Another Day in Paradise

Everyone can relate. Just an average day for me, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


1. Another Day in Paradise

6:30 I hear a constant beeping,

The noise that everyone fears,

So I slap the alarm and think "just 5 more minutes",

Which soon turns into 15!

"WAKE UP!" Says a voice from outside my door,

While the dog is sent in to awaken me,

"Get off!" I say as he jumps on my face,

Guess now I'm forced to get up!


So I run downstairs and switch on the light,

Bad idea as my eyes are blinded,

 I fix up a bowl of shredded wheat,

And slowly become more awake.

Scratch, scratch, scratch, that's alfie on the door,

I guess I should let him out,

So I open the door to the cold, bitter air,

If I wasn't awake, I am now!


I make my way back up the stairs,

Feeling more energised now,

"Hmm what to wear?", that's my daily dilemma,

And after changing my mind several times I am now finally dressed,

7:30, "Oh no, I still need to do my hair!"

"See you later!", shouts Mum,

As she walks out the door and off to work she goes.


Scratch scratch scratch - oh that's Alfie again,

As I let him back in I tell him, "Go wake up Michael",

And he scurries upstairs and waits patiently by his door,

So I let him in to the room,

To find my brother lying there lifeless,

Until the dog surprises him by leaping on his bed,

"Bye, see you later" I shout to my brother,

Now I can finally leave!


So off I go on my journey to sixth form,

Where I meet up with a couple of friends,

"Hey are we late?",

"No, I don't think so",

Then we realise there's only five minutes left,

So we power walk our way to school,

And arrive out of breath but on time,

"Yes miss, I'm here!"


Now time for assembly,

Oh the joy of assemblies...

There's always that worry while walking to your seat,

The worry that you might fall over a chair!

9:50 and that 10 minute assembly seemed like 20!

And now that we've all fallen asleep again,


It's time for lessons.


 So I look at my timetable,

And wonder what today has in store for me,

Hmm, double ICT,

Followed by a study period,

And then Sociology,

Well this should be fun.

But at least I have Performing Arts last,

The only lesson that could just about be classed as 'fun'. 


Walking into the common room,

You feel like all eyes are on you,

Judging you by the way you walk,

What you are wearing, etcetera, etcetera!

But that's just school life, I guess?

There's a clear divide in the sixth form too with everyone sitting in their 'groups',

Now there's the 'geeks', the 'cool kids', the 'chavs' and then there's us?

Hmm, guess we're just somewhere inbetween?



  Well 3:00 took its time coming round,

Now to venture home,

But first there's the task of exiting the school,

As soon as that bell rings it's like a stampede is let loose!

After slipping through gaps and pushing past the crowd

We escape.



While walking home,

I realise how dis-functional society is,

Year 7's smoking and swearing?!

Girls wearing skirts that look more like a belt?

Well, their parents must be proud.

Now, I'm almost home,

But this story doesn't end yet,

There's more fun to come.


"I'm home!" I shout, with hope my brother has heard,

He's not very social so stays in his room,

With his music blurting out loud!

"Yes, hello again!", 

I say to Alfie as he pounces on me,

At least someone's happy to see me.

And the first thing on my mind when I get back,

"Hmm, what should I eat now?"


6:00 "Hello!" Says Mum as she walks through the door,

Alfie going crazy again.

Dinners in the oven now,

I'm thinking "Good" because I'm starving!

"Alfie get down!" says Mum,

as Alfie creeps closer to her dinner plate!

"Finished, thanks Mum",

And in a flash, we've disappeared to our rooms.


7:00 and I'm sitting here wondering,

Wondering why I left this homework till now?!

I could feel my eyes getting heavy now,

And I still need a shower!

I really should be more organised.

Then before you know it,

It's like 11:00!

And I am going to sleep.


Now this is just one normal day,

And to you it may seem boring,

It may seem hectic,

It may seem very average,

And yes, I guess it is.

But I wouldn't have things any other way,

To me my life is perfect,

It's just another day in paradise.

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