London, You Will Always Have My Heart

1 ordinary girl, 1 international superstar, 1 amazing city, 15 days, and 1 love story. What happens after goodbye? We'll just have to stay tuned to find out.

I hope you enjoy.


3. No Romance Date


"Good morning! T! Why don't you tell me what really happened last night? Because we were all worried!"
-Gwen came in my room, with her spare key, which I gave her of course, we became friends, we all did.

"I can't do that! I am not that girl Gwen! It's not me. I have a life in Croatia, and he lives everywhere. I like him, for him, I really do. But the fact that a hundred other girls throw themselves at him every day, like I would, that doesn't sooth me. And I would grow fond of him in 15 days, because I already am in love with him, and have been for a year and a half. So why even bother letting him in, when he's gonna break my heart anyways?"
-I think I made myself clear, I said the truth. I am not going to let him break my heart.

"T, if you never try, you never know. Come on! Give him a chance, and you'll see he is different! He won't hurt you, let's do this. You and him, at your spare time, go anywhere, and you don't have to fall in love, or act all lovey-dovey, you can just hang out with him. No strings attached, and see where it goes? He's been worried sick when you bailed him last night, he thought it was his fault. He told Harry he likes you, and that he was having the time of his life dancing with you. He wanted me to play you this, though, he didn't know about you not wanting to let him in, and trust him..."
-she took her phone out, and played a video. It was dark, but I could see Zayn, and it was outside of the club, the Blue Monkey.

"I will steal us a car, and we will drive to the stars, I will give you the moon, it's the least I can do, if you give me a chance!"
-he sang with his perfect voice, and he sang to me. I knew it, I was in love. But I am still not going to do that.
There will be no relationship between us, never. I won't let in, I won't. I mean, no harm done in some hanging out, but that's it!

"Fine! Call him, and tell him to pick me up at 2:30 at the front gate. But no romantical stuff. It's not a date! Be sure to emphisize that! Now go! I need to get dressed! Sho!"
-I made her leave the room, so I can get ready for breakfast, I cannot even express how much I am enjoying myself here.
I love the weather, so far, no rain at all. The classes are so fun, we're debating all the time, they even made grammar fun.
The sightseeing is utterly fabolous. This city is gorgeous. The lights at night, oh my.
Plus the people. I couldn't be happier. I found amazing friends...
Em and I are hanging out all the time, Gwen became more like an older sister to me, than a tutor. Mark is so funny, he's actually a cook in his spare time. He told us that he will make us a dinner under the stars one night! Looking forward to that, I can tell you!
The rest of the gang is cool as well. Chloe tought me and Em how to curse in French! Merde! That means shit! Mario and I were talking on Spanish a lot. He told me I sound like a true Spanish beauty. Flattering and all. But still. This is the best 2 days of my life. And i can't wait to see how the rest goes.

Today, it's sunny, again! Thank Godness. I decided to wear my black skinny jeans, red Converse, and a simple white tank top. To top the combo off, I put on my leather jacked. It's actually my best friends', he let me borrow it.
My jewlery is pretty simple, just a dog tag necklace. On it is a date. 11/11/06. The date when I found my dog, Ali. And on the back it says Ali. She's my best friend, well, not the owner of the leather jacket, obviously. You know what I mean. A girls' best friend aren't diamonds, in my opinon it's another living creature. Wether it's a dog, a cat, or a bird. Even a fish, someone she can talk to, and someone that won't judge, and make nasty, mean comments. For me, it was Ali. She sure is a good listener.
My make up today is -classic. A tiny bit of foundation, just to even out my skin tone, some black mascara, and a bit of brown eyeshadow in the crease. Blush, bronzer, and a chapstick. And I am running late for breakfast. Shoot!

"Hi guys! Sorry I am late! I slept in!"
-I said and shot a 'shut your mouth or I'll kill ya' look to Gwen. And she got it, just smiling.

"What are you up to this morning?"
-Mark asked me, and I had no idea what to tell him.

"He means, what will you eat?"
-Gwen saved the day, well, the morning, to be exact.

"Oh! I'll have a coffee, some bread and butter. Thank you!"
-a smile plastered on my face.

"Someome is happy today!"
-Em noticed.

"A good night sleep can do wonders. Who knew?"
-a good comment from my side came soom after her observation.

"Here you go! But hurry up! We have some important things to talk about this morning!"
-Mark said handing me my plate.

"Thanks! Ok! I am done in no time!"

On the class, we discussed - love! I think Gwen had a little talk with him. I swear I'm going to kill her sorry little ass.

"So, has any of you ever been in love?"
-he asked the group. Some people nodded, and some waved their heads saying no.
I wasn't sure of what to say, so I said yes! It was true. I loved this guy back home. I did! We had a thing, and then we broke up, sad story, poor me. Tear, tear, tear. Good.

"Tea? Would you like to say how does it feel?"
-Mark's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Oh, it feels amazing, until they break your heart. Simple as that!"
-they all seemed so shocked with my words. I don't get it, why? It's true. They know it! But Chloe has a good boyfriend in Paris, and Jose, has his Maria, back home. Em likes Niall, and I am here left alone.

"She's right!"
-Mario speaks. I never would have believed Mario got his heart broken. The dark haired, good looking, eye sparkling flirt from Barcelona.

"Go figure!"
-a thought of mine came out loud

-he asked me.

"Nothing, it's just that I never thought of you as someone who gets dumped, I always thought you were the one that does the dumping."

"I was, until her. And then I was dumped for the first time in my life, after so many girls I had dumped because I just wanted a little teta's, she dumped me, and she was the first one I cared about in a while. It turns out she was convinced by all the girls that I left, to break my heart."

"Like John Tucker must die!"
-every eye in this room was on me.

"Oh guys! Come on! You've never seen that film? It's a classic. We're watching it after dinner. Ok? Get it? Got it? Good!"
- I said and walked out of the room, the bell had rung, and it was time for lunch, but I was having my hang out play date thing with Zayn.

I checked my outfit in the full length mirror one more time, sprayed my favourite vanilla scented body spray on myself, and went out, locking the door behind me.

"You lood good!" -Em and Gwen shoutet in unison after me. Gwen must have filled her in. God that girl can't keep mouth shut!

"Hey, come in!"
-Zayn pulled over, and got out of the black Range Rover, opening the door for me.

"Thank you! I hope you planned food, because I've only had a toast this morning!"
-I smiled and turned up the volume on the radio. The song was Bruno Mars 'It will rain'

"If you ever leave me baby,
Leave some morphin at my door.
Cuz it would take a whole lot of medication..."
-I sang completley out of tune, and for the first time ever I wasn't ashamed. I let it all out.

"Hahaha! That was good! I liked it!"
-he lauged showing his white teeth. God, kill me now!

"What kind of a sick joke is this? I suck! But you must care a bunch about me, to compliment my singing, good!"
-I was putting pluses and minuses in my head for Zayn. And at the end, I was going to decide by the number of pluses, or minuses, which ever, if he stayes or goes!

"I do! Finally, someone who appreciates my gentle side!"
-he joked around and I lauged. Something I could get used to. All the laughing, and joking. It's fun to be around him.

"So where to?"
-I asked him.

"First, a nice toasty pizza, and then, while we eat it, we'll be enjoying the view of London, well, you will be, because I've seen it a hundred times."
-oh no! He'a taking me to the London Eye! How am I suposed to resist him now? How? When in every single good fanfic I've read he takes the girl on a date in the London Eye. Wait a minute! This isn't a date. So no stress.

"Ok! I am sure I'll love it. Later, I'd like to see Hatchi if it's ok with you. It's just that I miss my dog back home, Ali. So I need a cuddle buddy"
-his eyes lit up when I mentioned Hatchi, I could tell he loved the dog. And I loved him. But I was still holding onto the words I said earlier, no romance and no relationship. None!

We arrived at the London Eye. It was breath taking. He took my hand and led me up the corridor.

"I have reservations on the name of Zayn Malik. Sam will take us to our capsule."
-he said to the guy at the main entrance. The big fella just nodded and opened the doors for us.
Zayn hurried up, and I couldn't help but smile. I know I said it's not a date, but what if it is? No!

"Here you go guys, enjoy your date!"
-the guy named Sam opened the capsule door for us.

"Thank you, but it's not a date!"
-still smiling I said to him, defending my own decisions.

"Yeah! What ever helps you sleep at night girl!"
-was it really? I wonder if Gwen emphisized the 'not a date' part to Zayn.

The capsule had pillows on the floor, and in the centre they out a table, with 2 chairs around it. On the table there were 2 plates, and 2 glasses of coke, they were wine glasees though. The music that played was Michael Jackson's Bad album.

'"Nice music choice! His best album if you ask me!"
-I said and he looked surprised.

"You listen to Michael Jackson?"

"Why so surprised? I listen to more than One Direction, you know. U2, Snow Patrol, Green Day, Muse, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Cher Lloyd, Rihanna, Beyonce, and many others. Cannot forget the Biebs. I was a Belieber before I became a Directioner, though."
-I did listen to all that music, it was something I enjoyed, music, I mean. And I like to believe that my parents were the great influence on me, I mean they were. I went to so many amazing concerts with them, and got to expirience so many amazing artists.

"Wow! You're a girl of many secrets!"
-flitry much? But his smile is so hard to resist.

"What about you?"
-I asked him, grabbing a slice of pizza from my plate.

"Well, I am a bigh huge fan of MJ, I like The Beatles, Snow Patrol, U2, but you know, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Tyga, 2Pac, and other rappers. How about sports? What's your favourite sport? If you have one of course?"
-seriously, if I have one? Come on!

"Football, but not the American kind, the European one. Barcelona is the best football club in the world. I mean Manchester United is one of the best ones, but you can't go higher than Barcelona. I also like athletics, for example, Usain Bolt is one of the coolest people ever, and I'd like to meet him once. You?"

"I love football as well. Manchester is my favourite club. And you think Usain is cool, because you haven't met me yet, well not properly at least."

"Modesty isn't one of your pro's right?"
-I joked.

"Oh come on! You haven't! But we're gonna change that. Are you done eating?"
-he asked me, and got up from the floor. Although there were chairs here, we felt better on the floor.

"Yeah I am! But hold on, I'd like to take some pictures. It's a unique opportunity."
-I took my camera out and started snapping pictures from different angles, and all of a sudden, I almost fell on my butt, because the capsule started moving. But Zayn caught me.

"Sam! Could you take our picture please?"
-Zayn took my camera, and handed it to Sam, and then he put his arm around me, and smiled. I smiled too, it was a sencere smile, not a fake one, like I always put on while taking sightseeing pictures.

"Thank you! Now we've gotta run!"
-he said goodbye to the guy, took my camera back, and placed it around my neck. Before I knew it, we were off running around, going shopping I guess. We entered Liberty. It's a big department store here. Zayn took me to the OneDirection part straight away, and grabbed at least 10 T-Shirts.

"What are you doing Zayn?"
-I had no clue what was in his mind.

"I'll buy these, and sign them, and then you will take a couple pictures of me with the shirts, and I will sign those, for your friends, you mentioned some family and friends that love me and the boys. I think this would be a nice gift for them."
-that was so sweet. I couldn't hold it in anymore. So I hugged him. I jumped on him, and threw my hands arouns his neck. He embraced me in his warm hands, and we stood there for a minute or two, before I heard camera clicking.

"Paparazzi! Shoot! Grab those two bags, and I'll tale these. And just go! Here, take my hand!"
-he said, and I held his hand, we quickly got out of the store, into his car, and drove off.

"That was fast. How the hell did they find you?"

"I asked Sam not to say anything, but I didn't ask the other guy, maybe he said it. Or simply maybe someone followed us. Who knows. Now we're going to my place, to finish the gift proces, and for you to hang out with Hatchi?"
-I just nodded.

"So this is the living room, on the left is a hallway, first door to the left in it is my bedroom, next is the guest bedroom, and the guest bathroom. The kitchen is that way, and that's the terace. Hatchi? Come 'ere boy! I have someone here eager to see you!"
-he led me into his flat.

It was a big spacy place, the living room was my favourite part. It was black and red. On the floor was a big white fluffy carpet and on top of it was a red coffee table. The sofa was white with black and red pillows on it. He has a big flat screen tv. The entire room was surrounded by big ceelin to floor windows. The kitchen was all stainless steel. And a big black and white counter top. All the cupboards were red. The balcony was big and beautiful. It was filled with plants, and the floor was full of Hatchi's toys. You could tell he loves the dog.

"Hi little guy! Remember me?"
-I kneeled down and spread my arms, Hatchi came running in them. I knew he'd like me, he may not remember me, but I love animals, and they can feel it.

"Woah there! You're getting more action than I ever will!"
-Zayn joked at the sight of me kissing little Hatchi.

"Ha-ha! Oh, so you're a comedian?"
-I snapped back. It wasn't rude, or anything. But it was showing that I don't like his joke, and that maybe it was the truth, and not just a joke.

My phone suddenly buzeed. What? It couldn't be dinner time already. I checked the time, and it was 4:10 pm. My twitter app showed that I have a new notification.

"Hatchi loves his new friend, doesn't he? @TeaJLondon http// "

There was a picture of me and the dog, and he, Hatchi was licking me on the face. It was the cutest, I looked happy.
I wanted to yell at him, to tell him that he had no right to expose me to the public eye like that. I wanted to remind him of what happens to the girls that he retweets, or follows, God forbidd tweets. They get hate! They get mean and disrespectful comments all the time.
But I didn't yell, nor tell him all that!

"Hey, let's take pictures? You, me, and Hatchi?"
-that's what I did instead. And he nodded. I took my camera out, and set it on his dining table, and I set a timer.

"Say cheese!"
-he smiled, and the timer beeped. Flash! It took a picture of me, and hugging Hatchi, and Zayn making funny faces behind us.

I set the timer once again, and pressed 5-in-a-row pictures. Those are the best, they capture the real feel. Because people don't even realize that the camera isn't done taking pictures, so they act all normal, and not staged.

Zayn took the puppy, and started wigling his eyebrows at Hatchi, I stood beside them and laughed.
Zayn put the pup in my lap and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
When he started getting away, I pulled him closer, and our faces were an inch or two away. Click.
Then he pressed his lips against mine, and our lips moved in sync. The amount of pressure he applied was perfect.
After a minute long kiss, we broke apart.

"Sorry. I... I just had to do it!"
-he said.

"It's ok! I would've pulled away if I didn't like it."

"So you did?"

"Well, I can say that it was pleasent. Listen, don't get me wrong, but you and I, we live in different worlds. You have a busy lifestyle, you travel a lot, and you don't have enough free time.
I, on the other hand, live in Croatia, you've never even heard of it. And I have a life back there, final year of high school, and my friends and family. You and I, it sounds good, but it would never work. You know it.
I think you're an amazing person, you're so funny, and cool, I like your style, we have similar logic, and I don't think I need to mention how incredibly good looking you are, and you know then there's me-not pretty enough to be seen with you.
So thank you for this amazing day. I really had fun, and thank you for the shirts, but I came here to study and improve my English skils, and not to fall in love. Sorry."
-I kissed him on the cheek, kissed Hatchi, took the bags, and left his flat.

When the elevator door closed I crashed down on the floor, and shed a single tear. That's what I allowed myself. You maybe think that I am too strict, and that I don't let people in, and that I should. But I just can't. Because I was hurt once, I loved only once, and I was hurt.

-Ding! The door opened, and I got out.

-I bumped into a girl.
She was a fake blond. Her face was caked with makeup, and when she turned around I saw who she was.
She was Perrie Edwards, Zayn's ex girlfriend.
Well, that just proves that I shouldn't trust him. I am gone for 5 minutes, and he calls her over.
My luck. Well, what's done is done!

-again I scream and feel a warm grip hold on my wrist.

-when I turned around I had a lot to see. None other than Zayn Malik stood beside me.

"Please! Wait!"
-he pleaded.

"I said what I had ti say, now, let go of my hand!"
-I shruged and pulled out of his grip.

"Sorry! It's just that I like you, and I can't let go! I got attached too fast, I know, but I can't!"
-I looked up, and on his balcony I saw a blond smug girl. Perrie.

"Go to her! Come on, she's waiting!"
-drama never ends, and with that said I got in the taxi.

"Where to?"
-the driver asked.

"Mile End, the Queen Mary University of London, thank you, and as quick as possible!"
-I wanted to get away of him, and do what I was here to do. Improve my English.

"Thank you! Drive safe!"
-I said to him, payed and got out. It was just past 5:30 pm, not dinner time yet, and just enought time for me to relax and take a shower.

"T! Come 'ere please?"
-Gwen saw me before I could sneek in my room.


"Zayn called."


"He is sorry, but he thinks he didn't do aynthing wrong. Care to tell me what happened?"

"I said no romance, no love, no flirting, and he goes and takes me to the London fucking Eye! And makes pizza, tries to act all cool.
Then we go to buy a bunch of shirts, and he signes them all, for gifts.
And then, to top it all off, he takes me home, I asked to see Hatchi, yeah, but you know.
And we took pictures, and then, he kissed me. Just like that.
The worst part is that I actually enjoyed it. But as nothing good ever lasts, I backed away, and gave my speech.
As I was getting down, I bumped into none other than Perrie Edwards, and he came down to see me, but I spotted her on his balcony, and drove off."
-I didn't even realize that by the end of the story, I was sobbing real bad. So I took the tishue she handed me, and just cried in her arms.

"Shh. It will be fine! Let it out! Shh! Shh!"
-she rocked me back and forth, and we stayed silent, until Mark came to ask us to dinner.

"Hey Gwe...Woah! Everything alright?"
-I heard him say.

-the sound of my voice came out muffled, because of Gwen's shoulder, and my sobs.

"What would you like to eat? Today I am making you dinner!"
-he stroked my head gently.

"I know an expert in food, and I will call him right over?"
-Gwen stood up and handed me, sounds like I am a ball, but she handed me off to Mark. He embraced me in a hug, and hummed softly.

"So, it was him isn't it?"
-he asked, but he already knew the answer.

"Yeah! But I am not letting him in my heart, why would I? I already have you!"
-he smiled at my joke, and winked.

"We're friends, you'll always have me, but take my advice. I was alone, before I let Gwen in my heart. And now, I feel complete. I am not saying to let him in, you don't have to chose him. But you have to start somewhere.
Besides, I saw the way your eyes light up when anyone mentiones him, and when you hear a song. You should at least try."
-Mark gave me the best advice ever.
But now, I was going to chase him, because he already probably gave up. Just my luck.

"Done, we'll be having guests over. Mark start making the dinner. Think mexican, best comfort food, according to my source."
-she said, holding her phone out. I wasn't in the mood for guests, but it's gonna be fine.

"Gwen, I want to have dinner with just you, Mark, Em, and who ever is coming. Can we somehow make the others go somewhere else?"
-I knew it was not happening, but you can't really blame me for trying.

"I'll ask Mary to take them out for the night. Catch a movie of something."
-her smile was the best thing. I was so happy to have her here with me.


"Go, get ready,and wear something nice! It will make you feel good!"
-she was right!

I chose a white flowy summery dress, it had spaghetti straps. My shoes were tan gladiators, and over my dress, I wore a tan cardigan. My hair was curled, and I pinned the front 2 sectiones back, so I had a nice half-up half-down.
My makeup, well, I went super natural, just foundation, to cover the red spots from crying, and mascara. Blush was an addition, but it looked nice.
I was finally done. I went down and in front of the caffeteria, at the fromt lawn, there was a table for 9.
Wonder who's coming.

"Smells de-vine!"
-I threw my arms playfuly around Mark's neck. He was such a good friend, and him and Gwen were so cute!

Zayn's P.O.V.

"Where are we going?"
-I whined all the way in the car. The guys wouldn't tell me.

"It's a friendtervention."
-Niall simply responded.

Today, I was miserable.
When Tea left, I told Perrie to leave, and she did.
But still, it didn't change the way I felt.
I fell for this amazing girl, she was so funny, and I learned a lot about her today. She and I liked the same music, we had the same love for animals, and we both loved the lads s lot.

"We're here!" -
Lou screamed in my ear. When we got out of the car, I couldn't believe it.
They brought me to the QMUL. They brought me to her.
But, hey! She refused me! No one refuses Zayn Malik.

"Pride is one thing, and love is another!"
-Liam said to me, like he could read my thoughts.

We aproched a lawn, and on it was a big table for 10 maybe 15 people.
And then I saw it.
She threw her arms aroung some punk's neck. Wow!
I had the urge to turn around and leave.
But Niall stopped me. And told me to trust him, that it would be worth it.
But I couldn't see how.
She didn't let me in, but she let this one in. He was taller than me, and he had dirty blond hair.
But he wasn't better than me.

-she stuttered with her words.

"Well, last time I checked, yes."
-reall classy bro. Instead of a good comeback, I come up with this.

"What are you doing here?"

"Having dinner, how about you?"

"I live here! And I am out."
-she turned around and started walking away.
What have I done? Why am I so rude?

"Fix it! Fast!"
-Gwen hissed in my ear.

Tea's P.O.V.

"Wait! Tea, wait!"
-I heard a voice yelling, but I didn't turn around.

"Could you stop running away?"
-he said.

"What do you want Zayn?"
-I thought I made myself clear earlier today.

"I want for you to come back, and have dinner with us. That boy you like has put an effort into making it."
-his comment was radiating jealousy. What boy I like? Mark? Oh God!

"Zayn, you don't know what you're saying, so, I suggest, before you make a fool out of yourself, stop. I will have dinner, but not because of you, but because of my friends. Now, move!"
-I am not a coward Zayn Malik, and you won't make me one. I rushed past him, and back to the table.

"Mark, it smells delicious!"
-might as well make Zayn suffer a bit more, let him taste his own medicine.

"Thank you, love!"
-I think he saw what I was up to, and decided to play my game, because he shot Gwen a meaningful look.

"We may all sit down, and eat, because the food is served!"
-Gwen rose her glass up high, and invoted everyone to the table.

"Dig in, folks!"

This food was so good! I sat between Mark and Em, next to Em was Gwen, and then the boys of 1D were opposite of us.

"Thank you for playing along."
-I leaned n and whispered to Mark's ear.

"No problem, he has to see what he's missing out on."
-Mark said and smiled.

The dinner went smoothly, and we were all laughing and joking around. I didn't make eye contact with Zayn at all. I decided it would be for the best.

Zayn's P.O.V.

I like her! A lot, like a lot a lot.

"Liam, I need help. Are you ok with performing a couple of songs here today?"
-I was going to sing for her, with the boys as well. I know she's never been to one of our concerts, so I thought to give her a preview of one. On friday we have a concert, and if everything goes well today, I'll invite her.

"Ok, what did you have in mind?"

"Truly, madly, deeply. Irresistible and Kiss You."

"Ok, when?"


"Guys, we have a special surprise for you all, me and the lads have decided to sing a couple of songs, and Zayn here, chose which ones."

"Am I asleap, am I awake, or somewhere in between.
I can't believe that you are here and lying next to me.
Or did I dream that we were perfectly intwined?
Like branches on a tree, or twigs caught on a vine."
-Liam sang.

"Like all those days, and weeks, and months I tried to steel a kiss,
And all those sleepless nights and daydreams where I'd picture this.
I'm just the underdog who finally got the girl, and I am not ashamed to tell it to the world."
-Niall continued.

"Truly, madly, deeply, I am foolishly, completley, falling, and somehow you kicked all my walls in, so baby say you'll always keep me, truly, madly, crazy deeply, in love, with you, in love with you."
-we harmonised perfectly together, and I could see the smile on her face. It is all worth it now. We finished the song and moved on to Irresistible.

"This one, is special to me!"
-I said, and hit the music.

"Don't try to make me stay, or ask if I'm okay,
Cos I don't have the answer.
Don't make me stay the night, or ask if I'm alright,
I don't have the answer."
-Harry sang the first line in this song.

"Heartache, doesn't last forever,
I'll say I'm fine.
Midnight ain't no time for laughing, when you say goodbye."

My part finally came -
"It makes you li-i-i-i-ips so kissable, and your ki-i-i-i-is unmissable, your finger tips, so touchable, and your ey-ha-a-ha-ys irresistible."

By the time I had finished singing, she was smiling like an idiot, but she had tears in her eyes, and I didn't want that. Maybe they were tears of joy. Who knows.

"Hey guys, let's go to the karaoke room, we can sing there!"
-Gwen said, and winked at me, this was the perfect time to talk to her, and try not acting like a doosh.

Tea's P.O.V.

"Could you hold up, please?"
-Zayn gently pulled my wrist.

-I need to stop giving him attitude. He sang here, for me. I know it was for me. It must have been.

"I have one final thing to say to you, and after that, if you choose you don't want me, I'll back away. But just listen, please."
-he said, and took my hand.

"I just wanna take you anywhere that you'd like.
We could to out any day any night.
Baby I'll take you there, take you there, baby I'll take you there, yeah.
Oh tell me, tell me, tell me, how to turn your love on.
You could get get anything that you want.
Baby just shout it, shout it out, yeah.
And if you-uh-uh, you want me to-oh-oh, let's make a mo-oh-ve, yeah.
So tell me girl if everytime we to-oh-uch, you get this kind of -ro-oh-ush,
Baby say yeah-eah-eah, yeah-eah-eah and let me kiss you."
-he sang so perfectly.
It was my first time that a guy ever did anything like this for me, and for the guy to be Zayn, the guy of my dreams.
It's just too much. But you know what?
I don't care. I like him, and he likes me. What's there to lose? Besides my heart, oh, just that. No biggy.
So I closed the distance between us, and I slowly lifted my hand up to his cheek. His eyes were so sparkly and his face was soft.
With no more hesitation I kissed him.
This time I was the one to initiate the kiss. And it was sweet, soft and tender. When we pulled away, he smiled, and the feel of his lips still lingered on my skin.

- he sighed.


"What was that for?"
-a smirk plastered on his face.

"I felt like doing in. And you sort of made me, I mean your song and all.
So I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that I do like you.
And for these 2 weeks, we can try it, see how it works, but after I ger home, no calls, no skypes, or gifts, no nothing.
You live your life, and I live mine. Deal?"
-I saw hesitation in his eyes, but he nodded and simply said -

He kissed me, and I enjoyed it.
Thank you Gwen, and Niall, and all of you.
For the first time, after a nasty break up, I decided to be happy, and smile.
It was worth it, I smiled into the kiss and he broke it apart.

"So happy, aye?"

"Just kiss me, smug kid, will ya?"
-and he did as I asked.

Zayn's P.O.V.

She let me in. She decided to let go of her fear and I was happy.
We kissed, it got a bit heated, and I could feel her hand pulling me up.

"Wait! Where are we going?"
-I asked her.

"Come on! To my room?"

"Are you sure?"
-I don't want to turn out like some sick international superstar who takes advantage of young girls.

"Positive come on!"
-soon we were up in her room.
It was a small room, but we fit perfectly on her bed.
She started kissing me, and I didn't mind, i took her dress straps off, one by one. Seductivly, she took control of the situation, and pulled my white tee off my head.
I turned us around so I was on top of her now. And we kissed more.

"Did you lock the door?''
-I asked, it would be so awkward if Gwen or anyone else walked in on us.

"Yeah! Now, do I need to take your pants off, or will you do it?"
-she whispered in my ear.
Man, I could feel little DJ Malik getting big in my pants.

"You can do it?"
-she did as I asked and took them off.
She got down and started satisfying me, it felt so good, she was a natural.

Soon I pulled her up and took off her panties. She moaned as she felt DJ Malik rubbing of her tighes.

-she moaned somewhat quietly, she didn't want to get caught either.

-I lay down next to her, and she puta her head on my bare chest.

Just then it occured to me.

-I yelped. Oh no! Oh hell no! What if something happens?

"You didn't put it on? What were you thinking?"
-she said, getting up from my chest and wrapping the sheets around her naked self.

"Well, I didn't exactley think I would be having sex today, and after I just forgot, things got heated."
-I explained myself.

"Ok, I am suposed to get my period the day we leave home. It will be fine."
-she relaxed and kissed me. With her in my arms I fell asleep.

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