London, You Will Always Have My Heart

1 ordinary girl, 1 international superstar, 1 amazing city, 15 days, and 1 love story. What happens after goodbye? We'll just have to stay tuned to find out.

I hope you enjoy.


2. Accidentally Meeting


I set the alarm to wake me up at around 8 o'clock.
Breakfast starts at 8:30 so it would be appropriate for me to wake up earlier and get ready.

"I've heard that you've settled down,
That you found a girl and you're married now!"
-Adele started waking me up.
And when I checked the wall clock I saw that it was 7 o'clock. I must have forgot to change the time when we arrived to London. Shoot! Now I have an hour and 30 minutes to spare.

Getting dressed in the morning is always a challenge for me.
Thinking about it, I decided it would be a good idea to check the weather, just so I don't dress too cold, or too warm.
It's suposed to get up to 25*C. Not too shaby.

The fresh air hit my face, I opened up the bigger bottle of water, and gulped half of it down, then got dressed in my light blue skinnies, flats, and a white T-shirt.
On my way to the bathroom, I saw Gwen, and said hello.

"Hey, Gwen? Is it ok if I go for a walk around the campus before breakfast? I need some air."

"Sure! But, can you give my your digits? Just to be sure if you get lost I'd be able to find you..."
-digits, digits, think Tea. Oh right! My cellphone number.

"/insert random number here/, here you go. Thanks, I'll see you at breakfast. Bye!"

Outside was so nice. The air was crisp and there was a fresh summer breeze.
I started wondering around, and I got to the gates. They were open.
I peeked outside on the streers, and saw a Starbucks just across the campus. I have my money, and I want a coffee. Seems legit. Off I go.

Waiting in line to get my drink I smell vanilla and cinnamon. Maybe it's because I'm in Starbucks, but, it's not the Christmas season, it's mid June.
I smell it again, and then it hits me. It's the person in front of me.
He's got black hair, a leather jacket and dark jeans. He smells so nice.

"Thank you! Bye!" -he said to the cashier, and she smiled flirtingly, he must be so hot!

"What can I get you?"
-Wendy asked, I read her name off of a silver name tag.

"I'll have a vanilla latte, please."

"What's your name?"

"It's Tea, as in T-E-A."
-I spelled it for her, not because I think she's dumb, which I don't, but because my name is spelled like tea, like the hot flavoured water. So I don't want her to make a mistake.

"It should be ready in 3 minutes, do you mind waiting at the end of that line over there?"
-I handed her the money, £2 and a penny, with that I moved to the end of another line, where that guy waited as well.
Now I got a better look of him, but he had sunglasses on, and a beenie, which is quite odd, because it's summertime.
He held his hand out to grab the drink, and I got a glimpse of his tattoo, it looked familiar. But I had no idea where I could've seen it before. Never mind. He probably isn't single, and if he is, he lives in London, it's too far away from where I live, plus why would he fancy me, I'm not pretty.

"Tea? Tea? Your coffee is ready! Hey! Are you ok?" -
Wendy snapped me out of my own thoughts. That happens a lot.

"Yes! Thank you, bye!"
-a sip of this hot beverage, and you're in heaven, not even kidding. This is AmaZayn. Ah, Zayn.
That's right!
Zayn! He has a tattoo, just like the one that guy from Starbucks has. And he has dark hair, he wears a lot of leather jackets, beenies, and sunglasses, so he doesn't get recognized.
OMFG, I can't wait to tell Em, I saw Zayn! She's not gonna believe it.
And I'm not gonna see him ever again, just my luck I guess.

"You've got that one thing! So get out, get out, get out of my head, and fall into my arms instead."
-my phone started ringing.

-I answered.

"Hey, it's me, Gwen. Just wanted to check on you, the breakfast starts in 20 minutes. I wanted to make sure you didn't get lost."

"I am fine, but don't be mad at me, you know I couldn't resist a Starbucks, so I crossed the street to get one. I'm so sorry that I didn't ask you."

"It's fine, I trust you, you seem mature enough and I assume you know how to cross a street. So don't worry, and come to the caffeteria. Bye."
-I was so glad Gwen wasn't mad at me.She is the coolest girl, I'm guessing she's around 25, which is just a couple of years older than me, I'm 17.
Gwen is beautiful, she has long blond hair, that falls on her back, she's fit, long legs, and a nice body overall. She's friendly, and I like her.

"Tea! We're here!"
-Gwen called me over to their table, well, it's our table, THE BRITS' table. Em was here, Jose, Mario, Lucy and Christina were here as well.
Some other boys and girls sat at our table.
And a hot boy, he was about Gwens age, and he had dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and a toned body that showed from his white T-shirt.
On his T-shirt I read 'Queen Mary University of London. Mark.'. I am guessing it's his name.

"You haven't met a couple of people yet, this is Magda, she's from Slovakia, we have Frances here, he comes from, well, France, his sister Chloe, all the way from Bejing comes Shiu Lin, and Mark here, is your teacher. Today you will be tested, and put into smaller groups, according to your knowlege of English.
After lunch you have free time for an hour, and then we'll go out to London, we need to see some sights, by dinner time, you'll all be tired, so after dinner, we'll watch some movies out on the lawn. Hope you have fun. You may start eatimg. Bon apetitte!"
-everyone smiled, and was happy.

"Em! You're not gonna believe who I saw in Starbucks!"
-I said to her quietly.


"The Zayn Malik!"

-A look of confusion and disbelief filled her face.

"Now, how do you know it's him?"

"The microphone tattoo!! I am not sure, but it sure looked like him. Let's just eat."
-spreading jam on warm butter is the best feeling ever, and drinking orange juice just fills your taste buds with sourness, but then you just wait, jam and butter sweet it all up. Oh my God! I am so weird.

"So Tea! You're put into the stage # 3 group, which is the highest one, meaning you know English really good.
In your group are Em, Jose, Mario, Lucy and Chloe. Hope you have fun!
Now let's have a debate on technology in school."
-Mark informed us, and we talked for about 3 hours, now it's time for lunch.

"What are you gonna eat?"
-Em said again bringing me on Earth from my own thoughts.

"Um, I have no idea. What about you?"

"We'll see!"
-she pulled my hand and lead me to the table.

"Shall we be all British and eat some fish and chips?" -Jose joked, I couldn't not smile.

"We shall! Ladies? What about you?"
-Mario turned towards us, waiting for a response.
His black hair was styled, he had a toned body, not quite like Mark but toned enough for a 17 year old. His dark eyes were sparkly all the time.

"Tea! Que quieres? Pes? O que? Contesta!"
-he had no idea I even spoke Spanish, but he somehow spoke to me on it.

"Si, que quiero pes! Damelo porfavor! Y si no es demaciado, podrias darme zumo de naranja? Gracias!"
-I answered.

"Wow! Tu hablas espanol? Como? Cuando?"
-Mario was stunned, and I got some other strange looks across the table.

"Ahora no! Vamos a hablar despues? Tengo hambre!"

"Since when do you speek Spanish?"
-Em started questioning me, but I just shot her a "tell ya later" look and she go the clue.

"Guys! Let's go! Lads! Come on, the ladies are waiting. We have a London to see."
-Mark gathered the boys up and we were off to tour a bit of London.

"This on your right is Hyde Park, if you'd like to have about half an hour spare here, you can. The rest of us will go around and we will be back in half an hour."
-Gwen's proposal sounded so good.

"I'd like to take some pictures and walk around. I have your number, and I won't go outside the park. I'll be fine."

"I'll stay with her!"
-Mario's voice rang in my head. What did he just say?
He's staying with me? But why?
I mean, don't get me wrong, I like him, but not more than a friend, and I was hoping to get some alone time to take pictures. Well, what's here is here.

"So, why did you decide to stick with me, you could have been looking at the Big Ben now!"

"I don't think they'd go to see the Big Ben without us, besides, I'd like to get to know you, you seem cool..."
-he said, and smiled at me.

"Hatchi! Come back here! Hatchi! No, come here!"
-I hear a vocie, a familiar one, and we both look to the side where it's coming from.

"I'll go take some pictures, and I'll meet you here in 15?"
-Mario nodded and remained his position on the bench. He's really sweet.

"Hey there little buddy. Where did you come from? Come here!"
-a little adorable puppy came to me.

"Hatchi! I've been looking all over the park for you. Where have you been?"
-this guy came towards us.

"Oh, I'm sorry, he just ran to me, I didn't mean to scare you, but he's been calm. So that's good right?"
-I said, smiling at Hatchi, as I learned is his name, not looking up.

"It's fine! Thank you for keeping him..."
-his voice drifted off and I just went away, with my camera, not bothering to meet the guy with an extremley familiar and if I may say so attractive voice.

Gwen is there, and Mark and all the other people from our group, besides Mario. Where is he?

"Tea! Have you seen Mario? He said he'd stick around with you!"
-Mark sounded angry.

"I'm sure he's here somewhere, he couldn't be that far. Let's go look for him, maybe he stayed at the bench. Right? The bench! I told him to meet me there in 15, and it's been just 10 minutes, so he must be there!"
-we started walking towards the bench from the entrance. And as we aproached it, I saw Mario sitting there talking on his phone. Just as I left him.

"There he is! See? No harm done! You didn't have to yell."
-I snapped at Mark, I always felt so angry when a teacher (Mark wasn't technically a teacher, but he was still an authority here) yelled at me, I feel like they have no right to do such a thing.

"I'm sorry, it'sjust that I'm responsible for all of you, and if someone gets lost I am held guilty. So I really am sorry, T!"
-he sounded sincere, and he came up with a nickname for me, I guess I could cut him some slack, after all he's a nice guy.

"Yeah, sure! I forgive you M!"
-we joked around as we entered the bus, we went on with the tour and stopped at the famous Oxfort Street.

"Em!! We can shop right?"

"I think so. Hey Gwen are we allowed to shop here?"
-Em asked Gwen. If you're not familiar with Oxford St, it's a world famous shopping street in London, like the Maria Hilfer Straße in Vienna, or 5th Avenue in NYC...
It is beautiful, all the stores, like Forever21, TKMaxx, and some others that we don't have back home.

"Yeah, I guess. Wait, all the girls come with me, and the boys go with Mark. We can meet up here, by the street sign in an hour? Bye Mark!"
-she waved at the boys and Mark playfuly and started pulling us girls with her. I guess she was into shopping as well.

First we went into TkMaxx, and we found so much cool stuff, that was, according to Gwen, reasonably priced. I bought my dad a bike suit with a little Union Jack flag over it. My mum will have to wait. I still haven't got her anything, well because I haven't seen anything she'd like. But my old man, he is a bike obsessed person. If he could, he would ride his bike all day long, and travel on it as well, so a piece of biking gear was a perfect gift.

"Hey, have you ever been to Primark?"
-Gwen's head popped out of nowhere.

"How? It isn't an international store, it's a British thing."

"Right. Silly me. Anywho... Wanna go?"
-she pulled me and the rest of the girls, plus our bags out of TkMaxx and into the streets.
It was a busy day in London, it was a Monday, and there were a ton of people outside, especially im front of Primark. I have no idea if it's normal here, but Gwen is pushing our way in so I assume it's something usual.

"Wow! There's like huge cutouts of 1D here! Right there! Look!"
-Em pulled me in one direction, while Gwen, Chloe and Luc went into another. (Eheheh)

"Oh! I see! Well to bad they aren't the real deal! Come on Em! I adore them, I am a huge Directioner, you know it. It's just that we can't spend 2 weeks we were blessed with in London, searching for the boys. It's a bigger cause, I promissed my friends, and my couisn that I'll look around, and see if I spot them out and about, but there's no way I would waste 2 weeks on it. You are on the same page as me right?"
-I really am sorry, but as well as I promissed some people that I would look for them, I promissed myself that I won't go crazy,

"I am, I am. It's just, it's so unreal, me, you, here, they live here, and then we see huge cutouts of them in Primark..."
-Em sounded sincere, and honest...

"Directioners we have here? Huh?"
-Gwen seems to be popping out of nowhere quite a lot.

"Well, duh! Aren't you one?"
-Em and her enthusiasm seem to affect a lot of people.

"You could say so. Yeah! Found anything yet? T! You said your grandmum collects magnets? I found some wicked ones over there!"
-she led me over to the huge magnet rail, with many different ones, from London Tower ones, Big Ben, The House Of Parliment, and many others. I picked a couple of them for her, it's s bargen, and I know she will love them.
My grandad was tricky, he was a journalist, so I think any type of old colectable London papers would do.
My uncle, he loves comics, so he will get some colectable comic piece.
My mum is a huge food lover, and she loves to cook, I'll ask Gwen if she knows any local cooks, that aren't really famous, so I make sure she doesn't have them.
My aunt is getting some things from Starbucks. That covers the family, well, it leaves my friends, and my cousins. We'll figure it out.

"Yeah! They would love it if you came! They are so sweet, one could scream, but Tea would totally calm her down, she's the coolest girl, really pretty as well. Zed would dig her. Ok come! Sure! By Haz!"
-I heard Gwen on the phone, this is what she said.
Who's Zed? I hope she's not some kind of a pimp. She doesn't seem like one, but who knows.
Haz is a nickname I know real well, it's Harry Styles, but how could she know him.

"Hey, Em? Tea? Dress up nice after dinner, we're going clubbing. You girls and me. We'll have fun!"
-she isn't a pimp, she's taking us clubbing, and Haz must be her boyfriend, Zed is maybe a club, or something, yeah. Right.

"Sure! Let's eat now! I am starving!"
-I said, and led Em to the caffeteria.

"After dinner, Gwen is taking us clubbing, she said to dress up nice. And I cannot wait. Em, a British club! Woot, woot!"
-I made a little raise the roof dance move while stuffing my face with pudding.

"Cool. I can't wait as well. What the hell are we gonna wear? I have this cool dress, it would fit you like a glove. It's black, and fitted from the waist up, and then it flows from the waist down. And you could pair it with those nude heels of yours, right?"
-Em was so happy, and I guess I was. We'll go clubbing like the boys would put it. Again, I couldn't get them out of my head, everything I'd say, reminded me of them.

"Yeah! And! You could wear that dress I have, the nude one, basically the same style as your black one, just nude, with your black heels. We would look so alike, but alternating colours. Hair and makeup, simple, but effective, curled, and nice, not to shimmery, eyeliner, mascara, and a bit od blush, bronzer, you know, the usual?"
-her happiness was rubbing off on me, too. I am so pumped.

After dinner, we took a shower, and started getting ready, we did the makeup in my room, snd then the hair in hers.
When we put on our dresses and heels, with our makeup and hair all done nicely. We took a few pictures and uploaded them to Facebook and Twitter...

@TeaJLondon girls night out w/ @GwenQML & @EmiliaP. Looking good ladies. Xx

"Ladies! You are smokin! Come on! We're meeting a friend of mine outside the gates. She is super sweet, and nice, you'll love her!"
-Gwen's voice echoed down the hall. She was wearing a maroon dress, that reached mid thigh, and her heels were beautiful gold sky high Louboutins. Her long hair was in a neat pony tail and her make up was a dark smokey eye, she looked hot. I have to admit it.

"Dani! How are you! Long time no see! These are Tea, and Em. I've been telling you about them. Girls this is Dani! My best friend since high school!"
-it's the Danielle Peazer. OMFG!
Liam Payne's girlfriend. Em is freaking out, so am I.

"Hi girls! So nice to meet you, you both look very lovley, we're gonna have fun at the Blue Monkey!"
-she said while embracing us into her arms for a friendly hug.

The Blue Monkey!
It's where the boys party, and Haz was Harry. OMG! Zed, Zayn's old high school nickname.

"Em, you are aware we will meet the boys in a mater of minutes? I heard Gwen talk to Hazza on the phone, and she mentioned us. Just don't freak out! And act cool. We'll be fine. But for now, let's have a little insqueealimg session, shall we?"
-I told her, and she tightened my hand, I could see her eyes sparkling, and her body shaking a bit.

"Ok! I'll be ok! Let's get out now! Come on!"
-she pulled me out of the car as the car stopped in front of the club.
There were a ton of paparazzis here, and they were just waiting to get a glimpse of some celebrity for sure.
But then I saw a huge limo pull over, and the boys came out.

"Let's go in! Come on!"
-Dani pulled my hand, I pulled Em's, and Em Gwen's.

We went to order a drink, and when I took mine, and payed for it, I started going back to our booth.

And then I saw him...

Zayn's P.O.V.

We sat at out booth, everyone goofing off. Lou smiling, Hazza lauging his butt off, Dani and Liam, as usual at the corner, beeing all sweet. Gwen, Dani's friend, was dancing with another girl.

And then, I saw her...

She was beautiful, her hair curled, her makeup natural, and her legs, that looked amazing in those heels.
She was utterly beautiful. I don't care who Gwen wanted to set me up with, but I need this girl!
I saw Gwen walking over to her, and pulling her to the booth.

"Zed! This is Tea! The girl I was telling you about! Tea, this is, well, Zayn Malik! Now mingle!"
-she said, and went off dancing with the rest of them.

"So! How are you liking London so far?"
-I asked her.

"It's nice! Really beautiful, like this morning, in Hyde Park, I met the cutest puppy ever! His name was Hatchi, like the Japaneese Aki..."
-I finished jer sentence off -
"Akita, yes I know! It's my dog, thank you for saving him, and if I may ask you. Were you in Starbucks this morning?"

"Yeah, I was, actually. I thought I saw you!"
-she responded.
I mean come on! This girl! I have no idea how I got so lucky to meet her. She was so funny, she kept cracking jokes, but she wasn't annoying, or pushy, she just chose the perfect time.
There was no awkward silence while we were talking, and she was really smart, she spoke English fluently, you couldn't really tell she's not a native speaker, she spoke Spanish, and Croatian, that's where she's from. She could also understand a bit of Italian, and a bunch of German. That was way more than me. I could speak English, and Pakistani. That's pretty much it.
And she was amazing with Hatchi this morning. She held onto him, and saved him. That's exactley who I need. A funny, smart, beautiful person, who is good with my dog, because Perrie and I broke up, and I kept the dog, so you know, it's like a kid.

"Wanna dance?"
-she asked me while pulling me onto the dance floor behind her.

"Wow! You're truly special if he dances for you!"
-Haz yelled towards us when we got to the dance floor.

She is! She really is! I like her!

Tea's P.O.V.

"Wow! You're truly special if he dances for you!"
-Harry yelled at me when I managed to pull Zayn on the dance floor.

"Well, I like this song, and he needs to let go of his fear. Come on!"
-one of my favourite songs was playing, 'Give me everything tonight' by Pitbull and Ne Yo!

"Grab somebody sexy, tell 'em "Hey! Give me everything tonight!"
-Zayn sang in my ear while we danced in the rythm and I couldn't believe I was here with him, not the Zayn Malik of One Direction, but the gentle, fun to be around, gorgeous Zayn, from Bradford, Yorkshire.
For a minute I forgot that I was here for English, and thought that I was here to fall in love.
But no! That's not gonna happen. It's not gonna last, but while it did, I could enjoy.

The song changed to 'Skyfall' by Adele. It's a slow dance song, and I pulled awy, but then Zayn did something unexpected, he took my hands, and placed them around his neck.

"And the sky falls..."
-his voice trembled in my ears. It was sweet and melodic. But I couldn't do it! I knew! If I stayed just a minute longer, I would fall in love with him.
And that's something I couldn't handle. Because in two weeks, I would be gone, and he'd carry on with his regular busy life. I would be left heart broken over a celebrity. That's not really my style. So I pulled away and started running towards the exit.

"Hey! Tea! Wait up! What's wrong?"
-I heard him yell after me.

-I screamed when I got out on the street, and a car pulled over.

"Where to miss?"
-the driver spoke.

"Queen Mary University of London, it's on the Mile End."
-I said and tried not to cry. But that moment felt so perfect. It's everything I ever dreamed of. It was romantic, and he was the right person, but come on! I never thought that it would come true! How many girls can say that they met their ultimate crush, while clubbing out with their cool young teacher from summer group.

"We're here lady! It will be £5!"
-I handed him the money, and stepped out of the car.

"Good night!"
-he said while driving off.

Oh well. I should text Gwen that I am home, and safe.

From: Tea
To: Gwen

"Hey, sorry for bailing. I started getting claustropobic. I grabbed a taxi back to campus. I am fine, don't worry. See ya in the morning! Xx, T"

From: Gwen
To: Tea

"Oh ok! Zayn was worried sick, that it was something he had done. I'll tell him you say hi, and send your apologies. Sleep tight, hun. Xx, G"

Well, she didn't see through my lie, and hopefully, Zayn won't either. Now I need to hit the sack. I am tired. And it's been one hell of a night.

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