Summer Love

When Jamie goes to summer camp she thinks its gonna be lame..But when she meets the cute counselor will this love last forever or will it be summer love:)


2. Announcements


"Jamie get your stuff out the car faster sweetie or you will miss announcements." My mom said excitedly.

She is always the happiest when she kicks me out the car for camp... Well i got out my stuff and ran trying to catch up with my mom. Wow for someone as old as her she runs pretty dang fast:P. We got to the front desk for signups and i took out my cellphone and dropped it in the bucket. God i will miss that phone.. My mom signed my name and then kissed me on my cheek. 

"Have fun at camp sweetie and remember to write me as much possible." My mom said practically skipping to the car.


"Alright campers report to the flag pole for announcements and cabin asignments." Head-master Fred said over the intercom.

I walked toward the big mass of sweaty teenagers and snot nose kids. I just hope that i will get a cabin with Judy!

"Hellooo Campers i hope everyone is ready for this year." Head-master Fred says smiling.

You could practically hear the crickets chirping. I couldn't help but giggle.

"Ahem well today i will start off with the announcements." Head-master Fred said pulling at his shirt.

"You stink." this boy yelled.

Everyone started laughing.

"Oh well since i stink then everyone will have to clean the toilets every wednesday till you leave." Head-master Fred said angry.

"Damn it Johnny." this boy said hitting Johnny.

"today's schedule will consist of unpacking your bags and getting to know your counselor and you cabin mates." Head-master Fred said smiling.


"Now for the cabin assignments.. Judy, Jamie, Cathy, and Kim will be assigned to counselor Harry. You girls will have cabin 6" Head-master Fred said smiling. 

Omg i am soo excited! I am gonna have a cabin with my bestfriend!:) I just hope the counselor won't be some ugly dorkwad:P.

After the head-master gave everyone their cabin assignments , Everyone went to their cabins. As soon as i stepped one foot in the cabin my bestfriend practically tackled me down the stairs.

"I missed you soo much Jamie we have alot of catching up to do!:)" Judy said smiling.

"Okay can i atleast put my stuff down." I said laughing.

"Oh yeah sure i have top bunk." Judy said climbing into her bed.

"I guess i have bottom bunk." I said smiling.

I layed my stuff down and began to put my stuff down.

"Do you need help love." This really cute voice said.

I turned around and saw....


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