Summer Love

When Jamie goes to summer camp she thinks its gonna be lame..But when she meets the cute counselor will this love last forever or will it be summer love:)


1. Leaving town

"Jamie hurry up or you will be late." My mom yelled from downstairs.

"Mom you can't be late to summer camp." I said rolling my eyes.

"Just come on." My mom said frustrated with me.

Ugh mom does this every year since i was 5. She sends me to summer camp so i could be away from her so she can relax for once. I can't blame her though. I can be a hand full at times. I picked up my brush and tried to atleast make myself look presentable in case i meet any cute boys this year. I usually don't. Everyone there is either to old or to snooty for my taste. But i always hope that i will meet a nice cute boy that i can talk to. It's not like i didn't have offers. I am not ugly put it that way. I have long red hair that reaches to my back, vibrate green eyes, and freckles around my nose. I really hope to meet my best friend Judy. She comes every year like i do and she is awesome. We relate to alot of things and we are both boy crazy. Well i finally slip on a tanktop and some shorts. God i need a tan:P Well i finally drag my bag downstairs. 

"I know it doesnt take a billion years to get your stuff packed and do your hair." My mom said nagging.

"You can't rush perfection." I said smiling and walking out the door.

I pissed off my mom already and we haven't even left yet.

Well my mom walks out the house and closes the door behind her. I beep the horn.

"Hurry up old woman." I said impatiently. 

I hate when my mom dies that..

"I am not old i am young." My mom said stepping into the drivers seat.

"Ugh mom just drive." I said smiling.

My mom started driving finally. I looked out the window watching the trees and buildings pass by. I haven't been this nervous to go to camp ever...

After bout 1 hour we arrived at Camp Young Water. Hey don't laugh at the name its actually not as lame as it sounds.

"Welcome back to Camp Young Water Jamie and remember to drop your cellphone and all electronics in the bucket at the front desk.. We are not here to text, We are here to enjoy nature now have a wonderful day." Head-Master Fred says smiling.

I stand corrected... I just hope that camp won't be that bad this year...

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