London, You Will Always Have My Heart

1 ordinary girl, 1 international superstar, 1 amazing city, 15 days, and 1 love story. What happens after goodbye? We'll just have to stay tuned to find out.

I hope you enjoy.


1. London Calling


"Don't talk to strangers sweety!"
-my mum instructed me.

"She'll be fine, she's a smart one, ain't you?"
-aunt was the only one who trusted me on my own.
You see, I am just about to go board the plane leaving in half an hour for Heathrow airport as in the one in London, England. I have a 15 day course of English at the Queen Mary Uni of London.
My name is Tea, and I live in Croatia. With me at the airport are my mum, dad and my aunt, who all pitched in with the payment of my course. And gave me some extra 'pocket' money.

"Thank you! I love you all, will Skype tonight! Kisses! I gotta go!"
-I said goodbye to my family, and exited the gate towards my plane.
On the plane I was seated with a nice girl, from Prag, her name is Emilia, but she said to call her Em. Em is also in the course, and I am thankful to make friends, so I am not alone enjoying London.

"Are you as excited as I am?"
-Em smiled at me. She was beautiful, her shoulder length dirty blond hair was curled slightly, and her piercing blue eyes were radiating happines. She was pale, but so am I.
She wore a comfortable outfit for the plane, a hoodie saying 'Prag Drinking Team' and some light blue skinny jeans, on her feet were black classic Vans. I liked her make up, it was pretty minimal, but still she managed to look amazing.
I started getting jeslous, to myself I wasn't pretty at all. I had shoulder length brownish hair, dark almost black eyes, long eyelashes, I was tall, and that's about it. I always considered myself as an awkward person.

I was terrified of flights, Em wasn't, she said she was a frequent flyer, her mum and dad are divorced, so she flies back and forth between them.

"Sorry, I zoned out, uh, you bet I am! I cannot wait to get there!"

"Don't worry, the rising and the landing are somewhat uncomfortable, but the rest is a piece of cake, give me your hand!"
-she held her hand out and I gladly took it.

The flightattendants voice pierced my ears - "Please fasten your seatbelts, we're about to take off!"

My hands stiffened, actually my entire body did.

"It'll be fine, just relax, here I'll sing to you."

"From the moment I met you everything changed,
I knew I had to get you, whatever the pain,
I had to take you and make you mine."
-we were up, but the unbelieveable part was that Em was apperently a Directioner, as well.

"OMG! You're a Directioner too?"
- I didn't realize my voice got a bit loud, until Gwen, our 'instructor' came to check on us.

"Well, duh! They are uterlly amazing, and talented, don't even make me start on their looks. Niall, is de-vi-ne!!" -
we spent the rest of the plane ride talking about the boys, and how awesome they are.

"Seatbelts back on, please, we're landing in the next ten to fifteen minutes, thank you!"
-the brunette flight attendant said through the microphone.

"I'll be fine this time, thank you, my mind isn't even thinking about my fright of planes now. We're in freaking London babeeeeee!"
-my voice started hitting the highest note as the plane hit the ground.

"Ok, girls and guys! Gather up! If anyone needs to use the loo, it's on the left! I will be going to Starbucks, does anyone want anything?"
-Gwen asked us, and all I could think was the loo, and than trying out my first Starbucks ever.

"I need to hit the toiletts, but I'd like a caramel latte, or something like that, thanks!"
-I pulled Em with me, and ran to the restrooms as fast as I could. I didn't go to one on the plane, because I had a strange fear of beeing sucked in the blue water of the plane toiletts. Weird, I know. But hey, it's me, I am weird.
On my way out of the loo, as Gwen would say it, I bumped into someone.

"Sorry! My bad!"
- I said, and went off, still pulling Em behind me.

"Here you go Tea! A caramel machiatto! Enjoy!"
-Gwen handed me the middle sized drink, and I took my first sip of Starbucks ever. It tasted like heaven, ok exagerating a bit, but come on! Cloud nine here! I was careful not to spill any on my outfit, I liked it a lot.
I was wearing my grey Rolling Stones tongue T-shirt, black skinnies, and my red Converse, my bag was a black slouchy tent sized bag.
I panicked searching for my sun glasses, realizing they're on the top of my head.

"We will be leaving in a couple of minutes! Everyone, come here! Who wants to sit out on the open?"
-Gwen's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

"I do! Perfect opportunity to take pictures!"
-I think I called dibs with that. Em and Gwen followed, at the airport we met up with some more guys and girls, that flew in from all over the world.
Jose was from Mexico, Mario from Barcelona, I can even practice my Spanish a bit. Lucy was from L.A., Christina was from Vienna, and that's everyone that I met from my group.
We were all sitting up stairs on the double decker.

I started snapping pictures when we got to the London Tower Bridge. It was a beautiful day, sky was clear and blue, hopefully no rain comes our way for the next couple of days.

"Ok, boys and girls, when we come out, I will lead you throught the campus, it will be your mini tour of it, and when we reach your doorms, you'll be able to call your families, unpack, and eat if you want to."
-Gwen started talking.

"So on your left is the main building, here we will be studying every day. Down that path is the library, you can spend some of your free time there, it also has a printer and a copy machine, and computers with usb and memory card slots in them, which you are free to usem for photos, of course!"
-she winked at me.

"On your right is the caffeteria, here you will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Brakfast starts at 8:30 and lasts till 10:30, they serve bread, butter, jam, eggs, cereal, sausages, and fruit, coffe, water, tea and juice. Lunch is from 1:15 to 3:15 you have 3 meal options every day, and they change as the days go by. Dinner is from 6:45 to 8:45, menus for dinner vary from day to day as well. But the food here is tasty."

-Gwen pointed to our right-
"The convinience store is right across the laundry room there, you can buy snacks, milk, coffee, water, fruit, and some sandwiches, maybe even microwawe meals this year, and some plastic spoons, forks, and knives, since you have your own mini fridges in the rooms."

-She turned to the other side of the street and continued talking.-
"The laundry room is very simple to use, you have the washing dust and a fabric softner in there, you throw in a penny and voila."

-our next stop was hopefuly the doorms.-
" Moving on, here is the chemical depertment it's closed for the summer, so you won't be seeing it."
-or not.

"Right ahead of you is the doorms you will be using, go on up! Your floor is the 3rd one, I won't be sleeping in this complex, but that doesn't mean you have full freedom, you go to your own rooms at 10:30 at night, and you lock the doors, there will be a supervisor checking your floor every couple of hours. In your rooms, you have a bed, I hope you brought your sheets, as instructed, and your towels, the bathrooms are down the hall, to the right. I was saying, bed, wardrobe, storage area, a desk, window, fridge, and free wi-fi acces, no telephones, but if you have your computers, ipads, or smartphones, you can call your folks home via Skype. That would be it, your group's name is simple, THE BRITS! Enjoy your stay at the Queen Mary University in London, we will have a lot of fun!"
- wow, she's finally over, she sure can talk. I was asigned to the second to last room in the hallway, it was painted light green, and it had all the things Gwen mentioned.

First day of London, I cannot believe.
Em's room is next to mine. Thank God!
I unpacked, folded all of my outfits in the closet, and put my toiletries on the shelves above the desk.
I pulled out my phone, my phone charger and an adapter for it, my Ipad, the charger and of course the adapter. My earbuds, my camera out of it's bag, a charger and an adapter fot it as well.
Some paper, and a few pens, with the 3 notebooks I took with me. I put the sheets for the bed on it, and did my bed neatly.

"Hey, Em! Would you go with me to the store, to buy some food, and drinks?"
-I peeked my head through her door.

"Sure, let me grab my wallet!"
- we exited her room, and started walking towards the store, at least where we remember it to be.

-greating the cashier, we went through the isles. They had some snacks, well basically all of the available ones.
I picked up a couple bags of crisps, a pretzel bag, and some sweets.
I also grabbed 3 Montana prshuttio sandwiches, 3 little bottles of water, for sightseeing, and 2 big ones for use inside the campus.
2 packs of plastic spoons, forks and knives, and that was it.
I spent around 10£ but I needed all this stuff.
Em had pretty much the same stuff as I did, and we walked back to our rooms...

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