Summer Love

When Jamie goes to summer camp she thinks its gonna be lame..But when she meets the cute counselor will this love last forever or will it be summer love:)


4. Meeting everyone else..


Well after my little breakdown me and my friend Judy talked about or oh so hot camp councler Harry;).

"Oh my gosh did you see the way he looked at you i think he likes you!" Judy said excited.

"Nah i think he was just being friendly plus i think he is like 20 something.. I don't think he will have any interest in a 17 year old." I said putting up my clothes.

"Noo you are wrong guys that look at you like he looked at you totally likes you." Judy said smiling.

"Yes i am right he was just being friendly chill." I said putting my last shirt in the drawer.

"Okayyy but i still think he does." Judy said smiling.

Just then two girls walked in. They were pretty actually. One looked similar to the pretty blond that told Harry to go to the camp office except she had green eyes the other one had blue eyes. The other girl had brown hair and hazel eyes.

"The name is Kasey don't call me anything otherwise.. Stay away from my clothes and my bed and we will be best friends.. Don't talk to me unless i tell you to and stay out of my way." The blond said placing her stuff on her bed.

What a bitch!

"Umm.. excuse me Kasey but you have no right to tell us what to do." I said mad.

"Oh and you must be Jamie. I don't like you already and your clothes really where did you get them the thrift store." Kasey said laughing.

"How bout i beat your head into your bed and break you face that you paid so much money for.' I said completly serious.

"And are those extensions look cheap to me." I said picking up some of her hair and dropping it.

"And where did you get your nails from dollar general. It looks like my three year old cousin did it." I said looking at her nails.

"And next time you wanna mess with me i advise you to look in a fucking mirror before you talk shit.. Oh and fix your make up you look like a clown." i said smiling sweetly at Kasey.

"Omg i can't believe you said that." Kasey said running out crying.

"You want some to." I said at the brunette.

She shook her head and ran out after Kasey.

Well i made enemys already and i haven't been here 5 minutes.. New record!


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