Em is abused by her dad and one day she has enough of it. She runs away to her brother Niall. (This is when 1D aren't famous)


25. Trapped

I guess I must've fallen asleep cause when I got up it was 6:00. I heard faint talking downstairs and so I walked downstairs. Harry, Liam, and Louis all sat around the table talking. They all looked up at me and smiled.

"What up?" I asked as I sat down next to Louis.

"Two things. One, Zayn is being released from the hospital tomorrow. Officer Barker will pick him up and drop him off. Two, Niall still isn't back," Liam said. He looked worried.

"Have you tired to call him?" I asked.

"Well of coarse we tried calling him but it kept going to voice mail," Harry snapped at me. Louis shot him a glare. "Sorry," Harry replied quickly.

"Well let me try," I said as I pulled my phone out of my pocket. I dialed Niall's number and he picked up. "Niall where are you? You said you would be home over 2 hours ago," I said sternly. I felt like his mom. He didn't respond right away. All I could really hear was sobbing and heavy breathing. Something wasn't right. "Niall?" I asked. I heard a slight moan. It dawned on me what had happened. "Phil?" I asked. Harry's, Liam's, and Louis all turned to me with extremely worried looks. "Phil I know your there, I know you hear me, and I know you want me and not Niall," I said taking a deep breath. This is what I had been worried about; that Phil would kidnap one of the boys. It had come true now. I heard something move like a chair scrapping against concrete. Then I heard Niall yell out.

"Emmy don't let him take you!" Niall yelled.

"Shut up boy!" I heard Phil yell at Niall. "She cares too much about you," he laughed. "This is fool proof," he laughed again. I heard something scrap against a table. Sounded like metal. "You know what I want Emily," Phil said into the phone. "I have your brother and I have a knife. Come alone, tonight, 12:00 at the school or your brother is dog meat," Phil laughed once more and hung up the phone. I froze. Louis came up beside me and took the phone out of my hand. He led me over to the table and I sat down. I fixed my gaze at the wall.

"Em what did he say?" Louis asked as he grabbed my hand.

"He took Niall, and if I don't come then he's gonna kill him," I said, trying to hold back more tears. I hated crying, it made me look weak, but right now I didn't care. I didn't care anymore.

"Well then we'll come with you, we aren't letting you go alone," Liam said. I shake my head.

"You can't. He said come alone. He's going to kill my brother. We can't risk disobeying him," I said as I started to cry. Liam grabbed my free hand and Harry started to rub my back. I knew that they were trying to comfort me but it wasn't helping.

"What else did he say?" Louis asked.

"He said that he has a knife. I have to come alone, to the school, at 12 or else Niall is dead," I said as I buried my head in my arms. "He's not going to stop until he has me," I said. "And he's gonna have me," I said as I stood up. I started walking towards  my room but Louis stopped me as I reached the stairs. "Louis move," I demanded but he refused.

"No. What do you think your doing?" he demanded.

"Phil want's me so I give up. He wins," I said as I tried to push past him but he grabbed my shoulders and made me sit down on the steps.

"I'm not going to let you give up," he said as he held my hand and started to trace circles on the back of it with his finger. "I love you too much to let you go, Phil is going to have to go through me if he wants you,"

"That's the thing Lou," I sighed. "He's already going though Zayn and he almost got killed. Now he's going through Niall and if something happens to Niall then I'll never forgive myself,"

"And I would never forgive myself if I just let Phil have you without a fight. I made a promise to you and to Niall that I wouldn't let Phil have you. I might be the biggest goof-ball youv'e ever met, but I don't back out on my promises," Louis said sternly. We sat there in the quite for a few minutes until Louis jumped up. "I have an idea!" he yelled as he ran out of the room.

*12:00, at the school*

The police gave us our cars back, so I drove alone to the school. I was scared even though I knew I would be safe. The police had installed a tracking device on my lucky guitar pick necklace. I had worn it ever since Niall was 12 and I was 9. Niall had been teaching me guitar and he bought me a purple guitar pick for my 9th birthday. It was very special to me. I drove up behind a grey car that was parked in front of the school. I pulled the keys out of the ignition and got out of the car. When I did Phil yelled out to.

"Drop the keys on your seat!" he ordered as he got out of the car. I did as he told and set the keys on my seat. Phil walked around to his backseat and opened the door and pulled Niall out. He looked beat up. He had a black eye and a few bruises on his face and arms, but he didn't look seriously hurt. Phil untied Niall's hands and pushed him forward. "Now the way we're gonna do this is simple. Do exactly as I say and I won't kill you both. Emily you start walking towards me slowly. Niall your going to walk towards her car and when I drive away, wait 5 minutes and then go back to your 'safe house'. Don't follow me or I will kill your sister," Phil instructed.

"Can I say goodbye to him?" I asked him.

"I'll give you one minute," Phil said. "Now walk," he ordered and I started to walk towards Niall. When we both reached each other we hugged.

"I'm sorry this happened," I whispered.

"Why are you here. I told you not to come. I'm sure Louis wouldn't have let you come," Niall whispered.

"I know, I can't tell you now. Ask Louis," I said so softly that Niall could barely hear. He looked at me and I smiled at him. "I'll be fine. Don't worry about me," I said as I hugged him again.

"Time's up! Speed it up!" Phil shouted.

"I love you," Niall said.

"I love you too," I said as I started to cry again. I don't know why, I knew that I was going to be fine but I still cried. Niall got into my car and I walked up to Phil. He tied my hands behind my back and instead of putting me in the back of the car, he unlocked the trunk.

"Get in," he ordered. I looked at him, hoping that he wouldn't actually make me stay in the trunk. "Get in. I can't have you running away again," he ordered as he pushed me closer to the trunk. I got in pulling my legs close to my body so I could fit. It was a very small trunk and I could barely fit. "Good, hope your comfortable cause this is gonna be a long trip. Gotta make sure you don't run away again," Phil laughed as he slammed the trunk and locked it.

I was trapped now. There was no way to get out now, and I could barely move anyway. I prayed that the cops would follow us and rescue me quickly.

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