Summer Love

When Jamie goes to summer camp she thinks its gonna be lame..But when she meets the cute counselor will this love last forever or will it be summer love:)


3. Awkward meeting

I turned around and saw the cutest guy ever. He had curly brown hair and the most beautiful gorgeous green eyes that i ever saw in my life!!! I didn't realize i was drooling til he reached and wiped it off my mouth. How embarrassing!!!

"Oh forgot to introduce myself i am Councler Harry but you can call me Harry." the guy  said smiling.

I am completely speechless. He has the most prettiest smile ever! I tried to shake it off.

"I...I...I am... god your hot." I said stamering

I slapped my hands over my mouth. Damn it! I started blushing very deep. That last part wasn't supposed to come out:P.

"Haha well hello god your hot. That's a very unusual name." Harry said laughing. 

"I... umm.. sorry... my name is J....J..." I tried to say.

Judy hit me in the back.

"My name is Jamie." I said quickly blushing.

"Well hi jamie." Harry said smiling.

"Harry you are needed in the bosses office." this pretty blond said through the door.

"Well i gotta see what dork wad wants maybe ill see you around Jamie." Harry said smiling.

He walks out the door and heads to the office. I swear to god that he winked at me on the way out but i am not sure.. I never been this nervous around a guy but god he is so dang cute i can't control myself around him.. I think i am in lo... I think i am.. I think i am in love with him okay! 


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