Hand in Hand

Legolas and Aragorn Friendship story. Friendship! NO SLASH! EVER! So if you like that kind of thing, then this is not your story!


1. The Battle


Disclaimer: I do not own Legolas, orks, Aragron or anything else of J R R Tolkein's work.

A/N I hope that you all enjoy ^-^


Legolas gently held the string of his bow and notched a fresh arrow, which if all went to plan would soon be lodged in a particularly ugly orks head. Unfortunatlely for Legolas, all did not go to plan...

Pain blossomed in his left shoulder, an arrow, black as night pierced his once pale white flesh, which was now stained with his blood. He did not cry out however, it would take more than that to make the Prince of Mirkwood fall.

He turned around as quickly as his wound would allow him.There. A smug looking ork was running towards him sword raised and mouth open in a hideous battle cry. Legolas forced his stiff body into a battle stance his right hand playing over the sheath where he knew one of his twin knives were stored. In one fluid motion the ork was lying dead at his feet.

Pleased with himself Legolas turned around to survey the battle. But before he could do anything of the sort an unsually sharp orkish blade was thrust throughhis stomach, twisted and then quickly removed. His attacker then running off to commit more violence no doubt.

A cry of suprise and pain escaped him and he fell to his knees. White spots clouded his vision and then he knew no more...


Stuff you might be confused about:

1: This is before LOTR so this battle has nothing to do with nor is it in the movies ( or books ) it is of my own creation ( is happy that something is actually mine ^-^ )

I hope you guys all enjoyed the first chapter, now I just have to figure out how the hell Legolas survived ^-^

Namarie! ( goodbye )


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