In the outer corners of London, in a small poor village year 1902, lives the boy called Louis Tomlinson, he got a secret greater than anyone. He has special powers. The ability to turn himself invisible, fly up in the air and lift stuff. He basically has superpowers no one knows of. At a time Louis meets someone, a very strange guy, he always stays out of trouble and usually keeps for himself, but Louis is curious to find out who this boy is. Will this boy change his life and who is he?
A/N: So i started a new one. Maybe a little to unnatural but im a geek i know haha. But anyway, the Trailer and cover is made my Christina and i love her to bits! Trailer link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvV_kh53sKg


4. Caught in a spiders web

Louis had finally escape Nick. He had seemed so sticky at the moment. He wouldn't leave louis' side a single time. Like a fly caught in a spiders web. That was how louis felt. A fly in a spiders web. Fighting to get free, but in the end it wouldn't happened. The web is to sticky and hard to escape. But louis had been one of the lucky ones, but soon to be caught again in the same web. Because he was to stupid to fly the same way again, and end up into the sticky web once again.

Louis walked down the muddy streets. Alone. For once he would be able to be alone and away from nick. He had made himself invisible when nick had looked the other way. He had left the house fast and unnoticed. He had never been in this end of the town. It was the closer end to London. People's houses here looked a little bit more expensive. The streets was empty for people sleeping on door steps, and big barrels light with fire, to keep the homeless ones warm.

Louis wandered down the streets, he haven't seen a single person for at past the past hour. Maybe he and his family could move to here and all the homeless could get a home as well. Louis looked down the street. He saw someone standing longer down. A tall dark figure. Louis slowed down when the person neared him. "Hello louis" a deep voice sounded. Louis took a step back.

People was after him, he knew that. They would know anything about him.

The light felt over the unknown face. "Harry " louis said and breathed out released. Harry was smiling at louis, he came close to the smaller boy. "I have been waiting for nick to leave you alone" Harry whispered low, his hot breath hit louis' face softly. Louis swallowed hard, as Harry hooked a finger under his chin and lifted his face up gently.

"H-he gets a little s-sticky" louis whispered shakily, his heart was beating faster, like really fucking fast. "I've noticed" Harry whispered softly. "I'm going away for a while, and I just wanted to make sure that I would say, I'll see you soon louis in a proper way. And hoping you maybe you be part mine" Harry said, his voice was deep and slow, but mainly soft. Louis was falling away in Harry's eyes.

The green in Harry's eyes, was like new grass in the summer, still a little light, like the full dark green colour wasn't full there, like they had stopped getting colour. But louis liked the greed, it was faded and beautiful. It was like, you had bought a pair of dark blue jeans, but In the end the colour would fade. Because they would be worn, washed a lot and been in contact with the sun for to long. But they were shining, the green eyes of Harry's. They were so friendly and happy.

Harry moved his forehead down against louis'. "Can I kiss you?" He then suddenly whispered, after a few minutes of silence from both boys. Louis licked his lips slowly and nodded a little. He knew if he was to say something right now, his voice would crack and it would make his red cheeks, redder and he didn't need that at the moment.

Harry pressed his lips first just very lightly against louis' hot soft lips. Louis eyelids closed slowly, as he lent up into Harry's full pink hot lips. A blush have spread over the smaller boys face. The two pair of lips moved perfectly in between one another, in a slowly and gently way. When Harry pulled away from louis, his breath was heavy and hot against louis' red lips. Louis eyes opened slowly. Green meet blue.

"I'll see you soon louis" harry whispered into the smaller boys ear, and with that he was gone before louis could blink.

Louis moved a hand up to his lips and rested three fingers in his bottom lip. It was still hot and red after Harry's lips. He closed his eyes and grinned widely. He had been dreaming of this to happen. He turned invisible and flew fast up in the air. He got caught in another spiders web, but this one wasn't as sticky. It was welcoming and nice. It loved him without being to sticky. Wait did Harry love louis?

Louis stopped flying up and hovered in the air looking around. Maybe he did, louis didn't know. He just knew Harry's word was right, a part of him was owned by Harry now and louis loved that. Louis went home and instantly nick hurried over to louis. "Where have you been I've been dead worried" nick said.

"I've been with Harry" louis answered simply with a shrug. "You were wrong. He likes me. We kissed"

Nicks jaw had dropped and he looked at louis with wide eyes, jealousy clearly showing in his eyes. "But-" nick trailed of. He frowned deeply and looked down. "Ohhh..." He mumbled and walked past louis and into their shared room, falling down on his side of the two beds they had pulled together. Louis frowned and looked after a pouty and sad Nick.

Louis followed his best friend. "What's wrong?" Louis asked and crawled on top of nick siting on his bum. Nick shrugged, his face reminding in the pillow if his. "I love you" nick whispered slowly and carefully.

"I love you too nick you know that" louis smiled down at the boy, ruffling his soft dark brown slightly curled hair.

"No louis you don't get it. I love you like I really love you" nick sighed deeply and looking up at louis with his dark blue eyes. "More than brothers do, I want us to be- you know a couple" nick sighed.

Louis didn't quite take it all in at first, but after a few minutes of staring at a sad nick. "Wow" louis whispered and laid down beside the boy. Louis looked at nick, and nick looked back at louis. They laid there in silence for hours, just looking at each other. Louis felt asleep first, nick had laid his arm over the smaller boy and was the second to fall asleep.
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