They dont know about us

Ireland, a small town girl from Michigan, goes to visit her aunt Tina in Flordia. What happens when Ireland meets the loves of her life? plus meets two new people, that become her best friends! You'll have to read to find out


1. Meeting Ireland

Irelands POV

Hi! Im Ireland!! Im 17 years old, i live in michigan, and i love One Direction! My parents are going to Australia so there sending me to go and stay with my aunt Tina in Flordia. Im kinda happy, but shes so stuck up and snobby. and she likes everything to be perfect. she dosent have kids so everytime i see her i have to dress up in really fancy dresses and stuff. Plus i dont know anybody down there so im forced to hang with her. My parents just dropped me off at the airport and i keep replying one thing that they said in my head 'dont be bumped youll love who youll meet' what does that even mean? Oh well i find out when i get there!  

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