Em is abused by her dad and one day she has enough of it. She runs away to her brother Niall. (This is when 1D aren't famous)


16. Questions

After about 20 minutes, a police officer walked into the room. He stood by the door and looked down and flipped through a few papers.

"Alright, so I'm Officer Barker," he started. "So we're going to interview each of you separately. Then we'll release you so you can see your friend," the police officer said looking up at us. "Can we have Liam Payne first?" he asked.

Liam stood up and followed Officer Barker out the door. About 25 minutes later, they came back and Officer Barker took Harry with him. This continued with Louis followed by Niall. I was last. I followed Officer Barker down the hall and into another room. This room was darker, it only had the small desk lamp sitting on the metal table. In the middle of the room was a metal table with one metal chair on either side of the table. A large blacked out window was on one wall and I was guessing that some other officers were watching from it. I sat down at one side of the table and Officer Barker sat on the other side across from me. He clicked on a tape recorder that was in the middle of the table.

"For our resources, this interview will be recorded," he informed me. "I am Officer Barker. Please state your full name," he said.

"Emily Elizabeth Horan," I said.

"And is Horan your mothers name or your fathers name?" Officer Barker asked.

"It's my mothers, I don't go by Phil's name," I said.

"I see, and who is Phil?"

"I'm sure you already know that,"

"We are just making sure that all of your stories match up. Now please answer all the questions truthfully and tell us all the details. This will only help your case, unless something doesn't match up."

Ok then. Phil used to be my father. I call him Phil because I don't consider him my father."

"And why not? Is it because he kidnapped you?"

"Well that's part of the reason. He also abused me. He would hit me all the time, and starve me. He stabbed me one time," I said looking down at the ground.

"May I see? This will only be for the records," Officer Barker asked. I slowly nodded. "May we get a camera in here?" he asked as he turned to face the window. A few seconds later the door unlocked and a woman officer walked in.

"My name is Officer Lyn, I'll be looking at your bruises. The men won't see," she said in a sweet voice. I nodded and stood up. I waited for Officer Barker to leave until I took off my jacket and lifted up my shirt. Officer Lyn took pictures of even the tiniest mark on my body and when she was done she left. I sat alone in the room for maybe about a minute until Officer Barker walked back in and sat down at the table.

"Now, can you tell us about what happened today? Starting from the beginning," Officer Barker said. I didn't want to tell him about everything, about how I fell asleep with Louis and was late to school and I was in detention. "I sense some hesitation. Please answer the question, and start from the beginning," he said.

"Well I got to school around 9:30," I began but Officer Barker stopped me.

"And why were you late?" he questioned.

"I had spent the night at Louis house and we fell asleep on the beanbag," I said. "We woke up late since we had gone to bed late and so I hurried to school. My teacher gave me detention for being late. I didn't want to go so I stayed out in the hall and got another detention so I finally went. I found a seat near the back of the room that was next to the window and I was watching the grey car. It kept driving back and forth in front of the school. Finally it stopped and the man got out and I recognized it as Phil. I called Liam and told him to call everyone to help. Then someone came into the room and said that my dad was checking me out of school. I went down to the office and Phil practically dragged me out of the school. On the way out I noticed that he had a gun. He put me in the back of his car and that's when Zayn showed up. He threw Phil to the ground and got me out of the car. I ran down the road to where Liam was and then ran back to see if Zayn was alright and saw him laying on the ground, he had been shot," I said, I had started to cry again.

"And where was Phil at this time when you found your friend?" Officer Barker asked.

"I don't know. His car was gone when I got there. I don't know where he would've gone," I said. Officer Barker looked at me then pressed the stop button on the tape recorder.

"Thank you Ms Horan, we'll led you back to your friends and then we'll decide what to do from there," Officer Barker said as he stood up and opened the door.


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