1. Life

Like time it's too precious to waste, there's no insurance this can't be replaced, it's like a marathon with a sporadic pace. Where the ups and downs are written on each face. Memories collected in detail in every little place. Sometimes another is enticing and we want a little taste other times we're over whelmed and want a little space. Taken for granted and not given it's true value, you don't know what you got till they're gone and buried it's so true.

It's always too short and an extension can't be bought, although it's possible an extra breath or two can be fought. Never carried and treasured like it ought, just dragged and dropped as we're taught. Only the baddest survive in this unfair blood sport. The guilty get away and the innocent get caught. It's fun it's boring but it's not a game of any sort.

You can't get it, without the questions, the 'IF', one of it's great side affects make you wonder, if only, what if? But by the time you've looked back to reminisce, shoulda and could have a little bit, the moment is upon you when your heart starts to quit and before you have time to say I love you, it's over that's it.


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