasn’t quite fair…im Harry, but don’t tell anyone” a whisper came into his ear. It ended of with

 “But it’s only because you have as pretty face as you have” the warm breath against his ear and the actually rather big hand on his shoulder disappeared and the sound footsteps got lower and lower.

Louis jumped up and rushed after Harry. Louis said it to himself several of times, he like it. The sound it made in the end with the y, Louis love it. The way it rolled over his tongue perfectly, made a small giggle leave me throat. He knew this sounded strange.

“harry wait” Louis called.

The black silhouette of harry stopped and turned around a few meters in front of Louis. “I don’t have time right now…” Harrys deep voice sounded low as he started to walk away again.

“thank you for trusting me” Louis yelled after him, he could see harrys right hand raised as a you’re welcome.

Louis smiled widely to himself as he started to walk through the muddy streets of the village. He looked around himself, he couldn’t see anyone. He closed his eyes and flew up in the air, right after turning himself invisible.

Louis flew long up in the air until the air was fresh. Louis loved it up here, everything where fresh, and no air was used. The air was thin, but that was what Louis loved the most. He wind in his hair, and the adrenalin going through his body as he flew around.

Louis felt free up here, so one could bug him or do anything. He would have control over whoever walked under him, and they wouldn’t know what hit them.  He had a little game, with making a wall of air and people would walk into it. They wouldn’t know what had happened, and they would feel the air for several of minutes, to think it was alright again and Louis would do it once again

He thought no one had seen, him fly up in the air as well as turn himself invisible. But he thought wrong. One had, one with just as big a secret as himself.

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