Sierra Wood

Claudia is just your average teen fun,hard working and smart.But when her parents decide to move to Sierra Wood everything is about to change


1. Transformed

My town is strange, not unlike our neighbouring towns but still pretty strange. My parents and I moved here a few years ago saying "this is the perfect place to start again".Well they weren't wrong but they were badly mistaken. Sierra Wood is overrun by vampires.

There is one rule that vampires follow. It's that you have to get to know the person before fully draining them or "sucking them dry" as the locals try to put it.

So after my mum invited the neighbours in.It was pretty much game over.

The first night in a new house is always weird. Every noise you here sounds like there's someone in your house, ready to give you the jump any second. In fact that's what I dreamt the first night.

I was stuck in a pitch black room turning my head to the right then left repeatedly. I kept hearing sounds, the type they play on those Halloween murder CD's.Screams, cries people begging for mercy.

Then my door flew open, a figure swooped into the room. I could see nothing but red eyes, glowing in the darkness.

I began to scream, jumping around the room, trying to find something to protect me from this hooded creature, but the figure just kept edging closer. I started to plead.Pleading that it not hurt me, pleading for my life.

But it acted like it didn't hear me. I saw a flash of gleaming white and woke up in my sunny canary yellow bedroom.

I could feel the beads of sweat dripping of my face. My pillow was absolutely soaked. I grabbed a towel from my heater and ran into my en suite to wash my face. That's when I saw myself, speechless unable to scream I just stared.

My body had gone from a tan to a scary shade of white in 6 hours..I tried to think of reason why this would happen.

Did I look like a banshee because the dream had scared me that much?                                   

Did I have a disease?     

I tied my hair up in a ponytail to get a better look at myself. That's when I saw them. Two small pin pricks in my neck gleaming bright red with blood.






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