One Way meets One Direction

Jaycee, Alexis, Simmy, Gracie, and Kara are just your average high school students. They have a girl band, they have good grades, they have different talents, they are popular, and are captains of different groups. they are your high school SENIORS.

It was the first day of the senior year before thay head off to college. It's going to be hard leaving because when five boys show up, the girls' lives change. They all are the opposite of them. The girls tell the boys about their talents and what they do. But they kept one secret from them. They are a girl band. When Alexis, Simmy, Kara, Gracie, and Jaycee find out the boys are a band, things get complicated. Will it turn out okay in the end, or will things lead off to a bad start when they get into the X-factor, Which might lead to a sequel?


1. First day of Senior Year

So here is the begining just so you know what it's about. I will update soon on this story. I just need feedback on how it goes and what I need to work on, Thanks This will also tell you what the girls look like and what type of talents they have besides singing.


Jaycee's P.O.V

"Wake up girls." My mum says. "But mum, it's summer vacation." Kara wines. "No it's not. It's Monday, now GET UP." "I'm up mum." I say as I push the duvet off my now freezing body. "Did you leave the air conditioner on last night?" I ask Kara. "I might have." she replies, still under her covers. I walk over to her bed and shove her. "Get up, we can't be late for senior year." "It's still summer vacation, go away." "No, it's school." "I'm staying." "You have now choice." I slide my fingers under the mattress and flip the bed. "Now do ya," I say waiting for an answer. "Get up you moron." She stands up and brushes the hair out of her face. "I'm up, I'm up." I smile in success. "There, now go get ready, we have to meet Lexi, Simmy, and Gracie at school." She groans and stumbles to her closet.

*Few minutes later*

I put my newly died short black hair to the side and clipped it with a small bow. I put some eyeliner and mascara, then walk out of the bathroom. I got dressed in ablack top that said I am talented, and some white skinnies. I put on my black and blue Osiris shoes and looked in a mirror. "I look nice." I say. I walk to my closet and put on my navy blue sweater. "That's better." I say to myself. I walk out of my closet and see Kara in light blue jeans, a pink striped flowy top, some white toms. Her brown haor was straitened. I was jealous of my sister. She was the soccer captain while I was cheer captain. I think I should've been soccer captain because I am not as preppy as Kara but I sucked so I stuck with cheer.

"Are you ready?" I ask. "Yup," I pick up my backpack, my purple Iphone and ipod. Kara grabbed her satchel and we walked downstairs. "Bye mum." I say and kiss her on the cheek. "Bye," "Bye mummy." Kara says alsoi giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Be careful you two. Just because you are 17 and an 18 year old doesnt mean you can drive fast." "I understand mum." I say closing the front door. Kara and I get in the car and drive off towards school. "Are you ready for Senior year Jaycee?" "Yup, and I can't wait to get the band together." "I know it's been three long months." She says. There's one thing though different. Being shy as fuck for some reason. I hope the girls don't freak when I tell them. My heart still hurts. 

Alexis's P.O.V

"MOM.....WHERE'S MY VOLLEYBALL JERSEY?" I yell from my room. "It's in the washer." "WASHER, I have a game today." I say. "I thought it was Tuesdays you have games." "They changed it because it's the first game of the school year and basketball is on Tuesdays and Thursdays now. Volleyball on Mondays and Wednesdays, soccer on Saturday and football on Fridays." "That is a confusing schedule, but don't the basketball players have practice in the gym." "We have two gyms now." "Oh, just pick it up at lunch." "Okay," I look at my clock. "I have to get ready. Simmy and Gracie are picking me up." "Alright."

I look in the mirror and smile. I was dressed in a floral top that was tucked on a pinkish high-low skirt with some white low wedges. I walk into the bathroom and put my long brown hair in a side french braid (like Katniss in the Hunger games.) I brushed my teeth, and my make up whcih was a little bit of eyeliner, mascara and a little light pink eyeshadow to bring out the glimmer in my blue eyes and a light touch of pink lipstick.

I was about to grab my bag when my mom yells out, "LEXI, YOUR FRIENDS ARE HERE." "Thanks Mum." I walk down stairs and grabbed my volleyball bag that was on the staircase and kissed my mum goodbye.

I walk up to the car and got in the backseat. I may be a volleyball captain but I always need to look flawless in school.  "Hey girls." I greet. "Hey Lexi lou lou," Simmy says. "Hi Alexis, how was summer vaca.?" "Fun," I say and look at my phone. "I think we might be getting to school. We don't want to be late for class." "Alright Mrs. Responsibility." Gracie jokes. I just laugh. "Can we go, we have to meet up with Kara and Jaycee." "Okay."


Gracie's P.O.V

"Ugg.......GOT DAMN IT. I can't find my.........." "Are you looking for these?" I look over at Simmy, who was holding my basketball shorts. I get off the floor and grab them from her. "Thank you." I walk to my bed and put them in my gym bag. "Welcome" Simmy says, walking out ot go to her room as I start getting dressed.

I put on my favorite purple plaid cowgirl shirt, some regular skinny jeans, and added my black vans. I put my hair in a ponytail and added a purple bow. "OOOO Smexy," I turn around to find Simmy. "Thank you. Again," I say and continue fumbling with the bow. "Are you going to comment on my outfit?" I turn around and look at her. She was wearing a black blazer with a orange shirt, some khaki skinnies, and a pair of white convers. Her brown hair was curled and she had a light touch of black eye shadow that brought out her green eyes. I look at the mirror and add my make up which was some purple eyeshadow and eyeliner. I didn't need the mascara because my eyelashes are curly enough. I look back at Simmy. "Are you ready?" "Yup," She already had her backpack so I guess she was. I grab my phone that was on the night table and put it in my purse. Simmy and I said bye to my Aunt Laura and walked out of the house to my car. Simmy was on her phone texting someone but I did'nt want to intrude (interrupt). Until she spoke, "We're going to pick up Lexi, right." "Yea," I lok at her phone. "who are you texting?" "Jaycee, Her and Kara are at school already." "Okay" I say as I start the car and drove out of the garage. While I was backing up, a Audi TT drove by. FAST. And I almost crashed into it. "Watch it you dumbass." I yell out the window. "People these days." Simmy says. I nodded in agreement. "Did you get your guitar?" I ask. "Yea, Why." She said looking at her phone. "just making sure, because I am not driving back."


Kara's P.O.V

"Where are they?" "Kara, stop wining. Simmy just texted me saying they are on thier way." "When are they?" "Stop it." "Says you." "Shut up Kara." I slap her arm. "Ow What the hell was that for?" She growls. "Nothing," I smirk. She makes a face. I do the samething but stick my tounge out. She raises her hand till someone speaks. "Woah, already a fight on the first day. It's not even first period." I look over and see Gracie, Alexis, and Simmy. Jaycee and I run over to them, giving them a hug. "we missed you." I squeal. "We missed you too." Alexis said hugging Jaycee. A few minutes after the hugging, someone on the intercom says our names.

Can Kara, Simmy, Gracie, Alexis, and Jaycee come to the office?

"I guess we got to go to the office." Gracie says. "Si" I joke. I hate spanish for doing this to me.

We all walk to the office and wait till we see the principal Mrs. Weins (pronounced Waynes). She leads us to her office. "Sit please." We all sit on the couch near the door at the same time making Mrs. Weins laugh till she stops. "This is important girls." We stop also. "Sorry." Jaycee whispers. "Okay, so you five girls are all captains of different sports and clubs. You are going to help show around some boys who are new to this school." "Uhm....boys." Jaycee gulps. Why is she shy all of a sudden. She is cheer captain for crying out loud.


Simmy's P.O.V

"Uhm....boys." Jaycee gulps. What happened to her? She used to be happy when there is a new student/s here and she's shy. "Yes, Mrs. Kole. Boys." The door opens and walks in 5 boys. All of our heads snap towards them  except for Jaycee's. I look at her and she pulls up her hoodie. I look back at the boys and see one boy who was the exact opposite of Jaycee. He was also pulling up his hoodie. "This is 1D. Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. Boys this is Simmy, Gracie, Kara, Alexis and Jaycee. These girls will be showing you around." Mrs. Weins introduces. I look at the curly haired boy known as Harry. He is so adorable. His curly locks, and shiny green eyes. I swear he is hot. "SIMMY..........." I snap out of my trance and look at the girls. "What?" "Day dream much." Alexis smiles. "shush." "I'll see you later." Jaycee says as she gets up and walks out of the office. "What's wrong with her?" Gracie asks Kara. "I don't know. She is never like that. She is usually so happy." Kara answers. Then Mrs. Weins talks again. "So boys,get to know the girls and we'll see you through out the school year bye." I feel bad for Jaycee, she is cheer captain and a cheer captain is usually outgoing. 

Harry walks up to me and says Hi. "Hello Love." I was about to melt. "Oh British accent. Cute." "Thanks Love." he says and kisses my hand. He is such a gentleman. 

(short P.O.V's)

Harry's P.O.V

She is soooooo HOT! (as the boy he is. That was all he had to say.) 

"So what do you do?"  "I play guitar. It's fun if you ask me. It might look a little hard but you'll get used to it.." I nodded my head. "What do you do?" "I sing with the guys. That's mostly it and I also play soccer." "Cool." She says and smiles. "Your kind of cute Simmy." She blushes. "Thanks Harry. You aren't to bad yourself." "Aren't to bad? I'm Hot." "Yes Harry, you can say what you want." She giggles. "I mean it." I state. She leans up and kisses my cheek. "I was kidding. You are hot." She says. I'm in love with this girl. 

 Niall's P.O.V

when Mrs. Weins was introducing us, one of the girls caught my eye. She had long brown shiny hair, and blue eyes like mine. When she stood she was tall but not to tall. She was perfect for me and I hope I will ask her out when I get to know her better. I could drool over her. "Hi, my name is Alexis, but you can call me Lexi." She says then starts giggling. "What?" i say. "You kind of have drool on your chin." I touch my chin and wipe off the saliva off with my arm. "Thanks." I blush. "You are quite the blusher Niall." She points out. "And you are gorgeous." I say. Her cheeks get red and she covers her face with her hands. "No no no, don't cover your beautiful face." I say. "Your adorable." Alexis giggles uncovering her face. "Thanks babe." I say and kiss her cheek.

Louis's P.O.V

I noticed this girl looking at my shirt and smiling. So I started looking back. She giggles when she sees me staring. "What are you looking at Louis?" she asks. "At you Kara, you are smexy in that shirt." "Smexy, are you sure you didnt mean sexy." She corrects. "I did mean smexy. and I LOVE YOUR SHIRT." I yell. "I love yours too Lou." "Your perfect you know that." "For what?" She looked confused. "You are the most beautiful girl ever." I grab her waist and hug her. "Woah boi, I barley met you." "And I just met you too. SOOO......" She kisses my cheek. "If this is your way of asking me out, it works." "I'm happy about that." I say.  

Liam's P.O.V

I walked up to Gracie and stuck my hand out. "Liam" "Gracie" She shook it. "You look lovely today." I comment. "You do too, even if we're wearing the same kind of short or color." I look down at my shirt and laugh. "Weird." "I know right." She laughs. "What do you do?" I ask grabbing her hand. "I'm basketball captain." "You play basketball. I am in love with that sport." "You are, I might be able to show you some tricks if your up for it." She says.  "I might show you up." I say getting closer to her. She looks up at me and smirks a sexy grin. "Your on Payne." "How do you know my last name?" I ask. "I know everything." She says and kisses my cheek. I noticed that the other girls did that to the guys. I can tell this girl is going to be my girlfriend one day.

Zayn's P.O.V

The boys were introducing themselves again so i decided to find the girl that walked out. I think her name was Jaycee. I walked out of the office and looked around the halls. I kept myself hidden and my eyes forward even though my hair was in my face. I should get a hair cut. Nah.

I walked a few feet till I spotted her hoodie. I stood there watching her, she must have noticed me because she screamed and dropped her books. "Sorry." She whispers. I bent down and helped her with the books. I looked at her and she smiled at me. I smiled back. "Zayn Malik" "Jaycee Kole" she says. I hand her the books. "Why are you shy? Aren't you cheer captain?" She looks at me. "How did you know?"  "I saw a picture of you in your locker when it was open and it said captain." She nods and brushes the hair our her face. "Yea, but I'm just shy for some reason. I think it's because my ex broke up with me and told me he cheated on me." A tear slid down her face. "He cheated." She nods. "I won't hurt you though." I say as I push her hood off revealing her black hair. "I like the hair. It's kind of like mine, in my face and in a girl version." She giggles. "Thanks." she says. "I might of just met you but you are going to be safe with me." I say with a serious tone. "Promise." "I promise everything." i say. "Okay" She leans up to kiss my cheek but I turn and she pecks me on the lips. This girl is going to be so happy. Same personality as me and everything.



Hey girlies, how did you like it. I had a hard time writing this and its longer than the other chapters I wrote for my other stories. I know the boy's P.O.V's are short but I am saving that for later. So I hoped you enjoy it. And comment, like, or favorite so I can write more chapters. Thanks.   


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