love at first sight a niall love story.

You have to read to find


1. love at first sight at first sight

niall's pov: from the minute i saw her i new i had to have her. and i can tell by the way she looks at me she has too have me too.. so i walk up to her and say "hey im niall horan but you probably know that already" "hi my name is samantha" she said "do you want to come backstage and meet the rest of the guys" i said "omg are you serious  would love too" she practaclly screamed so i grabed her hand and took her backstage to meet the guys  she kinda jumped when i did

samantthas pov: omg i cant belive im going to meet the rest of the guys of one direction i thought. my feet were strting to hrt so i sayd "not that im trying to comlain but how long is it ganna take for us to get there" as soon as i sayd that hey stopped grabbed me and carried me bridal style i giggled

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