Em is abused by her dad and one day she has enough of it. She runs away to her brother Niall. (This is when 1D aren't famous)


23. Moving and freaking out

I rode home with Niall, who was quiet the whole way home. I could tell that he was really upset. His jaw and fists were clutched and he was mumbling to himself. When we got home we both went to our rooms to start packing. We had been told to only bring the items that we couldn't live without. I grabbed a big suitcase from the closet and started to throw all my clothes in it. When I was done I walked out and set the case in the family room. I walked back to Niall's room who was sitting on his bed. His suitcase was already packed but he was just sitting there.

"Hey Nialler. Do you need any help?" I asked.

"No, I'm almost done. I just need to pack my guitar," Niall said as he stood up and pushed past me.

I could tell that he was mad about what had happened with Phil. I called Louis to see if he needed any help. He didn't, he said that he had called Harry and that he was helping Harry who seemed oldly calm.

I loaded my bag in my car and then helped Niall carry out and load his bags. I follow Niall to the police station. When we got there, the other lads were already there. Liam seemed shaken up a bit and Louis was cracking random jokes, probably trying to break the tension. Officer Lyn and Officer Barker walked out of the station and greeted us.

"Wonderful that you could be here so soon," Officer Lyn said.

"We will personally drive you to the safe house. We will be keeping your cars here for awhile, just to make sure that Mr Crispen didn't put a tracking device on them," Officer Barker said. "Now if you will help us load your luggage into the van,"

We all went to our cars and pulled out our bags. We put them in the back of the large black van and all got in. Officer Barker and Officer Lyn sat in the front. Liam and Harry sat in the two middle seats and Niall, Louis and I sat in the back. We drove for about 45 minutes before we came to a large black gate. Officer Barker rolled down the window and said something to the man that stood by the gate. The man nodded and opened the gate. We drove about another 5 minutes before we came to a large white house.

"Here you go," Officer Lyn said as she handed us each a key as we got out of the van. "We will leave you now. Call us if you need anything, or see anything suspicious," Officer Barker had unloaded all of our stuff onto the front lawn and had driven away.

We all picked up our bags and walked in. It was very large and fancy. It opened up to a large family room with a large green couch. Next to the family room was an attached kitchen that was huge. The kitchen had huge windows that looked out to the humongous pool. We all walked up the stairs to the bedrooms. There were four five bedrooms, one had a bunk bed which Liam and Niall agreed to share. I picked the room at the end of the hall that faced the pool and was across from Niall and next to Harry. Harry chose the room next to Louis and Zayn would get the room across from Harry. We all just put our bags in our rooms and went down to the basement. The basement was huge! One wall was a giant TV and instead of couches, there were 6 giant beanbags. And in another part of the basement was a ping-pong table. We were gonna have fun in this house, I thought.

We all decided to go swimming, hoping that it would take your minds off of everything. We all ran upstairs and but on our swim suits. I quickly changed and as I opened up my door I could already hear the boys yelling outside. I smiled as I descended the staircase. As I turned the corner and faced the kitchen, I saw Louis sitting on one of the tall bar stools. He had on a pair of red swim trunks and nothing else. I swear my heart stopped for a minute.

"Why aren't you swimming with the others?" I asked as I walked up to him.

"Cause I was waiting for you," he said. "Is everything alright?" he asked as he put his arm around me. I nodded.

"Everything is just fine, but I must tell you that your abs are killing me," I laughed.

"Why?" Louis chuckled.

"There so... hawt," I giggled as I tapped his abs. He laughed.

We opened up the sliding door and walked outside to where the others were swimming. Liam and Niall splashed each other and Harry sat sitting on the side of the pool. Louis dropped his arm and snuck over behind Harry and push him in the pool. Harry landed in the pool with a big splash. When he came up out of the water he pointed straight at Louis.

"I'm gonna get you Tommo," Harry said. Louis just laughed.

"You can't get me if I'm not in the water," Louis mocked. I ran up beside him and just pushed him in. He landed hard and I felt bad for a bit, until he came up and started laughing. "What was that for?" he yelled as he laughed.

"I just wanted to push you in. I thought it would be funny," Niall and Liam had stopped with their water fight and had started laughing.

"Oh I'm gonna get you now!" Louis yelled as he jumped out of the pool. I quickly took off running around the large backyard. I made a mad dash to the play-set that was hidden in the corner of the yard. I quickly climbed the ladder, and Louis followed. I jumped onto the slide and started running again back towards the pool where everyone was laughing. I ran around the pool and ran behind a tree. I thought I had lost Louis but then I felt his strong muscular arms around my waist. "Got you," he breathed in my ear. I smiled.

"And now what are you going to do?" I asked. as I turned around in his arms. He smiled and pushed his lips against mine. The kiss lasted for about a minute.

"That," he mumbled. I smiled.

"Well if I get a kiss like that every time I push you in a pool, I'm gonna start pushing you into pools more often," I joked. Louis smiled.

"Well if you want more kissing like that then just ask love," Louis breathed in my ear.

"What are you two doing?" Niall asked. We didn't realize he was standing there. I looked down at the ground. "I trust you to keep my sister safe Lou, but Iv'e never seen you two act like that. What happened last night?" Niall asked.

"It's a long story," Louis said softly as his eyes darted to me then looked down. I looked at Niall who kept looking at me and back to Louis. He was silent for awhile, and he looked like he was thinking.

"Oh no, you didn't?" Niall freaked out as he looked at me, I slowly nodded my head. I knew what he was thinking and I could tell that he was disappointed. "Louis how could you? I trusted you!" he yelled at Louis as he ran off into the house.  

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